How to schedule my content with Hootsuite

como programar mis contenidos con hootsuite

Hootsuite ( is an online tool that allows you to manage all your social networks from one place and in a fast and effective way.

With this tool you can manage all your social profiles, automatically schedule the content you want to be published, monitor posts and mentions and analyze your social networks.

Hootsuite has a free version limited to 3 social profiles and one user. If you need to use more profiles or more users, there are several paid plans that you can check out on their website.

Starting to use Hootsuite

The first thing you need to do to use this tool is to log into their website and create an account

Once created, you have to link to it the social profiles you want to manage and add columns with the information you want to display in each social network.

To do this you must select the tab for each social network and hit the buttons to add the column with information such as news, messages, followers, mentions, etc., that appears in the default column of this tool.

Hootsuite 1
How to schedule my content with Hootsuite 10

Another way to do this is by clicking on the add column tab, just below the tab for the social network you are on.

Hootsuite settings

The settings of this tool are very easy and simple. The main thing is to choose the days we want to publish content and the frequency, since, once we have entered this data, we can use the automatic scheduling option, which will schedule the content we add at the best time, as long as it is between the hours we have selected, and throughout the days of the week we have chosen.

To configure the frequency of publication we must access the Settings/Automatic Scheduling.

Hootsuite 2

Schedule content

Scheduling content with this tool is very simple and fast. All we have to do is go to the top bar, write what we want to be published and select the social network we want it to be published on.

At the bottom of the publication box we will find a text bar where we can enter the web address we want to add to our publication and that will shorten directly, and several icons:

Hootsuite 3

Clip: It is to add files such as an image or a YouTube video. To add an image we have to drag it to the bottom of the box or click on that same part and select it.

  1. Calendar: Here we can enable automatic scheduling or select the day and time we want the content to be published.
  2. Location: To share your location.
  3. Location options and privacy options: To edit these options in the social networks in which it is allowed to do so.

Once we have entered everything we want to publish, we will select the network in which we want to publish it and we will click on the button of Schedule (or Automatic Scheduling if we do not choose the day and time manually).

And that’s it! If we have done it correctly, we will see that the publication is shown in the column of Scheduled, where we can see its appearance and the time and day of the publication.

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