Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram for business

ventajas y desventajas de instagram

At present, one of the social networks that has taken more presence and importance in our society is Instagram, since its official launch in October 2010, the merit for the creation of this online community can be given to two people.

These are Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom who, thanks to their actions, today we can count on this social network that allows us to easily share images, photos, videos and gifs on almost any topic with the rest of the people on the planet.

The social network Instagram has two methods to enter, the first is through its official website and the second is its application that is compatible with devices that work through Android or iOS systems.

The latter, has gained enormous popularity reaching more than fifty-eight million five hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store from all over the world, users who make use of it have shared many positive opinions making this one have a very high rating.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram

ventajas y desventajas instagram munoztebar

Pros and cons of Instagram

Have you ever wondered what positives and negatives of Instagram you need to be aware of? Since in these moments there are still people who do not have an Instagram account and are in a moment of doubt where they are still wondering if they should create it or, on the contrary, they should not do it, here I will tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of Instagram. I already advance you that the positive aspects of Instagram are greater and of greater weight.

I’m going to tell you all the pros and cons for you to create your account and join the Instagram community. Along with some features that several users have named as annoying and somewhat ruining the experience, these are the following:

Learn how to use Instagram

Main advantages of Instagram

It’s free

One of the advantages of Instagram that get the most attention from people when looking for an application related to photography or video creation is the issue of the economic expense that this can represent for the person.

However, the Instagram application is accessible to anyone who has a smart device with the Play Store for Android and iOS systems, which is why it was mentioned previously that this has obtained such a high number of downloads around the world.

It has many editing options

Another point in which the Instagram app stands out is that it allows editing of the photographs taken with it and that it itself has many options to meet the needs of users such as surveys and at the same time serve for people to develop their creativity with the filters that come by default.

Many people share a positive opinion regarding Instagram because, it allows you to retouch images before they are posted and can be seen by the rest of the people who belong to the community.

It’s easy to manage

One of the most outstanding features by the users of the community that is Instagram is that its application is easy to handle by most people, it is in this way that as it does not represent any difficulty in its use can reach many more people.

In the case of not being very intuitive (which can happen and nobody should feel bad about it) the application has clear and easy to understand instructions, as well as the way in which you can upload a post or comment on it.

You can block other accounts

Another of the points most appreciated by the Instagram community is the ability, unlike other websites, to be able to block other users, the number of blocks a person can make is unlimited so in the event that another user seems offensive or you simply no longer wish to receive information from them you can block them and any posts related to their account will not reach their target.

Learn how to use Instagram .

Main disadvantages of Instagram

Editing without device

One of the biggest drawbacks with Instagram’s website is that, unlike its mobile device app, it doesn’t have any kind of image editor on its web version.

This makes a lot of users consider that Instagram should make changes in its system because, the editor that the application has is quite practical and useful and not having access to it in the case of not having a Smartphone device is something that is quite negative and somehow ruins the experience.

Lack of privacy

Another major problem that the community has complained about is that users do not have the ability to set which people can and cannot be shown images.

Another issue related to privacy is that all moves made by the user can be publicly observed such as likes given and other actions.

Also related to the privacy issue of the social network known by the name of Instagram is that in the case of not having an account set up as a “private profile” other users can plagiarize or steal the photos posted from the account in question and give them away in exchange for financial reward.

Lack of organization

Problems related to the organization of Instagram’s social network are among the most talked about by users and up to this point no changes have yet been made to fix them.

The problem stems from the root of the user having no control whatsoever when it comes to organizing the image and videos found in their account by using categories, many users although loyal to Instagram have not been able to ignore that this certainly is a serious problem that alienates many people.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram for business

Instagram has also obtained a great relevance in the business and commercial aspect, this is why we are going to see the features that are beneficial for the companies that make use of Instagram and the qualities that are negative for these same users:

Advantages of Instagram for brands and businesses

Content is visual

It has been repeatedly proven that an advertisement for which information can be obtained through a few images is of greater effectiveness than any other type of advertisement.

In addition, the social network known as Instagram can be very useful since it is possible to upload short advertising videos that are more practical to reach a greater number of people.

Reach young audiences

Another aspect of Instagram that has a benefit for businesses is that most of its community is an audience around the young age, especially the known as millennial.

This is why any product, service or application aimed initially for this type of people should have at least one ad on this page, so that the public will be aware of what is being offered and will consider buying it.

Disadvantages of Instagram for businesses and brands

Changing audience

One of the biggest risks of using Instagram in the advertising aspect is that the tastes of people who are in this community is constantly changing and it is a problem to keep up with the trends and always be aware of the new trending topics among young people who make use of this social network.

That is why, if you choose to make an announcement by this means of communication, a study of what is of greatest interest today to use it in marketing should be done beforehand.

On the PC it’s not the same

For businesses, one of the biggest negative features that the social network has is that the version it has for computers has very limited options, as mentioned earlier.

This is why most of the users of this online community are so insistent that it is more effective to use the application that is compatible with mobile devices that work through Android systems or through iOS systems.

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