How to know who visits my Facebook profile

As time goes by, the different ways of communicating have been updated. Since socializing or talking to someone is indispensable, different networks have been created that allow us; from calling to video conferencing between several people.

Designed to allow human interaction, Facebook gives you the opportunity to talk to anyone you want anywhere in the world.

Through this network, you can share content with different people, keep in touch with friends or even meet people you wouldn’t otherwise know. It is used by companies or even well-known brands in order to advertise themselves.

For a new entrepreneur it can be ideal. But since we find many strangers on this network, can we know who exactly visits our profile? How to do it? Are these methods safe? Here’s how.

Why is it important to know who’s visiting my Facebook profile?

I am very curious about this question because technology and the Internet are in constant motion. The truth is that it has become an invaluable tool for all of us.

Used by students, professionals, even entrepreneurs, the Internet allows you to know and learn about any subject, even what you least think can be of some interest to someone. The thing is, knowing whether someone is visiting your profile on a social network like Facebook seems to be a necessity. Why?

One compelling reason is the personal security on the Internet. And is that more and more people use Facebook, some of these use it to download videos from Facebook and others do it with some bad intention. Not only we can find extortionists or criminals, but mostly “Hackers” who will be willing to look for the secret behind what you sell or who you are, until they get as much information as possible.

But, even if we try and try to find out who visits our profile, keep in mind that Facebook is committed to taking care of the privacy of its users and you can delete your account whenever you want, hence identifying who visits us is a rather difficult and complex mission. However, many have given their opinion by providing “methods”, which according to them work, what “methods” have they used? I will mention some of them.

Methods to find out who is visiting my Facebook profile

As I have explained to you before, the number 1 social network “Facebook” is committed to taking care of users’ privacy. However, there are those who claim that they have managed to evade that privacy wall. Here are some of these methods, which according to popular opinion have been successful.

Method 1: Source code

According to some, website source code can help you find out who is interested in hearing from you. First, once you’re in your profile press F12, CTRL + U, or you can right click on the screen and select “view source code”, and it will open the window.

Once inside the source code, press CTRL + F, it will show you a little box with a small search engine in which you must type the word “friendlist” and you will get certain results. These will appear in red with “-2” at the end. The numbers that appear in red are the profile code of the person visiting you on Facebook, plus the people you’ve been chatting with recently on Messenger.

Copy the number before the -2, and place it as follows: “ (profile code)” in the top bar of your browser. By doing this you will be able to access the profile of the person you are looking for. Of course, you should do this process every time you need to know who is visiting your profile. Effective or not you can try.

Method 2: Navigation extensions

By taking advantage of different browser application extensions, many have tried to find a solution to this drawback. One of them is Facebook Flat.

According to some users, you simply need to install it in the Chrome browser and you will know whether or not someone is visiting your profile. Once installed, you go to the left side and select the “Profile Visitors” option, which will give a list of who accesses your information.

Remember that Facebook is constantly updating, hence the extension or even some apps can become obsolete.

Method 3: Through apps

Beware! Sometimes something that might seem trustworthy can be harmful. There is malware in the form of programs, which offer you a solution to your need, but what they end up doing is damaging your computer. However, there are several applications that can be safe, some of them are:

  • My Top Fans. Through this application and in a very simple way you can analyze the code of whoever enters your profile, giving you a list with photos of their profiles.
  • Social Profile View Notification. In the form of an extension, it is an application that adds to your browser, next to the Home button, the Visitors option. So every time you want to see who visits you on your Facebook profile you can click on the link.
  • Control Your Social Accounts – Social Fans. Designed for iPhone owners, this app gives you the option to track your friendship interactions and tell you who you connect with most, but even shows a list of people who visit your profile frequently.

Although there are other applications whether mobile or in the form of extensions, you must decide well before using them; make sure they are safe and don’t receive a malware rating, or else your device will be in serious trouble.

Method 4: No apps or programs

You can use not only the source code mentioned above, but also see how your page behaves. Choose those people who are aware of what you post and when you post it, and select them as featured. Facebook will send you a notification of those who are interested in your posts.

You can also look at the list of suggested friends or people you might know. If you didn’t know, Facebook through its algorithm chooses the friend suggestions according to the number of times they look at your profile. Even if you don’t know them if you have a friend in common, Facebook can select them and send them to your account.


Although it is true that we have analyzed some “methods” that can be useful to know who visits our profile on Facebook, we must be clear about something: this social network due to its privacy policies, does not allow us to know who exactly frequents our biography. Although many applications are created for this purpose, they end up failing and tend to fail to offer you the help you need.

Don’t rely so much on the comments people make on the subject, no matter how convincing they are. There are applications that, even if they seem trustworthy, can end up violating your privacy and security. Hence, it is up to you whether to use any of the methods mentioned or simply desist from knowing who is visiting your profile.

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