How to create an effective Facebook ad in 5 steps

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In the marketing 2.0 strategy for your company, we find a tool that can be very useful when sending a specific message to a very specific audience. We are talking about one of the multiple options that Facebook gives to our business: Promoted campaigns or Facebook Ads.

How to advertise on Facebook

In this post I leave you some of the steps that you should follow to optimize these campaigns:

  1. Relate the content and message of your ads to the target landing page
  2. Introduce a different element in each new version of your ads
  3. Experiment with the places to place your ad
  4. Find new people to get more followers
  5. Specify the geographic area

Relate the content and message of your ads to the target landing page

The content of the Facebook message should be the same as the content of the target landing page for two reasons:

First, because you get a higher relevancy score, and as a result, you will pay less per click. Facebook ads have been becoming more competitive over the past few years, so they can be more expensive as well.

Second, having your ads and landing page have the same objective increases your conversion rate. Once people click on the ad, they expect to get more information from that particular call to action. If you do this, your website and your brand will gain credibility and your potential customers will trust you more.

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Introduce a different element in each new version of your ads

Change only one element at a time, instead of making different announcements

You can start by changing only the title in each new version of your ad. After you determine which ad gets the best response, try changing another element such as the description or image.

The key is that once you get your ad more effective you test each new element separately to see if it gets a better response.

Experiment with places to place your ad

It would be best to have three types of campaigns: one for the right side of the news feed, one for the desktop news feed and one for mobile devices.This allows you to control the budget much better than if all ad formats were in one campaign or ad group.

Find new people to get more followers

When setting up a campaign you can exclude certain audiences, such as people who already like your page. Therefore, you will only reach a new target audience.

Specify the geographic area

Ideally, each set of ads should ideally target a single geographic area, because the cost per click can vary so much.

By separating the different geographic targets from the beginning, you can adjust your bids accordingly. This way you’ll invest more money where it makes the most sense for your marketing objectives and use other geographic areas seasonally or exclude them altogether.

If you are targeting a single country, note that ad sets can also target specific cities or zip codes.

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