How to customize Instagram Highlights?

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Featured stories or Instagram Highlights have been a resource that some brands have used to their advantage. However, this field has incredible potential for maintaining lines of communication with customers, and, yet, some don’t know how to exploit it.

For example, an effective technique is to anticipate possible questions from followers and leave them in this section. But how to do it in an attractive way? Next, I’ll explain how to customize Instagram Highlights and exploit this valuable resource of this social network.

What are Instagram Highlights

Instagram Featured Stories or Highlights, are a valuable resource for communicating through photography some event, having contact with your audience, etc. In fact, their function is similar to WhatsApp statuses. However, when you decide to “highlight a story” you are leaving it available to your followers for more than 24 hours. So in a way it can become a letter of introduction for your brand.

The cover of your featured stories needs to be consistent. This will give you a more professional and appealing image.

How to customize Instagram Highlights

This section allows followers to get relevant information in the shortest possible time. Hence, it is necessary to order them properly and place names or tags that allow optimal navigation. Next, I’ll give you some tips to make your brand stand out with Instagram.

Maintain uniformity

When placing Highlights on Instagram you should make everything related. For example, have you seen the same soccer team in different colors? If you have, it surely caused you confusion, and of course it wasn’t a professional team. Similarly, when placing stories, you should share a similar design. This gives professionalismto your brand or profile.

Some use the same background color, typography, etc., in every story. To achieve this effect you can resort to other applications, one of the most used is Canva. Best of all, you can use it without installing it on your computer. Importantly, the Instagram social network itself offers you a wide variety of design options, you can browse all over the place and avail yourself of it for the design of your featured stories.

Decide what the purpose of your Highlights is

As I explained earlier, these types of featured stories, or Highlights, last for more than 24 hours and can be downloaded. In fact, its duration can be indefinite, so it can be your cover letter. For this reason, you must decide what kind of information you will place.

For example, some decide to anticipate the questions of their followers, so they use this section with a good image editing to give advice. This allows users to get immediate information and feel well served in the shortest possible time. Other users of the social network, use it to promote some contests, events, etc.

 Depending on your brand you should decide what focus you want to give to this section. You can vary in terms of different categories, but remember that it should be an easy to navigate section, so it’s not recommended to place endless listings of Instagram stories.

How to take advantage of the featured Instagram stories section

It’s time to brighten up your profile. You should know that you need to keep an open line of conversation with your followers. Therefore, you can use this section for several purposes, if you are dedicated, for sure your profile will look very professional.

Promote hashtags for your events

This section is very useful to promote any event you are managing. The hashtags turn any campaign or contest into a novelty. We usually see on television programs that use the famous tags to promote themselves. So you can do the same thing.

If you have a lot of content generated by your followers, you can make a big splash by attaching a “#” to your stories. You can even collect your followers’ shares and make them known to the public. It’s a great way to take pride in your audience and forge a bond with them.

Promote your products

Although obviously those who follow you know your business name. The truth is, if you share a wide variety of content, products, etc., your followers can get lost in that vast sea of content. For this reason, this section gives you the opportunity to offer specific information about what you sell in an organized way. In this way, consumers can take advantage of all your innovations.

Make sure that the products that are in this section are the most innovative or new ones, this way your followers will be up to date with what you offer. Also, you can place in each story a specific type of products, that is, instead of mixing them, you could place a special of a product in a single story, and in another Highlights place details of another product.

Answer your followers’ questions

Using this section to give guidance and direction to your followers is an excellent idea. We know that in the profile they can find a great diversity of content of interest. However, sometimes questions arise regarding an event, product, etc.

You can keep up to date with the most frequently asked questions and post an answer in this section. Also, you can anticipate any doubt, this allows the consumer to feel a close bond with your brand. In this way, you show real interest.

Another advantage of using this section to answer questions is that you make your Instagram profile more organized. That is, if you use to clarify some points in this section your followers will come in this section every time they have doubts, so that the stay in your profile will be greater, because they will not feel overwhelmed or confused.

Boost credibility

Another great feature for your permanent Instagram stories, is to post comments from consumers. This will bring a touch of credibility to your brand. Plus, you’ll enticulate your followers by the fact that you’ve highlighted it as a star consumer.

Gives ideas and curious information

Some brands take advantage of this section to give curious information about their products. You may find it useful to mention some tricks of great interest. Depending on the social reason of your Instagram account, you can implement some ideas that will add value to your content, products, etc.

You can also describe the right way to use some product of your brand. Sometimes consumers complain that what they have purchased is not what they expect and in many cases this complaint is due to the simple fact that they have not known how to use it. For this reason, it is of great help to offer advice in this section. This guide can be interactive and displayed as a fun fact.

Behind the camera

Showing the more human side of you is great. In fact, some entrepreneurs show the process of making some product and thus allow consumers to feel connected to their business name.

Celebrities are used to show themselves in recording process, without makeup, sharing with friends at home, etc. These are excellent ideas for you to make your followers feel identified with you.

How to edit Instagram Highlights

If after a while you want to edit any of your stories, you should know that doing it is very simple, I’ll explain it step by step:

First, you must locate the image you want to edit. Click on it. At the bottom left there is an option that says “More.” You must select it, then you will see two options: edit featured story, remove from featured stories. You will select the first option.

It is important to note that by hitting edit you can remove the image from the story and you can even add a new one. In fact, it will open the edit panel again. After making the edit of your choice you should hit “done” so that the story will be fully edited and your followers will have access to the modification you just made.

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