Learn how to schedule content on Instagram

aprende programar contenido en instagram

Scheduling content on Instagram? Instagram is one of the social networks with the most potential at the moment, due to the fact that it receives an increasing amount of user traffic, which makes its unstoppable growth possible.

For this reason, those of us who are marketing professionals are forced to make frequent publications to feed our content strategy, enhance our brand in the different digital channels and improve our online reputation.

Planning the updates of our profiles acquires a great importance, that’s why in this post we are going to talk about some tools that serve for the management of Instagram accounts.

How to schedule a post on Instagram

Scheduling on Instagram is very necessary to improve the statistical data of our updates. We will reach a wider audience if we take the trouble to prepare our content to be published at key times at which we can get a better response from our users.

Also, it will be very useful to optimize our time, since if we use the different account management programs that we are going to talk about next, we will have the possibility to schedule in Instagram even months in advance, so that we will enjoy more time to devote to the development of these publications and provide them with more quality.

Instagram’s Application Programming Interface (API) does not facilitate the task of publishing content from other tools, hence we will never be able to find 100 percent resolute solutions to meet our needs, as they do exist in other social networks.

Programming on Instagram and, at the same time, managing our profiles and obtaining complete analytical data about them is complicated.

But, nevertheless, there are different mobile applications and platforms that can help us a lot to plan the publication of our content, streamlining the management of Instagram accounts that we have under our domain during the day to day and can even get clear statistical data of great utility to improve our publications.

Tools for scheduling content on Instagram

Professional accounts on this social network include a history that provides statistics on the times at which their publications have had the maximum audience on each day of the week. Based on this data, scheduling in Instagram can be much easier for us.

To do this we will need tools that we have already mentioned before, and that in this section of our entry we are going to describe in greater detail.

We thought it would be a good idea to focus on the two account management programs that we consider the most powerful, although in the network we have the possibility to find many more.


Scheduling on Instagram with this tool is going to be very easy for us, whether we want to do it from our cell phone or if we are working on a computer.

Later (formerly Latergramme) offers us the possibility to make a photography on the fly or upload it from the gallery, write our text, add emojis and schedule it for the day and time that best suits us.

This application will send us a notification at the moment in which we have foreseen that our content goes out to the light, and we will only have to press the accept button so that the operation is carried out.

This is when we are presented with the option to geolocate the publication, place tags or apply the filters we deem convenient.

The best thing about this tool is that it has a PC version, in which we can see the calendar of our publications, both those that we have scheduled and those that have already been published.

It also allows you to manage multiple accounts at the same time and publish for free up to 30 photos from two different profiles.


It is a tool that also allows us to work with several accounts simultaneously and schedule publications to which we can add text, images and emojis. It has a calendar thanks to which it will be easier for us to organize the publication of our content.

The good thing about Schedugram is that it gives us the option to schedule on Instagram videos, with the only catch being that we will have to pay for it.

However, the application gives us a seven-day trial, so that if we find it very necessary to work with this type of content on a regular basis, before making a decision we will have been able to test its operation and see if it suits our needs.

This tool also has a PC version, through which we will be able to obtain some analytical data that will come in handy to optimize our content marketing.

Other interesting applications

Later and Schedugram are the two platforms that have given us the best experiences in Instagram account management, but there are many more that can be very interesting. That’s why we are going to provide you with a selection of some that you will also find very useful, such as:

  1. Planoly
  2. Publish On
  4. Postcron
  5. Bloongo
  6. Crowdfire
  7. Socialgest
  9. Onlypult

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How to post to Instagram through Hootsuite

Now you can schedule content with Hootsuite, as it is a powerful platform to manage social networks and make posts without the need to use your cell phone to do so.

For the management of Instagram accounts with this tool we just need to generate a new column in one of our dashboard, where we’ll add this social network.

Once we have clicked on the option to connect to Instagram, the next thing will be to allow Hootsuite access to our profiles. To complete the configuration we will have to click on the ‘Setup publishing now’ button, where we must enter a phone number, which has to be the one on which we have installed the app.

Then we must enable the notifications in the application for this social network, and everything will be ready to start working with this tool.

The management of Instagram accounts with Hootsuite will be quite comfortable, since we will be able to schedule on Instagram and publish posts without any difficulty. We will also have the possibility to monitor what is being said about our brand on the network, as well as the data of our competitors.

And from your control panel it will be easier to interact with our users and respond to comments on our publications.

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