How to run a sweepstakes on Instagram?

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Sweepstakes are often a very attractive social media strategy very attractive social media strategy to capture the attention of the public. Very few are those who are reluctant to participate in this practice, which can bring a great benefit for a small contribution.

You will surely be interested in learning how to implement sweepstakes on Instagram that will allow you to achieve your goals, while offering your users that adrenaline and excitement of winning, this being a pleasant entertainment.

Contests or trivia and sweepstakes on Instagram

It is important that you have certain concepts very well-defined to avoid making mistakes that affect your image

Contests or trivia

When we talk about quizzes or trivia, we refer to we refer to certain actions (questions, challenges or votes) among the participating users, from which users, from which a winner will be chosen by a jury based on the Partner’s jury based on objectives achieved.

To avoid dissatisfaction or suspicion of favoritism, try to establish a transparent jury system. If you seek endorsements from influencers, they will bring you a greater promotion of participation.


In the case of creating a sweepstakes, users in general will know that this is playing with luck. Of course, participants will have to meet certain minimum requirements set by you in order to participate and on your part you will have to offer guarantees of an honest outcome.

To set up the logistics for the sweepstakes, you can get your hands on automated applications to manage it.

Factors to take into account when launching a sweepstakes on. Instagram

Before you go to the first one and set up your first sweepstakes or contest, I recommend you start by setting up certain elements in order of priority, which will guarantee you success and no headaches.

Purpose of starting a sweepstakes on Instagram

The reasons for implementing a sweepstakes can be very diverse. But the most common ones are linked to achieve achievements of proposed goals in your Instagram account, based on the previous study of a particular theme.

Some goals may be: to attract more followers, to promote a brand, to encourage the interaction of publications, to project your profile, etc.

Investment to run the sweepstakes on Instagram

This point is of the utmost importance, since the profit obtained from the sweepstakes is expected to far exceed the money and time invested in the time invested in the strategy.

You must decide if you will make use of dedicated platforms such as Cool Tabs and Easypromos to manage the sweepstakes on Instagram and if you will also include an ad contribution to Instagram.

Services or products offered with rewards on Instagram

When you implement a contest or sweepstakes, you will be targeting an audience that follows you for a specific reason, i.e., you must be aware of the that is, you must be aware of your followers’ likes and dislikes. So, the must be in line with those tastes.

Most logically, contest participants are eager to receive a prize associated with the theme that hooked them on you. On the other hand, the sweepstakes reward should fit within your means, while remaining original and appealing.

Do not rule out the thematic dates of the contest, as it doesn’t sound logical to raffle a snow gear in the middle of summer.

In charge of managing the giveaway on Instagram

If you are going to delegate this function, make sure you assign this task to a knowledgeable person to make a good draw. Experience will avoid the risks of falling into “gray areas” of the contest, which can lead to conflict.

How to run a sweepstakes on Instagram

Next, I will detail a few simple steps that will allow you to run a sweepstakes with the help of a great support platform Easypromos.

  1. Go to the Easypromos portal where you will have the sweepstakes applications. Among the different options offered, choose the one you are interested in, in this case Instagram.
  2. Link your Instagram account to the application, choose the type of sweepstakes you want to implement and select the publication that will promote it.
  3. Configure the desired restrictions, if any. In this section you can define a minimum number of mentions, the number of possible winners and the number of alternates to choose from.

If one of the restrictions is that they have to be followers of your your manual intervention will be necessary to perform the respective checks. checks.

Finally, you must select the winner and proceed with the corresponding notification.

By using the Easypromos platform, it will allow you to enjoy the first free sweepstakes.

Using the Easypromos platform

Getting Instagram sweepstakes a success

In order for your sweepstakes to have an eye-catching projection and to achieve the stated objectives, you need to meet the following requirements:


  • Promotion of the sweepstakes. Use the most popular media and social networks. Activate marketing campaigns and use influencers.
  • Logistics that are fun and simple. The easier the objectives are to achieve in the case of contests, the better the public will be attracted.
  • Worthy and eye-catching prizes. Sometimes, it is good not to skimp on expenses and sacrifice a little money invested, even if the benefits are palpable in the future.
  • Transparent rules of the game. Avoid ambiguities or gray areas, the more transparent the procedure, the less social chaos you will create.
  • Don’t limit yourself. If you offer more than one reward, the incentives to win are multiplied by 1000.

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