How to resurrect an Instagram profile?

Let’s say you join a new marketing team or partner with someone who already had a business where an Instagram profile already existed. You’ve gotten into the game a little late because that account was there before you could get your hands on it.

It’s not doing very well and all signs show that the account will soon be a liability instead of the best example of how awesome this project or company is.

It’s not doing very well and all signs show that the account will soon be a liability instead of the best example of how awesome this project or company is.

Best tips to revive your Instagram

You need to get to work and that requires a contingency plan that you need to implement right away.

There are a few things you can do to rescue the account and a lot of this depends on the following areas that I’m going to show you.

The business profile

We’ll start by insisting that you choose a Instagram business profile before doing anything else. In fact, if the company doesn’t have one, that’s a big problem.

Setting aside the fact that it gives you a set of analytics directly through the Statistics tab, it also has a huge accessibility advantage.

Companies with Instagram business profiles will find that their users can now contact them directly through the platform. This has huge benefits associated with it.

It also makes the business appear to be more up to date and at the forefront of the market. It all boils down to access. If the account you manage has this profile, it simply makes communication that much easier.

The look and feel

If the Instagram account looks bad, then it conveys carelessness. You need to act fast to reduce the impact of drab, poor quality images

The best Instagram accounts have a look that is completely uniform. Colors and images have the same style throughout. On top of that, there’s more uniformity in captions. Brands use the same vocabulary and tone, so that an audience can trust them.

If you can, delete any of the above posts that are no longer relevant to your audience. We’re talking about posts that don’t do the brand any favors. They don’t necessarily have to be embarrassing, but they may be “off topic” and most likely to stand out.

There is no need to hang on to things that mean nothing or are simply annoying. Look at the content of your advertising message and make sure that posts that muddy that message go away.

Wake up, nurture your feed

One of the main reasons for accounts dying a slow death is that the posting rate is not what it should be. You should be looking to post at least 2 times a week.

Depending on your type of business, it will be ideal to post more often and can be an advantage and of course, these posts should be uniformly awesome, so it’s your job to make sure they are, and that high quality is maintained throughout each post.

Arrange the feed with interesting posts that are worthy of sharing or commenting on. Posting frequency is like the pulse of the account, it must be resurrected. This doesn’t require a lot of work, just that you get to know the audience quickly and provide them with what they want, quickly and consistently.

Test your metrics and see what the audience has responded to so far. Then give them more of it. One of the quickest ways to rescue a dying Instagram profile is to get regular, quality content to your community.

 UGC or in English CGU

It stands for “user-generated content” and is the Golden Ticket to a fast-growing community on Instagram.

We’re serious about this if you can quickly get some user engagement and put it to good use, this really works well, you just need to create a unique hashtag related to your brand that is short and easy to remember, if you already have an audience (no matter how engaged they are) it shouldn’t take long to put together a hashtag and a dynamic or two that involves UGC.

Once you re-publish (repost) that content in the feed, you’ll already be presenting relevant content.

Because it is UGC, you must give credit to the user who created the content. But once you have your processes in place for this, you can expect rapid growth. We would start a competition, one that has a relevant and valuable prize, and take it from there.

User-generated content.

Bot or spam hunting

It’s no secret that much of the social networks are plagued by bots. Perhaps ‘plagued’ is the wrong word, because some bots are incredibly useful. What you need to do with the client’s Instagram account is get rid of the spam that isn’t useful and instead are downright harmful.

There’s no way around it, but you’ll want to take a look at the followers that the account you’re diagnosing has and make sure that any “followers” that look odd are removed.

This is sometimes quite difficult to understand, but if you’re looking for followers that offer bad or good repetitive comments all the time, then there’s a chance they are bots.

Test it, comment again and ask them a genuine question. Bots have a hard time answering questions they’re not programmed to answer.

This isn’t a problem that’s going away anytime soon, but the least you can do is help the account have a follower base that will engage if you’re working on engagement.

Get your users to tag others

The company or brand must have followers, and if you’ve worked hard to get rid of the bots, then you need to start working quickly to re-energize the followers that remain and attract new followers.

Get current followers to tag their friends on Instagram, with some sort of incentive behind that tagging. A contest or other incentive can help, and if your current followers can tag their friends, you should see a corresponding increase in interest and engagement.

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