Instagram filters: how they work and how to use them

filtros de instagram como funcionan

Instagram! It is one of the most known and used social networks all over the world, even in Area 51 they use it!!!, known mainly for the different photographic filters that this application has. Do you know how to put Instagram filters? you enter the app but, you don’t get the filters in Instagram?

Filters are nothing more than effects that you can add to your images, photos or videos, which changes the original appearance of them.

Instagram has just two types of filters: the ones you add before sharing your updates in your feed or stories and the ones you add to the image, photo or video before capturing them.

And these can only be used when sharing Insta Stories or Instagram stories.

Want to update your old Instagram profile picture? Everyone is using those Instagram filters for photos that are so much fun and you want to try them too, but… Wait a minute, you don’t know how to use them? Here I show you how to do it!

How to set Instagram filters

How to add the filters on the photos that we are going to post on our feed or our profile, you log in Instagram? You choose from your gallery the photo or video you want to share and then click “next”. Next, you will see all the filters that you have available on the social network; they are classified into four groups and will appear in the following order

  • Black and white
  • Bright
  • Dark
  • Color saturation

You have the option to adjust the filter to your preference once you apply it to the photo, since in photos not all have the same light intensity or saturation. By selecting the square icon that appears on the right hand side you have the option to add a frame to your photo.

I’ll give you some super cool tips on how to have a neat and coherent feed. The content you post should follow the same order and style. Choose one or two filters that are present in all your photos, this will bring a certain seriousness to your feed or profile on Instagram.

Of course, if you ever want to highlight a photo above all the others, you can use a different filter and thus make it stand out from all the other posts.

How to put filters on Instagram Stories

You need to know that there are two types of filters available for Instagram stories. Relax! I’ll show you how to use both of them here too.

The best Instagram filters: Apps, retouching, masks and more for your images or videos

If you already have the video recorded or the photo taken and you want to update your story, you simply select your “story”, search for the content in the gallery and to apply the filter scroll from right to left and that way you select the one you like the most.

By the way, on the top right you will get three icons in the following order.We will show you what are the filter functions for images and videos. From right to left the first icon will allow you to type with the keyboard what you want.

You can select the font you like best, it can be classic, modern, neon, typewriter or bold, giving it the fill color of your choice.

In the second icon you will be able to write over the image freehand, having the option to choose the thickness of the digital marker and of course the color. Finally, the third icon has stickers to add location, #hashtag, the date, temperature, questionnaire, etc.

The best face filters on Instagram

To access the face filters you must slide on your timeline from left to right. Having your cell phone facing you, on the right side you will see a face icon in the normal option, there you will select it. When you do this action a bar will appear where the different filters will be and then choose the one you want to take a photo or video.

Now I explain you, which filters according to the Instagram update you have you can create. Filters don’t have specific names, here we will name them according to their function:


  • Makeup:You will be able to create a photo or video as if you are wearing fabulous makeup (Lipstick, blush, and shadow on your eyes).
  • Drop-eared doggy: You will get to take a photo or video with dog ears and nose, the ears will be down.
  • Golden makeup:With this filter, you’ll look like you’re wearing the latest Kim Kardashian West makeup collection.
  • Royalty: In the photo or videos you take you will appear with your lips painted a very intense red and a black headdress on your head like a queen.
  • Spectacles: You can take a photo or video with the sunglasses you like the most. In this same filter there are different ones, just by slightly moving your head they will change.
  • Light: With this filter the photo or video you take will have better lighting.
  • Rainbow: You will be able to add a rainbow to your photo or video.
  • Hearts: In your photo or video will appear a cannon throwing hearts Explosions of love!
  • Cat: You can take a photo or video with cute cat ears and nose.
  • Goal: Are you celebrating an accomplished goal? This is the perfect filter, your photo or video will rain confetti and the word “GOAL” will appear.
  • Doggy: Dog ears and nose.
  • Amazons: You will feel like you are inside an Amazon jungle as different plants will appear in your photo or video.
  • Cupid: It will look like cupid has launched his arrows at you, your eyes will be two hearts and there will be love arrows everywhere.
  • Universe: In your photo or video will be somewhat darker and the filters will be about constellations, galaxy, you will be space!
  • Faceless: When you open your mouth with this filter your nose, eyes and mouth will fall off… You will be faceless.
  • Prime close-up: When you open your mouth this filter will increase the size of your mouth so that it will be in the foreground.
  • Bunny: Photo or video with bunny ears and nose.

How to customize the filter menu in Instagram

You will always have favorite filters, those that you will use very often and others that you don’t like and simply won’t use. Did you know that you can order them? This way your favorites will be in the first place, and also sort them will save you a lot of time.

Customizing your filter menu is very simple… The first step is to access your Instagram app and select a photo as if you were going to post it (you don’t need to post it if you don’t want to), doing this is what is going to allow the option to add filters to appear.

Next, after you see the list of filters you have available, you will see the “manage” option. After clicking on that option you will get a new window with all the filters.

