The best times to post on Social Networks

mejores horas para publicar en redes sociales

Social networks, a valuable tool! In this time of great boom in sales and business on the Internet, you must take advantage of all the benefits you can have at your disposal. Therefore, it is of great importance that you know the best times to publish on Social Networks. What will be the most appropriate time to publish content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn successfully? You will be interested to know.

Getting immediate attention from your followers thanks to the virality of your posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest among others, will grow your business and make you the most popular.

What time to post on Instagram

Of course, within the best times to post on Social Networks could not miss the photo network of the moment. Instagram is a social network with high popularity and demand among young people. Taking into account each one of the factors involved in conditioning the high number of followers who see your publications or content will favor you.

For this reason, you can’t underestimate these elementary facts. Don’t worry about the timing, you don’t need to think too much about how and when to do it.

I will not reveal you a secret or magic formula to post on Instagram, rather, I will give you certain data and effective aspects so that you have very clear when posting on Instagram and get the most visibility of content. That if, you can already upload photos to Instagram from the PC.

On Instagram it is crucial to stay in a constant daily interaction, where the suggestion to make your posts is in mid-afternoon hours.

According to studies applied in social networks, the best time to post on Instagram is between 3pm and 4pm, but it is crucial that you take into account the type of followers that your account has and adapt to them, both in schedule and content.

If you do not lose sight of this strategy when making publications, it will allow you to project your business as you expected and that will be the key to your growth. Also, it is essential that you are able to know and analyze your statistics using social media management tools.

Keeping a constant check on the interaction schedule of your users, is a great advantage on Instagram. I recommend using Tweriod, an application where you will automatically see statistics of your followers’ activity.

After all, having this data at hand is the basis of success that will boost your publications and content. But… do you want to avoid stress without having to keep track of a schedule? I have a trick for you!

Use tools to schedule on Instagram

Reaching a larger number of people on the filter social network is possible and, to achieve your goals, indispensable. Instagram’s algorithm has recently been modified to display content according to the preferences of each of the people on the network. Let’s take a look at the best times to post on Instagram.

The strategy you should apply should be carefully contemplated to get a larger audience, and that’s where your ingenuity and skill comes into play to achieve what you want most, without having to sacrifice the valuable time you possess.

With the help of these applications, you can schedule content posts without having to personally confirm at the time of uploading.

To not waste a second of your valuable time, here are some tools to schedule the publication of your content smoothly; Socialgest, Onlypult, Later, Zoho social and Hootsuite:

  • Socialgest is an app that allows you to schedule the publication of each day and at the most convenient time where there is the highest frequency of visits from your followers and users. It can be installed from the PC, but you receive the necessary information to your mobile device.
  • Onlypult and Chronogram, will allow you to schedule photos and even edit them, it is an application with two functions at the same time that is very top for content management.
  • Later is a platform with the ability to publish photos on the schedule that you program, which includes a greater number of options.
  • Zoho Social will allow you to manage several accounts at once such as: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and schedule; at a low cost, incredible functions.
  • Finally, I introduce you to Hootsuite. This excellent application allows you to save valuable time and whose usability is extremely easy, which is a great advantage.

When the post on Facebook

What is the best time to post on Facebook? This is one of the most used networks for many years by the vast majority of Internet users. Isn’t it very useful for sharing thoughts, photos and videos? In addition, Facebook also allows you to download its videos and stimulates the growth of the traffic of active users who interact on your posts.

It is of utmost importance that you know when is your biggest and smallest audience in hours of the day, all this will depend on the main topic of your page or the audience you want to target.

Studies show that the best time to post on Facebook is in the evening hours; between 20:00 to 21:00. On weekends, it extends its hours by covering the entire day.

Consider that Facebook has many tools such as: posting statuses, sharing photos and videos, chat, notifications, live videos, stories, comments and reactions… You must appreciate the value of having these tools to achieve a greater influx of users, which will allow you to keep them entertained and online. So you urgently need to get up to date!

Take into account your different fans on Facebook, for example, think about those who; in the early hours of the morning, connect to see the latest news on their wall. Also, post at times of the day such as 08:00 am to 10:00 am, that way you are adapting to each follower.

What if it’s a vacation? You’ll have to post more often and keep your audience entertained, so it’s vital that you take a good look at your personal statistics.

Take advantage of these tips that I have indicated, you will certainly have a lot to enjoy! Have you ever wondered what to do if you want to start an online business? This will start to inspire you in your business and you will be successful…

And if you’ve had enough of Facebook, you can deactivate and delete Facebook accounts in just a few easy steps.

Schedule for posting your business on Facebook

Whether you have a small business or a personal page you should know the best time to post on Facebook, do not fail to take advantage of the social network Facebook and all its potential in marketing level. This should not be new to you, as you know that these types of businesses are popular on the network.

One of the aspects that stands out the most, is that many users are looking for information about promotions, products and above all, discounts.

In this case, it is very useful to visualize and interact continuously with followers by sharing high interest posts. You can do it! create interesting and eye-catching content by observing well the type of audience that follows you and when they are really online, comment on your publications.

Getting “Likes” and comments will help you in the rise of your page, this you can do on a schedule that suits you taking aspects like:

  • Make the most of your cell phone, this will allow you to publish your posts at all times and engage your followers by giving more details of your business.
  • Consider identifying the demographics of your followers, that is, their connectivity to the network, have present working users, college students, housewives and even the smallest.
  • Posting between 14:00 and 17:00, especially on Fridays and weekends will cause great impact on your daily publications. You can also use your Fanpage to visualize your interactions and take note of the date and time with the most user traffic.

