What are the most used hashtags on Instagram 2021?

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Do you want to become the most popular user on Instagram? Do you want everyone to share your posts, but you don’t know how you can achieve it? Hashtags will be the key to achieve it. 

But how can you search for the most used hashtags on Instagram? Which are the most used ones? Which web tools can help you find the most popular hashtags on Instagram? Here you will discover the answer, but first you need to know What are Hashtags?

The most popular Instagram users or Influencer, use Hashtags as a strategy for the success of their publications, because this simple method manages to increase their number of followers in a surprising way.

How can you create your Hashtags

The use of Hashtags has become inevitable on all social networks, especially on Instagram, so it is necessary to know how to search for the most used hashtags on Instagram. Some users use them to liven up their posts, but the biggest advantage they bring is the increase in the number of followers.

  • They should have a “#” symbol at the beginning.
  • They should be short and simple.
  • They should include sentences that are easy to remember.
  • They should not have spaces.
  • They should create expectation in users.
  • The sentences should be related to the publication.
  • They should not include punctuation marks.
  • They should not be offensive.
  • They should present a good spelling.

Once you have these recommendations in mind you can start creating your Hashtags. To do this you simply upload a photo to the Instagram social network and click on the “Next” option. Then you can start adding your Hashtags, starting each one with the # symbol (you can use 30 different hashtags in a single post), finally you have to publish your content and that’s it.

It is also effectiveto include your Hashtags in the comments of the photos. To do this you must mention the desired Hashtag before or after a post. Example: “#Beach. Have an amazing day” or “I love this vacation. #Beach.”

Applying these simple recommendations your brand will gain more visibility, a greater number of followers and if you are a creative and original user, you will be able to convert your Hashtag into the Trending Topic of the moment.

What are the most used Hashtags on Instagram

Most Instagram users, want to know what are the most used Hashtags of the moment, with the aim of using them and thus gain more popularity. If you are one of them, you will like the list of the most popular Instagram Hashtags that you will see below.

Most used hashtags in General Topics on Instagram

  1. #me 
  2. #Smile
  3. #Love
  4. #Instagood
  5. #Beautiful
  6. #Photooftheday
  7. #Picoftheday 
  8. #Happy
  9. #tbt (throwback thursday) 
  10. #Like4like 
  11. #Instalike 
  12. #cute

Most used hashtags in Gastronomy on Instagram

  1. #instafood
  2. #food
  3. #vegan
  4. #foodie
  5. #homemade
  6. #foodporn
  7. #vegetarian
  8. #glutenfree
  9. #goodeats
  10. #hungry

Most used hashtags in Travel on Instagram

  1. #travel
  2. #vacation
  3. #sunsout
  4. #tourist
  5. #travelbug
  6. #honeymoon
  7. #traveltuesday
  8. #wanderlustwednesday
  9. #travelgram
  10. #sun

Most used hashtags in Fashion on Instagram

  1. #styleinspo
  2. #lookgoodfeelgood
  3. #whatiwore
  4. #ootd (outfit of the day)
  5. #shoppingaddict
  6. #currentlywearing
  7. #beautydoesnthavetobepain
  8. #instastyle

It is important to take care that the Hashtag to use is related to the image you want to upload, because it makes no sense to use the Hashtag “#Beach” with a picture containing a lake, that will only confuse users.

The key to having the best Hashtags is to develop them around what the audience is most interested in at the time.

If what you are really looking for is to promote your brand, the strategy of using the most popular Hashtag will not work, because in this case more creativity is required.

The Hashtags most used by brands and companies on Instagram must be aligned with your marketing strategy and must be original, as they will be used exclusively by said brand.

Best tools to search for the most popular Instagram Hashtags

Many Instagram users want to start employing the most popular hashtags on Instagram in their posts, but they are not sure which ones to use, because, they know that even if a popular Hashtag is used, the success of the post will not be guaranteed.

Fortunately, there are several web tools specially designed for searching and creating the best Hashtags. You will discover them below.


Webstagram is a free Hashtag search engine. This one works in a simple way, you just type a phrase or sentence in the search bar and click. You will immediately be shown a list of the best Hashtags related to the topic. It also tells you the name of the users who use the same Hashtag, so you can establish connection links with them.


This wonderful tool is ideal for finding Hashtags for brands and companies. It also allows you to have a detailed report of your audience. In addition, it will always have for you multiple new features to optimize your experience in the Hashtag world.

Display purposes

The most outstanding feature of Display Purposes is its simplicity, because just by typing the topic of your choice, it will provide you with a wide variety of Hashtags described by graphics, so you can choose the one most related to your content. It is not necessary to pay for the use of this platform.


With Talkwalker you will be able to search for Hashtags, see the number of conversations in which a Hashtag has been used and see its success rate. To use this tool you can subscribe to its free version, registering your data. In the account activation you must provide email and password, this way you will be able to access securely whenever you want.


This tool is ideal for finding out which Hashtags are trending. It also allows you to search for a Hashtag of interest providing you with the information of its use during the last 24 hours. The Hashtags will be displayed organized globally and by sector.


This is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for finding the best Hashtags. It performs a detailed analysis of a given Hashtag, providing relevant data such as number of likes, comments and impressions.

It also gives you valuable recommendations on what you should do to make your post successful. Although this tool is not free, it’s used by many Instagram users.

You also have at your disposal of the Instagram search engine to find the most used Hashtags, always remembering the importance of making a good combination between the Hashtags the publication. If you use with confidence any of these tools, you will see that in a short time your brand will reach the desired success.

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