What is a Community Manager and what are their functions?

community manager

What are the roles and duties of a Community Manager?

Today, the figure of the Community Manager is absolutely essential for a company that wants to have a presence on the Internet. But, do we have clear what it is and what their tasks are? These are the functions of the community manager.

What is a Community Manager (CM)

There are many definitions for this term, which in English has been translated as Social Media Manager or Community Manager. Below, I have selected two examples of definitions that I consider easy to understand and complete:

  1. According to AERCO (Spanish Association of Online Community Managers), a Community Manager is “that person in charge or responsible for sustaining, increasing and, in a certain way, defending the company’s relations with its customers in the digital environment, thanks to the knowledge of the needs and strategic approaches of the organization and the interests of customers. A person who knows the objectives and acts accordingly to achieve them.”
  2. According to IABSpain, a CM is “the professional responsible for building, managing and administering the online community around a brand on the Internet, creating and maintaining stable and lasting relationships with its customers, its fans and, in general, any user interested in the brand“.

Aptitudes of a Community Manager

From these definitions, we can deduce that a Community Manager must have the following skills:

  1. With marketing knowledge:he must be able to identify customer interests and align them with the strategy and needs of the company he/she manages.
  2. Good communicator: he/she must know how to properly convey messages, in both directions and avoiding misunderstandings.
  3. Innovative and creative: must seek new ways to reach customers, providing them with something new and different.
  4. Technologist/internationalist: must know how to function adequately in the world of the Internet, social networks, virtual communities, blogs and any other collaborative tool.
  5. Good team manager: depending on the size and activity generated by the community, it may be necessary to have a team of people to take on part of the Community Manager’s work.
  6. Public relations: once the most appropriate channels of communication have been detected, it is necessary to be able to manage them adequately to obtain followers and interactions.
  7. Visionary: must be able to detect new business opportunities and transmit them properly to the company.
  8. With passion for the brand and its products: you cannot engage others and convince them of how great a brand is if you yourself do not believe what you are saying.

What are the duties of a Community Manager?

The functions of the community manager are varied but essential for any company:

  1. Listen. We must constantly monitor the network in search of conversations about our company, our competitors or our market, trying, as far as possible, to respond to followers’ comments.
  2. Transmit this information internally. From this listening, relevant information can be obtained and the CM must be able to get it to the appropriate people within the organization.
  3. Create and write attractive and quality content for the company’s social networks and blogs.
  4. Explain the company’s position to the community. The CM is the voice of the company to the community.
  5. Create stable and lasting relationships with followers. Must be able to put themselves in the users’ shoes and offer them content that they enjoy.
  6. Stand up for the company in an online reputation crisis.

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