How to make your videos viral on TikTok

videos virales tiktok

Making your video on TikTok go viral can have many benefits. For starters, many people will start following you, which can give visibility to your brand and even open doors to new opportunities.

You also have the advantage of being able to activate the option to make direct messages on TikTok, which can contribute to your professional growth. Yes! TikTok is a great ally to grow in the world of business.

There is no doubt that a viral video is pure gold. But how can you achieve this goal? How can you become more recognizable among the hundreds of millions of tiktokers? I’ll give you some effective suggestions.

Keys to going viral on TikTok

Although it may seem counterintuitive, it could be that you’ve created a lot of interesting and well-edited videos, but it still hasn’t had a positive effect on the number of followers you have. This is because it’s not enough to be a good content creator, you need to offer something special for TikTok users.

You need to find that quality, skill or trait that makes you different from other tiktokers and allows you to stand out by becoming an eye-catching and special tiktoker.

“For you”

This section is designed with artificial intelligence, so the application itself is responsible for collecting some data related to the many publications that are uploaded to this platform every day. It then groups them according to topic or category and presents them to users based on their previous searches, among other factors.

Thanks to this process, you may be able to enjoy many videos related to a specific category. For example, if you enter the word “cats” into your search engine, then you may well see videos related to that topic in the future.

Another point that influences the content displayed in this section has to do with the features of the videos. For example, whether the clip is subtitled, has a particular tag, or uses a specific sound

All of these things may or may not cause the video to show up in the “For You” section. Don’t forget to add to the clip something allusive to the product you want to advertise.

Finally, the model of the mobile phone, the location from which the post is uploaded and even the language of the mobile phone can cause a video to be seen in this section. A post appearing in this section can make it go viral very easily.

Now, how can you use that section to your advantage? You have several options before you. Each one can work, but don’t focus on just one of them.

Content type

Make your channel a place for a specific topic, this will give you a better chance of one of your videos showing up in the “By Me” section and getting seen by people who are always looking for that type of content. Of course, before recording, research what are the most searched topics.


For a user or one of their videos to go viral, there needs to be interaction with their followers.

You can take advantage of some kind of promotion, which makes more people want to watch your video and learn even more about the product you offer, you can copy the model of some users who offer filters or gifts for sharing the clip or becoming a follower.


As I mentioned, the application itself groups the content according to its characteristics. One of those characteristics is the tag that it has.

It also covers the title of the video. You can add multiple tags to the same clip before uploading it,


The challenges are a gateway for one or more of your videos to go viral, giving you many more followers. This is because they are already a worldwide trend and therefore millions of people are waiting for such videos to watch and even download them.

This is an opportunity for you to participate in them and showcase yourself to the TikTok universe.

Of course, just as you can be one of the most viewed, it could also happen that, due to the large number of videos related to that challenge, you are one of the many videos that are overlooked. How do you prevent that from happening to you?

Once again, emphasize the point of originality when recording any post. Don’t be one of the crowd, use your ingenuity to meet the challenge and at the same time add your personal touch. This way you’ll stand out and your clips can become the most viewed around the world.


Creativity is the most important aspect of a video to make it go viral. If you make repetitive videos or videos that are too similar to those of other users, your followers will easily lose interest in your posts.

This is where you need to let your imagination run wild and show the world why they should watch your videos again and again. So find out what your strength is, what makes you stand out from the crowd, and use it to your advantage. There’s a good chance that your video with that little or a lot of originality will go viral.


One of the strengths of many tiktokers has to do with lip-syncing to some popular audio or music in the world. If you’re able to use them, and do it well, then there’s a good chance you’ll make a viral post. One of the keys is to change the tempo of the audio or add other sounds.

As you can see, making a viral video is no easy task, but if you make an effort and try to follow the recommendations I’ve mentioned, your chances of having one will increase.

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