What is Snapchat and how it works

que es snapchat como funciona

As if it were a youth fashion, everyone is talking about it but, really, there are those who do not know very well what they are talking about. That’s why we want to lend you a hand to get you up to speed and learn how Snapchat works and what it can be used for.

Learn how Snapchat works and what it can be used for

It is a messaging application developed for Android and IOS operating systems that is used to send photos and videos that self-delete after a period of time of ten seconds. Through it, it is possible to send videos, photos and drawings, known as snaps, to one or more contacts.

The Snapchat App is compatible with devices running through Android or iOS systems . This App, has gone on to get more than fourteen million five hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store from devices in all parts of the world.

In it, you can find many positive opinions made by people who have used this messaging system, opinions through which it has managed to get a rating above four stars on a scale where five is the highest possible grade.

The fastest way to share a moment!

The novelty is that the files disappear completely and forever from all mobile devices of the recipients and, most importantly, from Snapchat’s servers, once the time of viewing has elapsed.

The particularity of the messages being ephemeral raises some controversy, since many of the files that this application manages daily are somewhat particular content: what is known as selfiesand sextings.

Bearing in mind that the company itself acknowledges that the target target audience is those known as millenials, people between the ages of 13 and 23, it is an issue that raises hackles in some sectors of American society.

How to use Snapchat

Snapchat is the social network where the largest number of files are shared every day. Specifically, around 400 million worldwide. Hence its popularity is growing like wildfire, especially among the teenage audience.

It is quite simple to use. You just need to have a cell phone device with an Android or iPhone operating system and download the application from Google Play or App Store. Once this is done, the next step is to register as a user by entering an email address and a password.

You have to choose a username that is free, and you can start sending files, only to contacts who also have the application installed.

The next step is to take a picture with your cell phone, on which you can draw if you wish, and indicate how many seconds (from one to ten) the file can be viewed by your recipients.

The countdown starts once the photo is opened by the recipient. When the time runs out the file is deleted and can no longer be accessed. Only a trace remains in the history, which indicates who sent the file and when it was sent.

After 30 days, Snapchat will delete it completely from its servers. It is a completely free application.

As you know, the operation of the Snapchat application is quite intuitive and should not represent any kind of complication for new users (if you belong to the group that still is not able to understand how to use this messaging service you should not feel bad about yourself), the steps to use Snapchat are as follows:

  1. The first step to be performed, as it may become obvious to the vast majority, is to enter the application and log into it, in case you do not have a Snapchat account you must click on the button that says “Register” and fill out all the information requested to create a profile on this messaging service both as the username, the profile picture you want to use, among others; after this you continue with the next step.
  2. After logging into Snapchat you can search for friends who also have the application either through the contacts you have on your phone, from a username, through a code that can be scanned with smart devices and other methods; as with other social networks such as Facebook, before they are real Snapchat contacts will be sent a request for the other person to confirm the relationship.
  3. To send any text message, any image, any video or any GIF you must go to the contact of the person in question and press on the tab that refers to establish a chat with that user, after that the person has the ability to send any type of message and of any kind, also you can see among the options which are the contacts that are in a position close to the position that the user has.

What is the name of the creator of Snapchat

Snapchat is a social network that was created in September 2011 by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, two students at Stanford University, then aged 20 and 22.

Within a few months, it began receiving investments worth $123 million, and Snapchat is now estimated to be worth about $16 billion.

In addition, it has around 100 million daily active users and the progression is increasing, which allowed the company to bill more than 300 million dollars in 2016, a figure that at the end of this year will certainly be surpassed.

The ghost on yellow background app’s videos are played over 6.5 billion times a day and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

A phenomenon that, today, is no longer a fad but a consolidated social network. So we hope that this article has served for you to learn how Snapchat works and what it is for.

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