How to download Instagram stories?

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Do you want to enjoy Instagram stories for much longer, but you still don’t know how to do it? Downloading Instagram stories is the best solution and from today, it will be easy for you to do so.

Instagram Stories or Instagram stories are a novel tool of the popular social network Instagram. Instagram Stories were devised to allow users to post photos and videos in real time and with a predetermined duration.

Instagram Stories posts are more volatile, meaning they have a much shorter duration than regular posts, so you must remember to save them in time, otherwise they will disappear within 24 hours.

But storing Instagram stories is not an easy task, as this platform does not have a download option. That’s why it’s important that you know how to save posts you’ve liked from your mobile or computer.

If you apply the simple alternatives that I will be showing you in this post, you will be able to get them very easily. But first I’m going to detail what are Instagram Stories and what are some of its features.

What are Instagram Stories

Basically they are tools created mainly to post photos and videos of our day-to-day life. These, unlike other publications, have a duration of 24 hours.

Instagram Stories are very easy to use. You can share your likes, experiences, thoughts, your day to day experiences and all those things that you consider important.

As Instagram stories stand out especially for the visual aspect, they are also a very useful alternative for those entrepreneurs who want to use it to promote a product or marketing project. All this has managed to turn it into the favorite tool of most Instagram users.

Main features of Instagram Stories

Every day there are more and more people who dare to use Instagram Stories, because they have been attracted by all its wonderful features. In addition, the great success that these have had allowed them to take any message anywhere in the world.

Among its most outstanding characteristics we can mention the following:

Unlimited capacity

Instagram Stories allow Instagram users to post as much content as desired. With this tool there are no limits to the number of stories you want to upload. Now you can also upload photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac computer.

While this is great news, it is not recommended that you abuse this, because if so, you will make your followers tired and uncomfortable, and of course, you don’t want that to happen.

Short content duration

Many are attracted to this aspect of the platform, but it limits being able to download Instagram stories, as you can’t always save posts in a timely manner. The main reason Instagram Stories adapted the length of time to 24 hours and let you create filters on the Stories themselves is to help the user keep your followers’ active interest.

The frequent posts that this Instagram method generates, keep your followers entertained and brings you close to them. You’ll just need to invest a little more time and choose quality, original content.

This feature is highly demanded by “Influencers”, who through their publications seek to create greater expectation in their audience and thus give rise to more participation.

Organize your publications

Instagram stories came as a solution to the annoying over-posting of some users, as each story organizes your content by day, giving you ease of placement and allowing you to post as much as you want, with a nice look.

Add featured stories

If you activate this option at the time you make your story, a segment will be created in your profile where you can view them at any time you wish, regardless of whether the 24-hour limit has already passed.

Story archive

The huge success Instagram Stories has enjoyed has led to the creation of a new feature. The wonderful “Stories Archive”, a tool that will allow you to mark all your favorite posts in your account, and also, it will offer you a better distribution of content.


If you want more security in your account, you will only need to activate the “Privacy” function. This way only you and your followers will be able to see the posts you make. It can also be applied with some specific followers.

How to download Instagram Stories manually

If you would like to keep any posts from Instagram Stories that have caught your attention by saving them to your Pc or mobile device, I will show you step by step how to do it manually.

Because in Instagram Stories we can find photos and videos, it will be necessary for you to apply different measures for each one.

  • Photos: The most viable option for you to get images on your own in Instagram Stories is to make a simple screen capture. The next step will be to crop the image and then save it.
  • Videos:In this case, you will have to apply a semi-manual measure, as it will be necessary to have the help of another tool or application. With the support of additional software, you will only have to record the screen during the story, to capture the content in multimedia format.

Finally you can edit, publish, send or just keep the fetched content. Keeping in mind that, if you are going to share something already published by someone else, you must mention them. This way you you will attribute their copyright and you will not have a bad reputation.

How to download Instagram stories from our Pc with Online tools

You’ll be glad to know that you can turn to various Online tools to download your favorite Instagram Stories content, without going through the complex processes of installing third-party applications.

The first thing you need to do to use them is to locate the file you want to keep, and then copy the account where the post was made. Then use any one of these wonderful tools:

How do I copy the address of the Instagram story

This is the first thing we need to be clear about. To get the URL of some photo or video from Instagram stories, we just have to press the button located in the corner of the screen (where are three dots) and select the “Copy link” option, then paste the URL in any of these download alternatives that we are going to see and follow the procedures of each tool.

It is also important to emphasize that these tools will only download the contents of users who have their data indicated as public. In case you have activated the privacy enabled, you will not be allowed to download.


All users of Instagram should have this wonderful tool bookmarked as a favorite. Instaview, unlike others, works in a more intuitive way, providing ease of both access and use.

Use it is very simple, you only have to copy and paste the address of the contact on the platform, so that in an instant you will be directed to all the stories published that day.

Go to Instaview


All users who have tested this tool, give very good references of it. Not only does it stand out for its practical way of use, but its great speed, has been something that has amazed many, especially its competitors.

With Instaprofile you will get to see any story you want. You will only have to paste in the search engine of the page the chosen address, and after clicking, you will get all the content published on that day.

Go to Instaprofile


Among the best tools for downloading Instagram Stories, Instawload cannot be missed. Its great success is due to the fact that it has always offered a quality service. It works similarly to the other tools already mentioned. You just paste the URL of the profile you want to view into the search engine, click on Download and that’s it.

Go to Instawload

How to download Instagram stories with your device. Android and iPhone?

You may have already noticed the plethora of apps out there for storing Stories on your mobile device. Some tools are very simple and others not so much. The truth is that they all achieve the same goal: to allow you to get those images and videos that have attracted your attention.

