Superzoom revolutionizes Instagram

superzoom revoluciona instagram

The world of social networks changes and improves at breakneck speed, this is already undeniable for all of us who live in the “reality” that social networks offer us.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, all evolve in search of the necessary impact to engage more users and be the trendy social network of the moment.

Instagram’s Superzoom revolutionizes Instagrammers

Following this dynamic, Instagram has a new effect for videos that could end up being one of its best original features since Boomerang. And no joke, this effect has revolutionized Instagram stories over the past few days.

And that’s because, those dramatic zooms you can see users adding to videos manually, by moving their arm as if it were extendable, can now be done automatically, thanks to a new feature called’ Superzoom.’

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Superzoom, the new video effect for Instagram

When you’re getting ready to record a video, right next to the Boomerang option will be Superzoom. Long pressing the shutter button will create a spectacular zoom using either the front or rear camera.

Simply by pressing the shutter button you can quickly create a 3-second video. Along with Superzoom itself, a selection of sound effects can be added to enhance the feature. Some are truly amazing and lend a comedic drama to the recording.

Once a Superzoom is created, it can be added to a user’s story for all your followers to see your new creation.

The user interface is intuitive, combining extreme user potential that suggests this could be one of the most successful Instagram features since Boomerang.

Users have already started using it in their day-to-day lives, but businesses are lining up to start using this effect in their campaigns.

These types of actions are usually beneficial for brands that know how to exploit their resources to the maximum and all brands that talk to their customers know that wasting this type of actions or simply coming in last, can be a loss of potential customers.

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Instagram, which has managed to copy many of Snapchat’s key features, could use some new original features to differentiate itself and finally get to the forefront of image-based social networks.

Another new feature reported in the works is stop motion video. With this feature, users can take a series of photos and combine them into a GIF, creating beautifully crafted animated movies.

Stop Motion will be another effect, along with Boomerang and Superzoom, that can be applied to videos and then added to a user’s story.

Superzoom is available now in the latest version of Instagram on iOS and Android. No word on when, or if, Stop Motion will be rolled out on a wider scale.

In some cases, superzoom and stop motion effects are not being updated on all devices, so we’ll have to wait to get our hands on all the new features.

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