Facebook Stories: what they are and how they work

facebook stories que son como funcionan

We met them with Snapchat and Instagram and, for some time now, they have also been on Facebook. And ephemeral messaging is all the rage. But, do you know what they are and how you can create them?

What are Facebook stories

Stories allow us to share moments with other people during a specific time. They are messages, images or videos that we can edit and share, and that after 24 hours are automatically deleted from our profiles. But don’t worry, if you regret your publication, you also have the option to delete the content before the end of the time manually.

At the moment, these stories are only available in the mobile applications of the different social networks. We can neither view them nor create them from Facebook or Instagram’s website.

How do Facebook Stories work?

Facebook has a short tutorial to explain how you can share your content in Stories for the first time. But if you don’t want to watch the tutorial or you’re not clear, we’ll explain it to you.

There are two different ways to share content in Facebook Stories, depending on what you want to share:

  • Create and share content: To do this, we must click on our profile image in the top bar that appears with all stories or access our camera. We will see the camera controls and various options for filters and effects. We will only have to choose the filter and the effect we want, capture our moment, edit it as we want and share it.

If you wish, you can save the image or video you created by clicking on the “save” button before sharing it.

  • Sharing content already created: We must select the image or video we want to share, edit it with the filters and/or effects we want and upload it to the social network with the option to share “your story”, or select the friends we want to send it to, in case we do not want to share it with all our friends.

It should be noted that on Facebook we can indeed upload content that we created more than 24 hours ago, something we cannot do on Instagram.

Can I see who has seen my story

Of course. If we click on our already published story we can see it again and know how many times it has been viewed thanks to a counter located at the top left. To find out which friends have seen it, we must click on that counter and their names will appear.

We will also be able to see, when playing our story, the reactions of the people who have seen our story.

How can I share my Instagram stories on Facebook

This is a recently added feature that allows you to share your stories on both social networks without having to upload them independently.

To be able to share them we must have linked our Facebook account with our Instagram account. To do this, we must access our Instagram settings and click on “Linked accounts”, choose Facebook and add our user and password.

Once the accounts are linked, we will share our stories:

  1. If you have iOS: Every time we publish a story on Instagram we will have the option to share it on Facebook, so we just have to check the option “Share in your Facebook story”.
  2. If you have Android: To be able to share them from an Android terminal we must configure them previously. To do this, we will access the Instagram settings, look for the “Story settings” option and, once inside, we must activate the “Share your story on Facebook” option. This will cause our stories to be automatically published at the same time on both social networks, so if we don’t want a specific story to be published, we will have to deactivate the option before publishing it.

As of today, business accounts do not have this option, since it is not possible to share an Instagram story on a Facebook page, only on a profile, but we expect this to change shortly to give that same facility to businesses.

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