How to create a business Instagram account

como crear una cuenta instagram empresas

If you didn’t already know, we’ll tell you. Instagram now allows you to change your account to a business account. Something Facebook has had for a long time, which Google Plus has taken to another realm with Google My business by leveraging Google’s tokens.

And that Instagram has now been able to take advantage of by realizing that many of its accounts were not personal but rather those of companies or brands.

Why should I switch to Instagram professional

It’s not really that you should switch your personal account to a business account on Instagram. In fact, if your account is personal you should ideally keep it personal.

But if your account corresponds to your business or if you yourself are your own product (see especially artistic professions, whether they are actors, singers, photographers, etc.) it is very likely that you will be interested in changing it to company.

The main reasons why you should change your Instagram account to a professional Instagram l account are as follows:

Call To Action Button

#1. If you switch to a business account on Instagram immediately the first thing you’ll see on your profile is a new Contact Us button or call to action that allows:

  1. Call by phone.
  2. Send an email to the address we have previously indicated.
  3. Get directions via Google maps on how to get to our business. (We must also enter the address in this case).

#2. Instagram will assign you a category that will come from the category that we have defined in Facebook.

#3. We will be able to access analytics. We will have a new button “Statistics” that will offer us very relevant data such as: impressions, origin of our audience, gender, hours, most successful advertisements, etc.

In addition each publication has its own analytics button that informs us about the impressions, reach and interaction of each post.

#4. Promote our posts. By having a professional Instagram account we will also access Instagram’s paid advertising platform. This will allow us to segment our audience by geographic location, gender, age and interests. Promoted posts are always accompanied by a call to action or call to action that will link to a URL that we provide. The button can be:

  1. More Info
  2. See More
  3. Buy
  4. Book
  5. Register
  6. Contact

How to transfer our personal Instagram account to professional

The first thing you should know is that to move your personal Instagram account to a professional account the network will ask you to have a Fan Page on Facebook. So if you don’t have a business account on Facebook you won’t be able to do it.

For a while it was Instagram that invited you to turn your account into a professional one, but now you can do it yourself from your menu.

In the Options menu of your Instagram (the three little dots you’ll see in the top right corner of your Instagram profile) you’ll see a field that says “Switch to business profile”.

As we have indicated, it will ask you to connect to Facebook and there you will be able to choose between the different pages you manage on Facebook (if there are several). Select the fan page you want to associate and in a few steps you can set up your professional Instagram account. Really very simple.

So now you know. If you have a company, business or personal brand do not hesitate to access the analysis and promotion opportunities that Instagram for business provides and start designing your communication and marketing strategy.

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