Metricool: Tutorial on the best tool for analyzing your social networks


If you want to have a presence on social networks in order to grow your business to grow your business, you need to use the best tools possible. Metricool is a multi-functional of different functionalities that allows you to manage your social allows you to manage your social media accounts or websites. It is very useful in the use of marketing strategies.

Currently, social networks are booming, allowing you to be a leader in the modern world. To do this, you need to know how to highlight the profiles of different web addresses. This task can be difficult if we consider that people enjoy a virtual life, in which they are eager to find out about news, entertainment and offers via online.

The public is becoming more and more demanding, so it can be exhausting to keep us on exhausting to keep in constant motion, however, Metricool will help you manage your manage your presence on a regular basis and without much effort.

Next, I’ll explain in detail everything you need to know about this excellent tool, how and why to get it.

What is Metricool?

Metricool is a valuable tool with two versions, one paid and one completely free. It is designed with the purpose of automatically managing your social networks or blogs, in addition, to intelligently analyze the activity emanating from Facebook Ads and Google Ads in which you develop a myriad of content and campaigns in which you advertise. It is a tool that allows you to measure the success of the content you upload on the different social networks.

For those who are Community Managers, it is the salvation to many of their problems, since it saves a considerable amount of time. A highlight is that this application suggests you the time when you should post on each social network. Great!

On the other hand, the simplicity with which it operates is impressive, it is not a heavy or too extensive tool to start making use of it, no doubt it is a real salvation in these times of great online boom.

Both the free version and the paid version have the same design, so you can start using the first option in order to adapt to its functionality.

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Why is Metricool useful ?

Because it allows you to automatically analyze the activity and traffic generated by your website, it offers you the possibility to immediately attack any negative aspect that is generating a loss of followers. Therefore, I can affirm, that it is vital in order to implement early strategies. Read this post if you are considering buying Twitter followers.

Another reason why you should be encouraged to use Metricool, is that it allows you to plan the content you will share on the network automatically, so you will not need to be posting information on a daily basis; this tool will do it for you.

In fact, you can constantly analyze the impact that these planned messages are having on the schedule that the program tells you.

These features have made this application a favorite among many favorite by many Marketers. As we move forward in this post, I will be to break down these two features that open up a variety of possibilities in the online world.

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How can you get started with Metricool

This great website and social media manager is very easy to use. To start benefiting from its many features you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Once inside you must register, for this you can decide to do it by the social network that suggests you. (Facebook, Twitter, or email)
  3. Cross your different social networks with the tool in order to start using it.

If you login via Facebook or Twitter the registration will be easier. You will practically become part of Metricool with just one click. You won’t have to answer a variety of questions that we often forget the answers to.

Now, if you select the mail option, it will be a bit longer, but, if you go for this option, I suggest that you use an account that you use frequently.

Metricool: Tutorial for analyzing your social networks
Metricool: Tutorial on the best tool for analyzing your social networks 13

How to link the website with Metricool

In one of the previous steps I explained that to make use of this valuable website and social media manager, it is necessary to cross or link social networks or blogs with it. To do this only requires a code that you can get in a simple way so that the application can monitor it.

To get the code you can use the following options:

If you have created a blog, and you use WordPress you can install the Metricool plugin, there will appear a code, then you must go to the Settings section, Metricool and place it. Once this simple step is done, you will proceed to see the statistics of the website visits.

If the previous option does not suit you very much, because you want to keep the code you have, no problem, you can use a widget to install the code. Once obtained just copy and paste it, then Metricool will start to work.

The advantage that this tool provides us, is that there are a variety of options for installation, the previous two are very easy to perform. Now, if you have any inconvenience, you can use a third option: Pixel tracking, which should not be confused with Cookies.

This small imperceptible point for the user will be able to record all the activity performed, and you will have Metricool as a web page manager tool. Very easy and fast!

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How to link social networks with Metricool

To link with Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram among others, you only need to click on the “connect” option in the panel of each social network, and then you will have the application to analyze the movement of the same.

Managing your presence on the Internet in this way is very useful, for example, the analysis that this tool will provide regarding your social networks will help you to:

Metricool | Digital Marketing Apps and Tools

Better allocate your time

You won’t need to constantly monitor the number of publications, it will be enough to do a simple planning of your publications and wait for this tool to do the work for you. This way you can take care of other important activities.

Analyze general statistics

Observing the behavior of your presence in the different social networks in a unified way, represents a significant saving of time, because with this, it will not be necessary to go individually to each account you have to know the impact you are causing.