To organize it according to your preference, placing as first options the ones you like and use the most, on the left you will see an icon with the name of the filter you want to move and take it to the position where you want them to appear by clicking the icon you can move it.

If you don’t want to see even those filters you don’t like, there is an option that allows you to deselect it. This doesn’t mean you’re removing the filter from the Instagram app, you’re just reserving it from your custom menu.

When you want to retrieve a filter, again you access the “manage” option, select it again and that’s it, you got the filter back.

One more fact. Even if you don’t want to customize your menu or hide filters, if you access the option we’ve already told you about, you’ll be able to see possible filters that have been added to Instagram but don’t appear to you.

I’ll show you some tricks to make your stories cooler and interactive. For example, create your own rainbow text, to create a rainbow effect,. You will need to use both hands, after typing what you want, select the text and hold down a color, then slide one finger across the colors and one finger across the text and voila, you have created the rainbow effect.

Want to spy on someone’s Stories without being seen? Here’s how to do it. The first step is to load the story of the person you want to spy on, as the next one will load automatically. The second step is to put your phone in airplane mode before the story ends and you’ll see the next one without the person knowing.

Create your own filters with emojis. Select a photo, choose the emoji in the color you want, zoom in on the emoji until the edges are pixelated and you’re done!

Want to get attention? Apply the follow, unfollow, follow technique. The goal is to get them to “follow you back.”

Create an instant zoom, it’s super easy! Inside the app as if you were going to take a picture, press and hold the middle circle and slowly slide your finger up and then down to zoom out.

If you want an emoji to follow someone in a video, that is, to move over the person, just press and hold the emoji, place it over the person you want it to follow, and you’re done!

Applications to add filters to Instagram

You’ve already learned how to use Instagram filters, great! Although Instagram offers you very good and fun filters, you can highlight your photos even more, yes, you can do it by creating your own filters. To do this you can use many applications. I will recommend you some of them and why to use them:

Photoshop Express

The Photoshop application is not only available on your computer, it is also available for your mobile, in the mobile application you can find free and different filters.

They are classified in the following way:

  • Basic
  • Natural
  • Black and white
  • Portrait
  • Duo tone
  • Emerging color
  • Charm

You can apply one or more filters to the same image, and in the “my looks” option you can save the filter settings you’ve created and later use them on other photos.

You can also make collages, add text or stickers to them. This application has the wonderful option to set the photo or image to the sizes determined for other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


This application allows you to create your own filters, but some of the ones already created are not free. To put filter to your photo you must do the following: add it as a new project and select the second icon in the bottom bar, there you will see the filters that are free and a store icon to purchase premium filters.

A very positive thing about this application is that you can create in a very easy way starting from colors already predetermined by the application. How to do it? In the bottom bar there are several icons, we click on the second one and select the split tone option. This option will allow you to edit the intensity of colors to make them lighter or darker giving tones to the shadows or highlighting.

To save the filter, click on the third button on the bottom bar and you will have created your filter, once saved you can apply it to all the photos you want.


This one has tons offilters that you can apply to your images for free, plus it’s one of the best for Instagram. This app is so amazing that the option to edit is much more professional why? If you prefer you can discard areas and thus give way to much more creative photos.

This application sorts the effects according to the type of filter, you will find it as follows.

  • Filter FX: In this section you will see filters very similar to the ones you have in your Instagram app.
  • Magical filters: Here you will see filters that transform a real photo into a comic.
  • Filter blurs: Don’t know how to use Photoshop or more professional apps? This is the perfect section to blur and thus highlight what you want in your photo.
  • Artistic filters: Do you want your photo to be a work of art? By applying this filter to your photo, it will appear to be a painting, a work of Picasso!
  • Color filters: In this section you will feel like you are back in kindergarten as it allows you to color, highlight color and replace it.

This application has many more filters or editing sections that will give a fabulous touch to your photos.Try it and enhance your photos!


This application is easy to use, it contains editing tools and also various filters. Filters can be found in the “layouts” section or go to the “tools” option and see the specific filters:

  • Portrait
  • Landscape HDR
  • Glamour Glow
  • Drama
  • Retrolux
  • Noir
  • Black & White

The app also gives you the option to add text, frame and stickers to your photos or images.


This application is connected to Adobe, it is of more professional use, being very useful to do different things and apply filters that are in the infer bar over the “profiles” option. They are classified into:

  • Basic
  • Favorites
  • Black and white
  • Artistic
  • Vintage
  • Modern

Instagram also allows you to create your own filter, starting from the following colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple and pink.How can we make our own filter? Follow these simple steps:

From your gallery, select a photo and click on the “color/blends” option. Next you will need to go color by color and choose the hue, saturation and lightness. After you have done this with each of the colors and in case you want to reuse them later, you can save them.

In short, there are many applications to edit and apply filters on your videos or photos, here I talked about just a few. Try them, create, explore and be trendy having fun with all of them.

What was once an image diary, Instagram today has become a marketing manager, capable of elevating a personal brand. If you want to feel like a fish in water in this social network, I recommend applying the suggestions or tips you have seen here.

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