What is the Facebook business manager, and how does it help us?

que es el administrador comercial de facebook y en que nos ayuda

Facebook keeps adding new features, from live videos, to the new aspect of your fan pages to perhaps, the most complex of all, the commercial manager.

What is the Facebook business administrator

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that allows us to manage different professional Facebook pages without the need to use our personal Facebook page to manage them. It is the most professional option if you need to manage the accounts of different fan pages.

How do I access the Facebook business manager

In order to sign up for this useful tool that Facebook has created for a more professional maintenance of Facebook accounts we must have a personal Facebook account and a Fan Page from which we want to manage all accounts. And then access the following url: https://business.facebook.com/

This is the official Facebook page for businesses. As you can see from here you can create a new account or register with your personal account. As we don’t have any created we will register with our personal account.

What we are doing is indexing our personal account to the commercial account that we are going to make but once we create this account we will not manage any more fan page with our personal account.

The steps are very simple to complete, just follow the instructions that Facebook gives us and give a name to our business account and a personal name with which we want to appear in this account.

We will also have to choose a Fan page as the main manager. If you are an advertising agency, it will obviously be the fan page of your agency.

Advantages of the Facebook business manager

  • One place: With Facebook Business Manager you can manage multiple fan pages from one place. And not only manage them but also, on your home page, you can see notifications separated by fan pages and a small summary of statistics at a glance. No need to switch between fan page and fan page.
  • Set Roles: From the Business Administrator Settings you can add people to each fan page and give them a role to each one so that they have different levels of access depending on what they are going to manage on each page
  • Multiple advertising accounts: When you manage several fan pages from your personal account you can only have a single advertising account. With the administrator you can have several advertising accounts and give access to whoever you want. This way several people can use the same payment method for one account and a different one for another account.
  • You don’t need to be a friend to manage a page: One of Facebook’s most awkward features when managing a client’s Fan Page is that you must be a friend on Facebook in order to be granted the role of administrator. This meant that the client had access to your posts, photos and, in short, personal information that you might not feel like sharing with a person you don’t trust enough. The only way to solve this was to have two profiles on Facebook. One personal and one professional. With the inconvenience of having to log in and out of one and change passwords, etc. Now with the commercial administrator you don’t need to be a friend, you can simply request access to any page from the settings in the pages tab and that’s it!
  • Total separation of your personal account from the fan pages.

Disadvantages of the Facebook business manager

  1. The environment is not as simple as we would like. Although as in many things, the question is to get used to it, it can cost a little if we are made to the role of personal administrator.
  2. As the administrator allows you to have separated the activity of your personal account with the fan pages. All the pages you used to manage will no longer be managed from your personal account. This means, for example, that you will no longer be able to manage them from the Facebook app on your cell phone and you will have to download the android app Facebook page manager or the mac app to manage them from your cell phone. If you only manage one or two pages, it may take more effort to adapt to this new tool than to do it from your personal account.


If you are a small business, unless you love to tinker and discover new tools, it is not the most advisable thing to move to the commercial manager due to its complexity and adaptation process.

So it is more advisable for advertising agencies or communication companies that run a large number of professional pages and move different community managers.

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