What you want to know is the effect that you are having with your presence on them, regardless of the different accounts that you are managing.

Implement impact strategies

Analyzing what is happening on your social networks at all times represents a great advantage. In fact, you can make a comparison with what has happened in the last week and perceive if any significant changes have occurred.

This will give you the advantage of going in record time and making an immediate change in your advertising strategies.

Why choose Metricool and not another tool?

It is true that there are a variety of web analytics tools that are really very useful. However, it’s important to keep up with what’s current. That’s why I want to present you with a number of advantages of Metricool over other content management and Social Media tools.

Simple and easy to use

With the amount of work we have we need to manage our valuable time very well. Therefore, we want to work to live, not live to work. And precisely this content manager helps us to achieve that goal.

Its simplicity in the registration, management, understanding of metrics, dashboard, reports, etc.. It represents a great advantage. Even if you currently use the tools that the social networks themselves give for the analysis of the reach, I can assure you that with Metricool you can find this data more easily.


Far from what people think, digital marketing requires a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to distribute it intelligently. At this point, it is where Metricool shines exponentially, because it is a tool that covers a variety of functions, therefore, it becomes our great ally.

Its multiple functionalities are fully updated. No need to waste time on each program of each social account or blog, because you can find everything in one place with just one click.

Knowing which audiences follow you, who joined, who unfollowed you, who reacts to your campaigns, from which country or city they join a hashtag, what your competitors are doing, are some multiple functions.

One of the highlights of this program, is the function of answering messages through Metricool. The ability to unify social networks allows you to view messages more conveniently and reply to them through one place.

This way I can assure you that you will keep your followers happy, and you will be able to get more, because you will be able to respond in time to their concerns, and you will have more control over your conversations with your followers.


This great content manager and analytics you can use on a variety of devices. So you can keep an eye on any eventuality in the online world from anywhere or anytime.

For Smartphone, it requires iOS 9.0 operating system or later, Metricool is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. (You can also use it with Android. Available for Tablet, Smartphone, computer, use this tool wherever you want!


On the other hand, it is important to note that it is available in different languages, which opens a wide range of possibilities. different languages, which opens up a wide range of possibilities. A aspect worth noting, is that you will enjoy the environment in the native language in Spanish, so you will not have a problem with meaningless literal translations. you will have no problem with meaningless literal translations.


This is one of the most striking aspects. The best tools are paid, the free ones have many problems or their functions are very limited. However, with this social media and blogging content manager, that’s not the case.

It has a free version and a very efficient paid version. It is true that with the Premium version new functionalities are added, ideal for the big players in the online world. However, if your requirements are lower, you do not need to spend money on the paid version, because the free version is really very complete to manage your digital pages. So I can tell you that this excellent tool suits all budgets.

A highlight is that with the Premium version there are different payment rates that according to your requirements or needs you can opt for. Therefore, you can choose a basic or advanced plan that meets your expectations at a really fair price.

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What are Metricool’s functions?

Throughout this post I’ve talked about how much this invaluable tool offers you. One of the highlights is that it exponentially facilitates our online presence.

Now, how can you take advantage of it? The only way to do it is by understanding the diversity of options it offers you. One of which is to plan publications and the other is to analyze the success of digital content, through analysis reports.

How does the planning of publications work with Metricool

This is one of the highlights of this digital content manager. It allows us to save a great deal of time, because it is not necessary to publish at every instant; although the number of content that you share is necessary for online success.

publicaciones metricool 1024x576 1
Metricool: Tutorial on the best tool for analyzing your social networks 14

You just need to decide what content you want to post on the network, and schedule the day and time How to do this? By following these steps steps:

  1. You must decide on which social network you want to publish. It is important to note, that you can select several, not just one. Sometimes it will indicate certain limits with social networks such as Twitter.
  2. You can place the text you want to share at a certain time (day and time). This tool, provides you with a suggested schedule, I recommend that you pay attention to the colored stripes. For example, the dark stripe indicates an ideal time to publish.
  3. It would be convenient to attach multimedia content, an image, video, etc.

It is important to note, that this planning is not only valid for one publication. Metricool has an auto-list, in which you can schedule a variety of posts, and queue them, i.e. plan different times to share it.

This way, even if you are in other activities, and even on vacation you can keep your audience or followers entertained with a variety of information.

As for the best time to post to generate the most interactions, it’s important that you pay attention to the colors. You’ll see stripes from light blue to the darkest blue. The darker you see the stripe the better it will be. This indicates that it is the ideal time to post, i.e. the time when there is the most traffic or visibility.

