What is LinkedIn, how does it work and how to take advantage of it?


LinkedIn is one of the Professional network that has acquired more relevance in the society of several parts of the world since its launch in the year two thousand two, specifically, in the month of December of the same, the merit for the development can be given to a group of five people, these are Allen BlueKonstantine GuerickeReid HoffmanEric Ly and last but not least, Jean-Luc Vaillant

Their application, which is compatible with devices running on Android or iOS, has recently surpassed one million downloads worldwide on the Play Store, which is why one cannot help but notice that this community is in a very high growth process that in a very short period of time could become one of the most important for the society.

Social networking has revolutionized the Internet

It is already an undeniable fact or very difficult to argue against it that social networks have become increasingly important, over the years we have noticed how many media have been disappearing because they were not fully able to meet the needs of people looking for a way to send their messages.

Today there are a huge and varied number of social networks that allow people to keep in touch with others at great distances. They can be used in order to increase the number of connections a person has with others as is the case with Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram and they can be used for sharing as is the case with Twitter.

They can also be used to share with the rest of the world an image or a video of the person’s taste and nowadays they can even be used to interact with the business world as is the case of the LinkedIn community.

What is LinkedIn and how does it work?

What is LinkedIn and why so many people have started to use it on a frequent basis is the question that many people ask nowadays and this can be answered in a simple way: LinkedIn is an online community that is initially aimed at the business environment and various ramifications of it such as employment and business, through this a company is able to obtain the data of a person who is useful in regard to a knowledge in which they are looking for an employee.

The operation of the LinkedIn community is quite simple, it is only necessary for the person to create an account on the official website or from the application, once this is done, the user profile will give freedom to any company to enter and view the data with which it counts, whether the person’s capabilities, the previous studies he has done, the number of doctorates he has achieved during his life and the company can contact with a message to the person to know if he is interested in the job.

What is LinkedIn for

The social community known as LinkedIn has the primary purpose of allowing executives and employers in the professional field to establish contact with potential candidates who have the necessary characteristics for a job that requires new personnel; with one hundred and fifty million users around the world that can be found on LinkedIn it is almost a given that you will always find an employee who can perform the job for which you started your search.

How to create a LinkedIn account step by step

LinkedIn LinkedIn accounts can be of two types, the first one is free and therefore more accessible to most people, on the other hand, the second one needs a payment in order to be used, both accounts have some features that differ from each other, however, in principle they share the method that is required to be created.

The following is a list of the steps that are necessary for the creation of a LinkedIn account, these are as follows:

  1. The first step, as can be deduced by logic, is to enter the official LinkedIn website or in its Play Store or App Store application, after this you will see a box in which information is requested about the person who wants to create the account, specifically the name, surname, some email and finally a password that should not have a figure of less than six digits, this can be numeric, letters or a combination of both.
  2. Further down in the box in which the data was filled appears a button that says “Join now” what you should do, as can be easily deduced, is to press on it and wait for the page to change, and after this is the responsibility of the person to fill your profile information that seems prudent that the rest of the world observe, it is recommended to use a profile picture that is consistent with the work requested and get positive reviews as an employee.

What is a premium account on LinkedIn

A LinkedIn Premium account is, as mentioned before, another version that can be obtained from this social network of work, this one has features that differentiate it from the free account that according to some are useful and help them solve problems, one of the most important is that the searches that can be performed have the possibility of having more filters and thus obtain more accurate results, another is that the search results are more extensive.

One feature of LinkedIn premium accounts that favors the job-seeking public is that it allows them to know who has visited their profiles recently; on the other hand, there are also opinions that express that the features of free accounts are better adapted to the person’s needs, so the fact that getting a Premium account or staying on the free version falls entirely under the user’s discretion.

How to make a company page on LinkedIn

One of the problems that often occur frequently on LinkedIn is that people do not know the method through which create a company page on LinkedIn and by having a basic account can be confused with a person in the community who is looking for a job, which is why here you will be presented with the data to create a company account on LinkedIn:

  1. To create a company page on LinkedIn it is necessary to first have a personal account in the community, after logging in you have to press on the section that says “Jobs” if you are using the mobile device application and in the “Companies” section in the “Interests” tab if on the other hand you are making use of the online page.
  2. Whatever the case may be after that a button should appear where it says “Create Company Page” or “create” press on the button and it will ask for information about the company such as the name of the company and an email from it to complete the process, after that a small button will be displayed asking if the person has the authority to create the company page in question
  3. Posteriorly, a link or a URL will be displayed in which you should be able to see the company name, this link may undergo changes in case there is another company with the same name, if you want the company name to appear in the URL you can use numbers, dashes or other marks to differentiate the company link from the existing ones.

Other forms of LinkedIn and social networking

The following is a list of the other forms and social networks through which LinkedIn can be viewed, these are as follows:

Linkedin’s Twitter

LinkedIn has a Twitter page through which you can get more information from the community, currently it has made over a thousand posts and has over a million followers.

LinkedIn on the App Store and LinkedIn Job for Android on Google Play

As previously mentioned the LinkedIn app has garnered over a million downloads around the world and this group has given it good ratings given that it exceeds four stars and a half out of five, on the other hand, LinkedIn jobs is the app used by users who are looking for jobs, this has exceeded one hundred thousand downloads on the Play Store and App Store.

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