The best time to make posts on LinkedIn

Getting the ideal time to post content and not go unnoticed is a priority on LinkedIn, a valuable work-oriented social network for companies, businesses and jobs, to develop your activities and skills on the network.

You will be able to connect with other companies and their employees! You have the amazing possibility to expand your business and contacts.

LinkedIn will help you expand your work schedule and trend-setting contacts. As this social network is designed for the professional and work environment, it is convenient to publish posts on work days; between Tuesday and Thursday, that is, during office hours, from 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.

LinkedIn provides valuable statistics and information for you as an entrepreneur.

Have you heard about “more attention is better than more activity”? Because of this, you need to know that the important thing is to pay attention when your audience is available to interact, i.e., pay attention to the moments when your users have nothing to do.

Also, you need to take into account the corresponding times for lunch, getting home or commuting. Thinking through all the probabilities will help you to plan your strategy carefully.

Do you want to have a tool at hand that allows you to visualize the most interactive moments of the day easily and quickly? Use apps like:

These tools will let you know which are the peaks of the day with the most activities and affluence.

Tweriod and Metricool are great tools that also allow you to search for jobs, for this you should stay connected the longest time to capture your applications.

Are you looking for a job? It is urgent that you always take care of your image, that’s why you need to post very often during 24 hours a day and keep yourself very active.

LinkedIn is a wonderful social network that will not only allow you to look for a job, but also to expand your business. For this reason, as a summary I suggest you plan your content on weekday afternoons, taking into consideration that, because of the workdays, it is likely that your users rest on weekends from this social network.

If you do it as I suggested you will notice the result of your hard and impeccable work!

The most convenient time to post on Twitter

Knowing the most convenient time to Tweet will allow you to interact effectively with your active followers and generate greater views and reactions. Twitter, being a social network with high national and international informative content, its users require totally eye-catching and important publications.

You must keep your Posts active; post consecutively. Certainly your results will cause a greater effect if your posts reach a more effective audience.

Thousands of users post day after day on Twitter, and of course, the schedule of interactions will depend on how new you are to this social network, just having a follow is necessary to strive to reach your goals. Even people buy followers on Twitter because of its high impact to get more organically.

Success will depend on your posts! You need to analyze and test until you reach the most appropriate personal schedule, that is, with a simple “trial and error”. I recommend that you start by keeping consecutive publications between Monday and Friday in the afternoon hours.

Twitter will also give you the opportunity to have conversations with your followers and leave the curiosity open until you manage to promote yourself for the following days. Keep this in mind as something vital! Users will thank you for it and you will see how little by little will grow the boom and interactions with your most relevant users.

Do you want to know what time is best for you? Try between 1pm to 6pm. You’ll notice that these hours are the busiest on this informative and content-rich platform.

Aspects to consider before choosing your most convenient time

Choosing a time of day to make your publications and that they cause the greatest impact is possible, however, you need to be clear about what you want to get. These aspects that I will mention below will be very helpful, among them are: comments, reactions and shares.

  • Comments: They are a very essential part to know what your users think about your content, there you will notice that they will suggest you what to publish or if you should improve.
  • Reactions: It is the most convenient method for you to know if you liked or not the published content. The amount of reactions will show you if your followers are supporting on a large scale the type of information you impart in it.
  • The times shared: If they share what you post it is a sign that they would like to be the main author of that content.

Having these simple aspects in mind along with the date and time of your statistic will undoubtedly supply you with a good and effective publishing schedule to increase your count and add you to the list of your top competitors. Read, write down and apply these tips now!

Other tips to get more out of Twitter

Having a pre-set timeline will ensure that you have the option to prepare your audience and also get them used to receiving good content. This way you’ll be prepared for what’s coming your way and these tips will serve as a key part of your success on this platform. pay close attention!

Attract the attention of your followers by posting every day, do not rely on using are the best schedule, but you should consider posting daily for more interaction.

Effect your own tests. If you’ve already asked yourself when should I Tweet, you’ll need to go further and conduct your own research based on dynamic surveys and data collection from your followers. Post different tweets per day.

Don’t neglect to evaluate your results. Analyze and meditate on the results of your efforts to collect all the necessary information, such as clicks, retweets and favorites of your content. Thanks to your valuable publications you will be able to achieve your objectives, so put them into practice!

Pinterest: the best time to pin

Statistical studies on networks confirm that Pinterest is a network with preferences and keys to the development of: brands, fashion, electronics, guides, recipes and everything that can cross your mind. Bloggers pin images with the possibility of going viral, would you like to be one of them? Of course, you would! With these tips it will be easier and more comfortable for you.

This post is intended to focus your attention on the great possibility of your pins going viral. I’ll show you enough tips to get you there, and the first tip is the times and times of day that can help you boost and reach the responses to your published content.

Pinterest has its own time to shine! What’s the best time to pin? Admittedly, Pinterest’s audience is mostly female, taking this into consideration, the best time of the week to post are Fridays and Saturdays in the afternoon and evening hours.

Videos and photos generate greater visibility and interaction. Don’t overlook these elements and share pins with great visual content (colors, brightness, textures) and eye-catching descriptions, which will increase interactions.

Working hours are of low audience popularity, so relative hours between 20:00 to 23:00, after working hours, are ideal for Posting. This platform is also very concurred by housewives, they have Pinterest available to them all day long.

It wouldn’t hurt, if you are dedicated to posts pertaining to topics alluding to home, kids, embroidery, interior decorating, etc. It will work for you to publish on Sundays at night between 18:00 and 23:00. Try these tips and you’ll enjoy good interactions.

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