Studying user behavior is really very tiring, however, with this exhausting, however, with this automatic function where it even tells you the ideal time to publish, you save a lot of time researching consumer behavior.

Analyze the success of digital content

Within this digital content manager, you can see a tab that says: Evolution. With data and metrics it will provide you with interesting information from the blog or social networks. The reports it offers us will vary according to the social network or web page in question.

This is one of the most important functions. Below, I will detail the analysis that Metricool will throw up on both a blog and on the various social networks.

Blog or website

  • Visits
  • Page views
  • Posts
  • Comments
  • Traffic source

This information is vital, because it allows us to have a global view of our blog’s a global view of the status of our blog. It allows us to make a market study and make strategies immediately.


It’s no secret that this social network has a great impact, in fact, every day a large number of users join, many of whom have no knowledge of using a computer.

However, the use of Facebook is so intuitive that even in countries where there are no restrictions, children use it without any inconvenience. With this valuable tool, you will be able to analyze the following data:

Age and gender

It will show you a simple graph in which you specify in a general way the age of your Facebook page followers and gender. This information is useful, because you will be able to know the audience you are reaching and even think about how to attract the group that is not yet following you.

Growth and balance

This social network allows a real connection to happen because of the series of reactions that followers can click on every post you share. When you choose the period to analyze, Metricool will show you a chart with the percentages of reactions, such as “likes”, page views, among other things. This way you can measure your growth and impact on Facebook.

As for the balance it will tell you the amount of new followers or the loss of them. On on the other hand, it will also show you the number of publications that you have made in a given period of time. With this data you can adapt your content more efficiently. more efficiently.

Location of residence of your followers

You will be shown the country or city of your followers. This data may seem of little importance, however, it is very useful to know who is attracted to you. In fact, it allows you to give more substantive information to that specific audience.

Click to page / Publications

Although the social network itself offers you information about it, we already know that this valuable tool is more complete. With different colors it tells you metrics of:

  • Page views
  • Phone
  • Directions
  • Calls to action

These page clicks are very important to measure your effectiveness in the marketing campaigns you implement. If users have watched your video, viewed an enlarged image, clicked on a link that you have placed, Metricool will tell you.

On the other hand, with this tool you also have a section called: Posts, in which you will specify the interactions and the overview. There you will be able to sort your posts according to reactions, date and time, shares, clicks, reach, engagement, comments, etc.


You can enter many, many accounts that you consider to be your rival and measure their performance. You’ll be able to analyze the number of followers and even the interaction they have with posts.

This functionality of Metricool is very valuable, as it allows you to essentially essentially allows you to do a market research, because it helps you to know what the audience or the what the public or users are looking for. This way you will be able to offer just what they are clamoring for.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads has been an ally in digital marketing. Through its same platform you can make advertising campaigns. Have you ever entered this social network and find advertising for a brand at the beginning? You are looking at the content of a company. The amount of views, reactions to that content can be measured by Metricool.

In the same dashboard you will get all the detailed information of your campaigns. Here are some of the data available:


There you will see the ad spend, the impressions and the reach of the same in a given time.


In this graph you will get the clicks and conversions generated on your ad. In terms of performance you will be able to analyze CPC, CPM, CTR and spend data.

Table of campaigns

You will clearly see the different campaigns you have done in a certain period of time, and you will be able to sort them according to their according to their measurement in order to analyze them in detail.


Today’s business giants strive to be present on every one of the most popular social networks, one of which is Twitter. Every tweet is a representation of yourself, and can cause a positive or negative effect.

Every character you implement must be understandable and make your business stand out. With Metricool you can find out if you are on the right track on this popular social network.

In this tool you will be able to analyze the following information:


In this graphical style section you can take a close look at the number of people following you, plus the followers you have gained in recent times (day, week or month). On the other hand, it specifies the average number of followers gained per day.

It measures the reach you have achieved and the number of tweets you have posted, as well as the number of people you particularly follow, as well as the second-level followers, i.e. the followers of your followers.

This is a complete report! Thanks to this comprehensive report you can stay on top of the status of your account and take the necessary steps to boost your brand.


In this section you can visualize the type of publications that are making a real impact in the online world. In addition to perceive which ones are causing little effect, this way you can improve your engagement.

Some of the data that you should analyze are: the different clicks that have been given to your tweets, the “likes” for each tweet, the mentions for each day, among other things.


This is one of the most interesting aspects, and it’s not about cheating, it’s simply a way to learn from the enemy. You can enter a large number of Twitter accounts, up to 100.