With that goal in mind, I present to you the best apps to use with your Android device:

Story Saver

This is undoubtedly one of the best applications and one of the most valued by users who download Instagram Stories. You can find it located in the Google Play store.

Story Saver will make it easy for you to download all the stories of your account or those of other people. You will only need to download the App and log in to your Instagram account. Then you have to search for the desired user, select their stories and click on the download option.

You will also find Story Saver video downloader version very handy, which will help you to get any video from Instagram social network thanks to its three simple steps.

Download Story Saver for Android

Save and Repost For IG

This application is ideal for managing to get any post from this volatile Instagraml option. With it you will be able to download content and publish it without the need to install additional apps for Regram, and its function is very similar to Story Saver.

If you are Android, download this App at the link below. If you are from iOS, I will now go on to describe to you what is the best Instagram App for iPhone devices.

Download Save and Repost for Android .


This App Store, is much simpler than the previous ones, due to the fact that it can be easily installed by simply scanning a special QR code. After that, in the app store you will get Instagram++.

Once installed on your device, you’ll just need to sign in to indicate the user of the Stories you are interested in. At the end, you click save and you are done.

After downloading your photo or video, it is up to you to use it. I just want to remind you that you should always use caution.

Why download Instagram stories from another profile

Instagram has certainly become the favorite social network for many, as it has allowed them to share everything they like with their like with their followers. In addition, this network has achieved a great reach.

Many take advantage of Instagram stories to gain more followers or to promote a product. But, the vast majority use it as a means to entertain themselves. Still, you should know in detail how interesting it is to share Instagram stories of other users.

For later enjoyment of published content

Of course you, like any Instagram user, get your attention from all the Instagram Stories posts. But sometimes we’re so busy in our day that we don’t get to enjoy them right at the moment they’re posted.

To that, we must also add that Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to followers who interact with us the most, which can cause us to miss Stories. Also, it’s possible that a certain inconvenience hasn’t allowed you to attend some important event, but you want to be aware of everything that took place there.

The great advantage of Instagram and that Instagram Stories offers you, is that with it you can see all the photos and videos that any friend, co-worker or family member has posted. Also, you can save them using the different download tools, so you can enjoy them on another occasion, with more detail.

To get creative ideas

Although some Instagram users aren’t as active in their posts, they use Instagram Stories to spur their inspiration. Take advantage of thecreative ideas posted by other users, where you can see from some concept expressed in one of these stories, and pose them with certain modifications as an original and appealing idea.

You can use the publications of companies and influencers to find your favorite content, such as cooking, gardening, carpentry, hairdressing, decoration, handicrafts, electronics, music, literature, among others.

To keep some souvenirs

It is possible that a friend or acquaintance posts a very special photo or video for you or simply where you appear, and you want to save it to have it as a souvenir. To get that content, you can apply any of the alternatives mentioned above.

To share it on other networks

If you liked any photo from Instagram Stories and want to share it with your followers on Instagram or another social network like Twitter or on Facebook stories, you will find the download methods I have recommended extremely handy.

You can also download videos from Facebook, download videos from Twitter or download videos from YouTube. Just keep in mind which one best suits what you’re looking for.

Advantages of using Instagram stories

  • The posts download much faster
  • They are easy to view, either in automatic mode or by sliding your finger over the screen
  • You can repeat them as many times as you want
  • The Instagram Stories archives do not take up much space
  • They are a good source of entertainment
  • It gives you more connection with your followers
  • They are the ideal tool to show our funniest moments
  • This tool is a good alternative to promote your company or business
  • Your publications will have a great reach and greater visualizations
  • You can try with different contents and thus manage to see which one has captured the most attention
  • They are a very economical alternative to promote any project
  • It clearly indicates to others that you have made a new publication, by a colored circle around your profile picture

What to do to activate the Instagram Stories of your account?

First, you must download the latest update of the Instagram social network, then you can define if your profile is personal or business. Head “to the News Feed” which is located where the little house (Home) is and click on your profile picture and then where it says “story.”

After a camera icon appears, click on it to choose the photo or video you want to share. Select a format that suits your taste, such as Boomerang, live, text, superzoom, hands-free, music, draw, among others.

After publishing your content, you will be able to visualize the number of views by sliding your finger upwards on the screen.

What should I keep in mind for the success of my posts on Instagram posts on Instagram Stories?

You probably wouldn’t want your Instagram profile to fail. Instagram to fail, but that’s the sad reality for some Instagram users. network. In order for that not to happen to you, it is necessary that you follow the following recommendations:

  • If you are going to make a video, make sure you record in vertical format
  • Add some effects to your content, such as Emojis and texts
  • To achieve a greater receptivity of the publications you can use GIFs, Hashtags and from time to time some location
  • Use a high resolution camera and try to capture interesting photos
  • Finally, live day to day and let your imagination run wild


The Instagram platform, has become a resounding success both for its compatibility with the social network Facebook and also for its Stories. Although they are very ephemeral, as they are barely 24 hours long, they are widely used by a large number of users around the world.

It’s great to know that you can use a variety of tools to get the top content from Instagram stories. Unlike other networks, with Instagram you can’t do downloads or assign “Likes.”

The best of all is that this wonderful tool is being tool is being updated more and more every day, with the intention of getting improvements in its platform and to bring interesting new features to all its users.

Whether you are a private user of Instagram or you use it to publicize your business, you can avail yourself of download tools, to save all the photos and videos of any story. Each one will allow you to access the content you like the most in a simple, practical and comfortable way.

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