How to Contact Facebook? Guide in 2021

como eliminar tu cuenta de facebook

Do you need to contact Facebook? Facebook allows communication between one or more people anywhere in the world. Billions of users use such network not only for personal matters, but also for their business, hence it has a great increase in daily visits.

And is that Facebook makes us much easier social interaction, sales, shopping and customer attraction. But there are situations to which you do not know how to react or simply solve.  

For example, some of the inconveniences that may lead you to contact Facebook tech support is that you’ve been locked out of your account, you can’t send content or post something. You may also want to contact Facebook to recover an account or you simply can’t change security settings, etc.

But there are situations that warrant quicker contact. If you have a business account and find that it has been hacked, your page visitor stats don’t show up or it says “Error page not found, it can make you despair a bit.

Here I’ll show you where to turn to find a workable solution or at least guide you to one. In some cases, it’s easy to contact Facebook, but in others it’s not. What to do? In this post I show you.

How to contact Facebook or their technical support

The truth is that whether we have a personal or business account, Facebook doesn’t stop. For a business the loss of followers due to problems with the page, is loss of potential customers and even capital, given that we don’t want to go to those extremes, here we will see several ways to contact them.

Facebook Resources

A first way to contact Facebook is by availing yourself of Facebook Resources. What is it? It’s a directory with frequently asked questions from users. Maybe what is happening to your profile, someone else has already solved it. That’s why this forum can help you. Get to learn about the social network, announcements, reports, complaints, or Instagram.

Maybe even when contacting Facebook, the social network Facebook makes you fill out some forms where in addition to entering your data, you have to put the problem that arises, hence you have to be very specific if you want to get the help.

But, what if what you need is to contact some subject-matter expert. Well, something you can also do is to enter Facebook Marketing Expert, through that means you can schedule an appointment to receive a call. Of course, you need to have your computer at hand, because the consultant will tell you what you can do.

This consultant can make your site more accessible. He consults about ads, campaigns and other things in order to clarify the doubts. In addition, this expert will contact you, either by mail or by call, according to the data you gave him/her in order to know if you found the help he/she gave you useful.

Now, something you should keep in mind is that the counseling lasts from 35 to 45 minutes, so think well how you are going to distribute that time to clarify those doubts. Choose a time when you are available, make sure that your phone is charged and with reception, the same with the computer so that the help is not affected.

To contact Facebook in Spain, a number has been made available which is (1)-(650)-543-4800. Although it will not be a person who will answer you, it will be an automatic menu, which can guide you to the solution.

Facebook does not offer immediate technical support

As mentioned above, making contact with Facebook’s technical support is not that simple. And it is that, with so much demand worldwide, there are many questions that could arise and the network must respond.

Maybe you say “But my problem is big and I need to solve it immediately”. It is true that not all of us have the same time, everyone has their own occupations, so it is essential to Be patient! Yes, patience is very important in this case, because Facebook does not answer your request immediately.

On the other hand, although it has a help forum that can guide you, you may not find the solution directly, so you should spend time trying each of the solutions we present to contact Facebook, not once but several times until you find a solution.

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