And, in addition, you can compare their metrics with yours, analyze what they post and the impact they’re making and incentivize you to make real adjustments to level up and even surpass them.


In this social network it is also possible to schedule messages or posts or publications according to a convenient time or day. In fact, Metricool goes goes further, it suggests the most opportune time convenient time on Twitter.

Once you have decided what you want to share with your followers (message, image, gifs etc.) you must go to the calendar and select the day and time you want your post to be made public.

From the same manager you can search for the content you want to post on the social network. It’s very simple, at this point you can take care of any other activity, because Metricool will take care of maintaining your presence in networks.

A highlight, is that, if you want the same content to be published in all your social networks, the only thing you need to do is to social networks, all you need to do is specify it, and at the same time your followers will get the information that you have planned.


Metricool is very useful if you want to manage your posts, as with Facebook and Twitter it gives you complete information to analyze. One of the highlights of how it works are the following:


Once you have used the tool to plan the content you want to share, it will offer you a notification that it is time to make your message public. It will do so via email.

It’s important to note that Instagram is a little different when it comes to sharing information. So you must copy and paste the post message to your account and it will become public.

It cannot be done automatically as in the previous social networks that we have analyzed, because the social network does not allow its content to be planned by external applications.

Present competitor metrics

You can compare your account with your competitors. In the list of your opponents you will be provided with useful information regarding different important issues such as: followers, comments, likes, posts and engagement

This information is vital to grow your acceptance among followers, because it allows you to do a SWOT analysis and thus determine where you are failing and why your opponents are succeeding.

In addition, it encourages creativity because you can perceive the shortcomings of competitors and in turn increase your ingenuity as you strive to position yourself above them.


With this valuable content tool you can add clickable links to what you clickable links into what you post on your Instagram social network profile. This is possible, using the link in Metricool’s Bio.


If you are part of this social network you will also find it very useful. Metricool. You will be able to analyze in detail the data it gives you with respect to impressions, number of followers, comments, clicks on your different posts and “likes”. publications and “likes”.

On the other hand, you can also receive customized reports, which will be quite dynamic because you can view them in PowerPoint or PDF presentation depending on your personal preferences.

You can add some information about your company such as the logo in order to offer a more professional look. (This is one of the advantages that the paid version of Metricool gives you.)

Google AdWords

Here you will see a report in graph form that includes: reach, results and performance, plus it gives you a table with the campaigns you have implemented. All this data allows you to make a general study of the marketing strategies you are using. The result of this information is crucial to make the necessary improvements.


It will tell you the impressions of your ads (number of views overall and individual) and the spend.


This point is of vital importance, because it implies measuring the user’s reaction to your campaign, that is, it will show you the number of clicks generated by your ad. On the other hand, it will also show you the actions within the web page that represent a certain value for the advertiser and, of course, it will show you the expenditure.


In this section you will see the following data:

  • CPM (Cost or value per thousand impressions)
  • CTR (the percentage of clicks per the amount of number of impressions)
  • CPC (Cost per click)
  • Spend


In this section of this tool you are shown the search keywords of the ad you have implemented. By showing you the reach, you can look at the words that have given the best results.

I can tell you that this section represents a tiny Analytics within Metricool. The report and the data it provides are very complete and totally useful.

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Interesting features of Metricool

#Hashtag traker

The use of the “numeral” known today as Hashtag is very interesting. interesting, and although some people dismiss the power of it, the reality is that its use is one of the most reality is that its use is one of the indicators of the success of a campaign. What does Metricool do with respect to the Hashtag? It allows you to track it and monitor it.

The importance of doing this derives from the fact that the more people share the idea behind that “numeral” the more community participation there will be about what you are advertising, therefore, the more popularity you will gain at that time, day or week.

It’s commonly used on the social network Twitter and Instagram, but to not pull individual metrics, this tool saves you the work of doing measurements.

Each opinion tag will be part of your research to implement an excellent marketing strategy. Knowing what the online community is commenting on, lets you know what users like. Remember that a good campaign gives you more presence on the Internet, and what if the campaign is free? That’s what you get with the hashtag!

A lot of noise about an event or brand is beneficial, so you can study how to position yourself as a trending topic.

What steps should you take to monitor hashtags with Metricool?

As this post is intended to introduce you to all the possibilities that this content manager offers you, I will explain step by step how to use it to track the “numerals”:

  1. Go to the Metricool profile
  2. Direct to the tab called “real time”
  3. When the side menu opens, click on the option #tracker
  4. Once there, you will be able to measure Hashtags from both Instagram and Twitter.

