How to deactivate and delete Facebook accounts? Complete Guide

como eliminar tu cuenta de facebook

In today’s society, social networks have become the main ways for people to interact with each other. Among the most famous is the novel and pioneering platform of Facebook, which has been adapted to all types of devices.

That is, it has a website for computers, one for mobiles, an application for SmartPhones and a light application. However, despite its popularity many are the people who every day ask themselves:

How do I delete my Facebook forever? The reasons vary, but what stands out is the difficulty that represents to carry out such action. So, we recommend that you pay close attention to this information that will guide you through the process in several ways.

How can I close my Facebook account?

You must be very careful with the term close, as this is not handled by Facebook and can be interpreted in different ways. Among the options that the platform offers you, are to deactivate your Facebook account or to delete your account.

The first of these refers to the fact that the account can be temporarily deactivated. Such functionality is very convenient for travel time, study time, or if you are going through some difficult situation.

That way, you can disconnect from the world and focus fully on particular situations.

The second of these focuses on the possibility of having the Facebook account permanently deleted. Which, would lead to delete the profile along with all the multimedia material where the photos and videos are agglomerated. In addition, the information related to the friends established within the famous social network.

So, you must be very careful and you have to define very well what you want to do with your Facebook profile. Since, as you have seen here, you will have the opportunity to “close” your profile both temporarily, as well as permanently.

How do I delete my Facebook account?

Deleting your Facebook account is a fairly simple procedure and is done in a progressive manner. That is, the profile will not be deleted immediately nor will the information be deleted in the same way.

First, you must inform Facebook through the page that you want to delete the Facebook account permanently. Then the system will take care of confirming your decision by asking a few security questions.

You will then be notified that your profile will be permanently deleted, however, it may take up to 90 days for that to happen. Such a waiting period exists so that you can recover your profile in the event you back out of your decision.

If the decision is final, it is recommended that you do not log in to your profile in any way so that the system realizes that you do not plan to use it anymore. Because otherwise, the platform will think that you are unsure of your decision and that you are likely to use it again.

Obviously, if you go back on your decision to delete Facebook, just log in and let them know. As a result, your profile will be activated again, as long as you retract it before the 90 days that the system previously posed to you.

Anything important is that, at the moment of deleting your account, you should make a backup copy of all your information. This way, you will be able to keep all the information related to photos, videos, events and so on.

Delete Facebook account from mobile

Remove or delete Facebook account from mobile, is just as easy as the process done from your computer. All you need to do is log in to your browser and go to the Facebook page, where you will have to log in.

Once you have done that step, you will need to go and select the option called “Account Settings”. Next, you will need to dig through the options and select the one labeled “General.”

Continuing with the process to delete your Facebook account. You have to go to the “Manage account” option. There, the most important option will be located and it is obviously “Delete account”. Here, something very nice happens due to the fact that it is marked for security with a no.

However, you will have to select the yes option and additionally you can check the “delete my account after my death” option.

This last option, should not be taken literally, as it only applies literally for some cases obviously. Otherwise, it is advisable to use it because it facilitates the process and guarantees that all your information will be deleted from the system.

Finally, you only need to wait for the security time that the platform informs you to verify that the process has been successful.

How can I temporarily deactivate my Facebook account?

Possibly, this is one of the best functions that the platform of this social network has. Since, in many occasions you may feel the need to disappear from the world for a while.

The reasons can be infinite, but the essence is preserved based on the need to disconnect from the world around you.

So, to deactivate your account just go to the top right corner of your window and go to the setting’s menu. In that section you should locate an option called General, then you will be presented with several options.

Among all of them there is one called Manage your account, when you select it, it will show you new options. Among which, you will get the desired option to Deactivate your account.

It is important to know that, by deactivating your account, you are not deleting it, but it will stop working temporarily. Likewise, people will not be able to find you on the social network, nor will they have the ability to view your information.

In case you no longer need to use this feature, all you need to do is log in to your Facebook account as normal. There you will have the opportunity to confirm that you no longer wish to have your account deactivated and it will resume functioning as it usually does.

Also, it is important to note that your information, photos and other material is not affected at any time while the account is deactivated.

Reasons why Facebook might delete your account

Many people think that social networks can be used in any way and without control. However, that idea is totally wrong, since all platforms usually establish parameters that indicate how they should be used.

That way the company can gain prestige for the public by being transparent. Which, leads its users to show and use truthful, respectful and focused information for the benefit of the community.

So, if users start violating the established rules or their behavior is inappropriate their account is disabled. Sure, it’s an annoying measure, but at the same time it’s necessary to take care of the well-being of other users and the platform itself.

Facebook usually pays close attention to the personal information of its users, because this way they can avoid impersonations or the creation of fake profiles. Also, they make sure that the minimum age of their users is 14, otherwise supervision is required or the account will be deactivated.

Similarly, if the person is posting inappropriate content or content that is offensive to other users, the account will be disabled.

Do you receive reactivation emails from Facebook?

You should be very careful if you asked Facebook to deactivate or delete your account, and you get a reactivation message. Because, that means that someone else is using your information to log into your profile and impersonate you.

In such a case, you just have to log in and change your password information. This way, the other person will not be able to log in, and you will be able to make your request again.

Facebook is one of the most prominent social interaction platforms these days and it’s no secret to anyone. However, everyone has their own criteria can both like and dislike this application. Which, makes it understandable that there are people willing to delete their platform account.

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