How to make polls for Instagram Stories?

Encuestas para Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social network among millennials. It currently has the functionality to make polls. This allows us to interact with our followers. Therefore, it is a powerful weapon to use as a marketing tool. Now then,

How to post polls on Instagram What are the advantages of creating polls for Instagram? Below, I’ll explain how you can leverage Instagram to boost your business or influencer account.

Why create polls on Instagram, what’s the point of it

Polls for Instagram are a very interesting way to get to know your audience, however, that’s not the only reason why you should take advantage of it. Below, I’ll detail some reasons to use this functionality just like you use the filters.

You get closer to your followers

Engagement is a technique that engages the customer, to such a degree that they develop an emotional bond with you (brand). Thanks to the surveys you can maintain a lot of interactivity, which allows that kind of affinity to be born and also, the Instagram algorithm, takes you more into account. If what you want is to build loyalty with your Instagram followers, polls are a great option.

Creating surveys for Instagram lets you get to know your potential customers

If you are hesitating about how much some product or any project, you can make a poll, this way you will know if it will interest the audience.

Attract your followers’ attention with polls on Instagram

Polls with interesting questions can attract attention, that gives you much more visibility. Also, you have the advantage of knowing the general tastes of your followers.

How to create polls for Instagram Stories

First of all, you must have the updated version, otherwise, you won’t have the option. Now, if you already have the latest version, then I’ll explain step by step how to post a poll on Instagram, take note:

  1. Once you open the application you must go to the top left. There you will see an icon with a little camera.
  2. Choose a background for your poll (it can be a video)
  3. Then press the icon in the form of stickers. Click on “poll”
  4. Type your poll and edit the possible answers.
  5. Publish it as you normally do in Stories.

This type of survey is only available for a limited time, i.e. 24 hours. You can see the development of it by opening the stories and tapping them upwards.

There you will see who has participated, because in fact these polls are not anonymous, so you will not only see the number of participants, but, who has chosen any option.

How to use Instagram polls as a marketing tool

We all want to sell, but no one likes to be besieged with products. However, Instagram gives you the ability to do market research by stealth. Followers are used to participating without pressure, and that helps you get to know your audience, empathize with them, and give them what they’re asking for.

But how can you do that? Below, I’ll talk you through some tips for improving your engagement with Instagram

Polls for Instagram with Yes or No options

Although this is the standard App response, it is actually very simple and straightforward. This type of response is very useful for measuring audience interest. That is, you can implement it to know if your followers would be interested in a project. For example, Would you like to know more about X product? Yes or No. Do you like X product? Yes or No.

Get to know your audience’s preferences with Instagram polls

Now, if you want to inquire about the likes and preferences of your followers, yes or no polls for Instagram will not achieve your goal. Therefore, you should change the options and give one that can really express their interests. For example, How much would you pay for this product? €20, less than €20. Coke or Pepsi? What size do you prefer for X product? Large or Small.

Make polls on Instagram that are fun

As I explained above, no one likes to be besieged with products to sell, and while your goal is to meet the audience precisely to give them something they’re looking for, you don’t have to make it heavy-handed. So, keep your Instagram surveys from becoming too serious and boring.

To do this, you can use Stickers and Emojis. That is, you will pose your question, and instead of a cold answer you can choose two Emojis, which will be the way to express your answer. This will make them entertaining, plus you can vary the style of polls and the subject, so you don’t sound repetitive or overly probing.

Have your audience ask you questions

Engagement on Instagram doesn’t happen by chance. That’s why you should take advantage of the situation. Instead of asking questions, you can invite your followers to ask you questions. Once you answer it, they will receive a notification, this will undoubtedly convey to your audience that you are interested in them, which increases engagement, generates Engagement.

Tips to help you succeed with your Instagram polls

This new Instagram feature is very interesting, fun and powerful to succeed in any project. In order for you to get the full potential out of it, try not to make any mistakes, for that, I will give you some final tips.

  • Avoid the white background: While it is true that placing a colored background, image and even video may take more time on your part, it looks more attractive, and will invite participation. Conversely, if you simply pose a question on a bland white background, you won’t get much participation, as it actually looks sloppy. You can use a color palette to help you find your color.
  • Order your ideas: It seems obvious, but there are many meaningless or unclear questions, so make sure your Instagram polls are to the point, simple and understandable, of course avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Place the question in a strategic place: Although the information you want to collect is important, it is vital that it does not hinder the background image, especially if you want to highlight some feature of it. Therefore, take a good look at the image and the place where you will post the question in question.

We have to keep pace with the commercial world, so you need to use the tools properly. For your target audience is on social networks.

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