It is important to note that this option is pay-per-use. That is, you must pay for the days you want to monitor. Setting it up is very easy, in the box provided for the hashtag, enter the event tag, opinion etc.

Then you can select if you want it to be measured by Instagram, Twitter or both at the same time.

Is there a difference between monitoring hashtags on Twitter and Instagram

The answer is yes. Although with both social networks you can follow the hashtags, with Twitter you enjoy more versatility, because you can go back even 7 days in the past and measure the phrase/hashtag in question.

On the other hand, with Instagram you can only measure the impact of the tag on that day, or days in the future, meaning it’s ideal to start monitoring it and perceive the impact it will achieve.

If you are planning to run a campaign, it is vital that you take the precautions, as you will not be able to measure it afterwards, because at least on Instagram it will not give you access.

What data or information does Metricool give you about hashtags?

As I have explained, this tool is very complete, with it you will have detailed and understandable information. You will be offered Reports in real time, the data it provides you are fully updated, among which tells you the images, comments, the most active users. Definitely the status of your hashtag.

In total there are about seven screens with specific data of your hashtag in which the following information is indicated:

  1. Summary: This section shows the data in a simplified form.
  2. Last images/photos transmitted on Twitter
  3. Two screens with some publications of the social network Instagram, usually these are the last ones that have been published, but have been updated
  4. Ranking/list of participants or most active followers with the hashtag in social network Twitter.
  5. Ranking/listing of participants with the most impressions or views on Twitter
  6. The last tweets they have written that possess the hashtag or tag.
  7. To visually measure the reach of your tag, you are given an Information that details from which country or city people are tweeting (presents a map of the world).

Metricool Dashboard

In this section you will get the data, metrics and even graphs clearly laid out that indicate the performance of the classic “numeral” on both Twitter and the Instagram social network. Here’s how Metricool indicates the hashtag activity on:


  • Chart: With the help of a chart you will be told how much activity there has been with your hashtag during the time you wish to analyze it.
  • Languages: As your campaign can cross borders, this reach analysis tool, tells you the number of tweets that have been posted in different languages.
  • Sources: You can know from which devices your hashtag is being tweeted. It differentiates between mobiles, tablets, computers and even Smartphone operating systems (Android, IOS, etc.)
  • Country or city: This option allows you to download in Excel the top 100 users who shared your hashtag and then use it for audiences in this social network.
  • Hashtag group: You will have the different phrases that were born from the initial hashtag (yours)
  • Best tweets: It will show you a list with the 100 best tweets related to your campaign.
  • Search keywords: Search for any keyword phrase to discover the number of tweets in which they appear.


  • Chart: Metricool also offers an activity summary of your campaign phrase.
  • Best posts: In this section you can sort them according to your personal preferences in order to visualize them better. (you will see the amount of posts, likes, and comments that contain your hashtag)
  • Keyword Finder: Here you can search and analyze the words that have been mixed with your hashtag.

Definitely, measuring the reach of a simple phrase known today as a Hashtag is very easy with Metricool. In fact, you can even, go to the top of this tool and generate a report in PDF format, which will be very useful to share it with your partners.

It should be noted that this report gives a touch of professionalism to your online business.


This excellent tool is a real gem. The simplicity in its handling and registration is very attractive. In addition, it provides us with a variety of features that can be a challenge to summarize in a single post. single post. If you are already in the online world, surely you already have a tool that analyzes your that analyzes your digital content.

Social networks have their own way of issuing their reach and success report, however, Metricool offers you the possibility to find these analytics in a simpler and more unified way, giving you more time to invest in other vital activities.

It is important to note that this content manager adapts very well to our business and economic to our business and economic possibilities. Can you imagine that, in order to analyze a single analyze a single profile you have to buy a high premium package? Surely you would not have the resources to do it; although we point out the advantages of this tool. tool.

Metricool takes this factor into account, that’s why it offers us a very complete Free version that offers us the possibility to manage a single Metricool profile. However, if your needs are greater you can work with 10 profiles at a modest cost and if these are not enough, you can manage up to 350 profiles on the platform, for a price according to the new possibilities it gives you.

This tool presents a wide variety of plans according to the different functionalities or requirements of each user. Personally, I recommend that you start with the free version, this way you can get to know the platform, because the paid versions have the same design, only that they have a Plus functionality according to the needs of each online business.

Nowadays well known brands, community managers, and many others have joined the Metricool list. As I’ve already explained, it doesn’t hurt to to log in to see for yourself the information we’ve shared in this post, and best of all, it is this post, and best of all, it’s totally free of charge.

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