Ideas for Instagram Stories in 2021

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Instagram Stories is one of the strongest pillars of this social network. Although at first it was widely used to tell personal stories, in a very short time it has become a means of information and promotion of products or services. Yes! Stories have become an excellent digital marketing tool and in this post we are going to see Ideas for Instagram Stories. In this post we are going to see Ideas for Instagram Stories.

How to make engaging Instagram stories? I’ll share a few ideas, so you can gain visibility in this sea of fierce beasts.

The best ideas for Instagram Stories

Take advantage of the polls

Nowadays, the number of users on social networks has increased, so it is important that you maintain a special connection with your followers. In this sense, engage your audience in some stories.

You can do quiz that allow your followers to participate. Of course, you have to be resourceful because the participatory question must be related to your brand. You can ask what they would like to see on your blog, this way you ensure that your content is just what they are waiting for.

The answers your followers give you can share them in your feed, this way you make them feel special and want to continue participating in your surveys. In other words, you gain their loyalty. Of course, this is a task that takes some time and ingenuity.

Create unique and creative stories

While you can copy someone’s style on Instagram, my recommendation is to be creative and innovate with something new. To do this, you need to plan your Stories; even if they only last 24 hours, you need to provide something that people will like and won’t forget you.

You can make edits to your content. There are now plenty of photo editors for Instagram; some can even be used online. In that sense, creating artistic stories worthy of a professional photographer is not difficult.

On the other hand, you have at your disposal many tools to turn your stories into something entertaining, take advantage of emojis, texts, etc.

Remember that the more your stories stand out, the more followers you will have, and this translates into more sales.

Let them know you

On Instagram stories, you have the “questions” option, this allows your followers to find out more about you or your brand. It also creates a close bond. To encourage your audience to ask questions, you should upload your content and add the “Questions” sticker.

Don’t worry about the awkward questions you may be asked, as they are not public, so you can choose not to answer them and no one will know. Choose the most interesting questions and make them public.

As a tip to apply this, I recommend creating a storytelling. In a few seconds, you can tell something about yourself that will attract attention.

Please note the sound

Sound is a relevant factor when creating multimedia content. Check that the microphone is good so that your audience can hear you without any problems.

Also, choose an area of your home where no outside noises are filtered out, a crying baby or a barking dog will not portray you in a good light, and will be distracting to your audience.

Use Instagram Live

Instagram Live is an excellent complement to Stories. In fact, after it’s recorded it can become part of it. Sure, it takes preparation, but it’s great for promoting products or services with a more relatable touch.

A highlight of this option is that, even though you are live, your audience can also participate, so don’t forget to read a comment or two.

Instagram live can be very useful to allow you to be asked questions, you can also do interviews or promote an important event

It is important to note that this option is not available to everyone, because you must have a specific number of followers. But once you have the option, don’t take advantage of it.

Stories before and after

People like to see results. If you are selling products such as make-up or DIY; to name but a few, you can show the results of using it. A before-and-after is a real eye-catcher!

If you make the story creative you are sure to sell more. Remember that consumers don’t like to be pressured into buying, they prefer to believe it was their decision. So present the benefits of your business without pressuring them to buy.

Instagram trends you can’t miss in 2021

Instagram has new options that make this social network more attractive for e-commerce.

Of course, some options are not available worldwide, but it’s important that you’re up to date with what this platform has to offer, so you can start thinking about how you can make the most of it for your brand now.

Instagram Shopping Checkout

Instagram is used by many marketers, once they manage to hook consumers something happens that can put anyone off, and that is that it is necessary to exit Instagram to execute the service or product purchase process.

Well, Instagram Shopping allows you to manage your own online shop without leaving the social network. Instagram Checkout is a complement to this new feature that’s already getting people talking.

This new feature isn’t available worldwide yet, but believe me when they improve and fine-tune the details it will be a tool to make your stories more concrete.

Merging Facebook Messenger and Instagram chats

Since the beginning of 2021, there have been many rumours related to WhatsApp. Well, after so much controversy there is one thing that is a fact, Facebook and Instagram are joining forces, meaning that no matter which social network you’re on you can communicate with users of the other network via chat.

This new merger, which is still being fine-tuned, allows you to maintain a better order and to deal with any queries immediately. It has become a trend this year!

Instagram Reels

It’s no secret that the last year has seen an increase in the use of different social networks. Well, TikTok is taking TikTok by storm, if you’re too lazy to get started on a new social network you can use Instagram Reels, which is a feature that intends to compete with TikTok.

These short videos feature predefined filters, including augmented reality that allow you to create creative and fun stories. The duration is about 30 seconds.

Features include create remixes where you can share interactive videos with other users and make something fun and original.

All in all, you have a range of options to make your stories more entertaining. I’m not going to lie, each strategy takes time and effort. However, if you’re diligent, you can see your brand or business grow.

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