The best Snapchat tricks of 2021

mejores trucos para snapchat

Snapchat is an app that has a messaging feature to connect people and is used by millennials and here you will see tricks for Snapchat that will come in handy when using the app.

Snapchat, unlike other apps such as TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, the messages sent through this service have the characteristic that they will be destroyed and deleted in a completely automatic way after a reduced period of time.

This is what makes Snapchat become a pioneer in messaging services since this automatic message deletion system has pleased a lot of people.

The Snapchat app since its release to the public on July 8, 2011, is programmed in: Java and  Objective-C. It has gained great fame with its advantages and disadvantages and has now become one of the most widely used messaging systems in the world.

On the Play Store, it has reached over fourteen million downloads around the globe on devices running Android or iOS. It is for this reason that its important presence cannot be denied.

Tricks for Snapchat in 2021 that are going to triumph

What you will see below is a list of the most relevant Snapchat tricks for the year of 2021 and even how to recover filters from Snapchat, these have been the ones that the community has paid the most attention to so far this year so it’s worth knowing them to understand how they can be used, these are the following:

How to set the date in Snap

A trick for Snapchat: A huge number of users of the messaging service offered by Snapchat have been looking for ways to automatically put the date on the snaps they post on a daily basis so that problems that may be related to this aspect can be avoided.

At the moment, filters have been introduced through which this is possible to add, in addition to the date, the exact time the image or video was taken, this is handled by the user in the same way they use all the other Snapchat editing tools.

Despite this, while you can set the date and time a picture or video was taken, some users discovered that the system is not perfect and can be fooled in a simple way, this is by changing the location of the device in the Google Maps app and that way you will get the filters with respect to the time will undergo a change.

How to get fires on Snapchat fast

One of the most recent Snapchat tricks that have been applied in the messaging system known as Snapchat are the so-called fires or fires (this due to the icon that appears in the application that is of a small flame) for these to occur it is necessary that a person sends in a Snap a photograph or a video and that another person responds using another image or another video in a Snap.

As you can get to highlight, for a person to get to use this Snapchat trick called fires in a fast way does not require a huge effort, it only requires to be constantly interacting with other users of the messaging system and wait for someone to answer the snaps with some image or with some video.

If this activity occurs often the icon with the fire will display a number next to the contact with whom the image exchange took place, this number responds, as you may come to guess, to the amount of exchanges that have been made with the user uninterrupted, the more responses are given daily, the more this number will rise, however, as soon as the application detects that one of the parties did not perform the image exchange it will count backwards before deleting the amount of fires to zero.

Currently, the person who has the largest amount of so-called fires on Snapchat is an eighteen-year-old girl named Luz Mollica, who adding the fires she has spread among forty-one of her contacts reached the maximum figure of four hundred and twenty-two fires, although there have been users who have wanted to beat her record none has reached the figure reached by Luz Mollica.

How do I earn more points on Snapchat

Snapchat score is one of the most interesting factors for a large community of users of the messaging system. The cause is that the amount of points obtained collaborates in a direct way in the relevance that the person has in the community and in the popularity that he/she can obtain within the community.

The points in Snapchat are obtained in a similar way to the method of obtaining the fires, this is through the interaction between two users, one who sends a snap and another who receives and responds to it, however and unlike the so-called Snapchat fires, the points are obtained through any type of response given or received it is not necessary an image and a video for the user to raise his score and thus its importance in the community.

Since it is not necessary an image or a video to get points on Snapchat, there are in principle two methods through which you can improve your score, the first is by quickly answering as many Snaps as possible with short messages and the second is related to the opposite, this is to send as many Snap to as many people as possible, many users send short and simple messages that are easy to respond to others.

Tricks for Snapchat at expert level

The following is a list of tricks used in Snapchat that have a higher degree of difficulty and for this reason are not used by all users of the application, however, here we will try that these are exposed in such a way that the largest number of people can understand it in the correct way and without presenting doubts regarding the use of them, these are the following:

How to make a Snap with two filters

One of the tricks that most users do not know or do not use is to incorporate a second filter to the image or video in question that you want to send, to do this you must initially and logically open the application and take a picture or video as you would normally take, that is, up to this point you should not make any changes, then you must place the first filter you want to use and press the screen again and you will be given the option to add another filter to the snap.

This technique or this trick can be applied to any snap taken from the device of the person who wishes to perform the editing, the maximum number of filters that can be applied to each image or video is two, however, although this amount seems small, it allows users who make use of this trick to express greater imagination and creativity in every snap they send to their acquaintances.

Snapchat Help

Many of the Snapchat users have many doubts regarding the application, that is why below we will allude to ways to make the experience obtained through the use of this tool more comfortable for people, some of them are the following:

Snapchat sandbox

The Snapchat hourglass is a source of doubt for several of the people who use the application frequently, its presence can be explained in a fairly simple way, this is presented at the time when the relationship of receiving and responding messages between two users has taken a long time, if the time of this reaches zero so will the fires that you have with the person.

Retrieve Snapchat filters

On how to recover Snapchat filters, numerous people who make use of Snapchat’s messaging system have filed complaints regarding the disappearance of several filters that previously existed in the app.

The method through which one can recover one or older Snapchat filters is by tricking the app by changing the date of the mobile device to the point where the filter was still in use.

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