How to prevent your followers from unfollowing you

como evitar que tus seguidores dejen de seguirte

On Social Networks, it is as easy to gain followers as it is to lose them. Therefore, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why they may unfollow you and possible solutions to avoid it.

You don’t follow them

There are many accounts that follow you with the sole interest that you follow them and thus increase their followers. This is very common and very easy to differentiate, since they tend to follow you and, in a short period of time, remove you if you have not returned their follow.

To avoid it is as easy as following all the profiles that follow you, but perhaps it is a solution that does not interest you. Think that those people don’t usually bring interactions, they just want to increase their number of followers.

Your profile is abandoned

Dedicating time to your Social Media profiles is vitally important. If you go too long without posting content, your followers may think you’ve abandoned your account and delete you.

You post too often

It’s just as bad not to post as it is to post too often. Each social network has an optimal number of posts, either daily or weekly

If we exceed that number, we may be saturating our followers with too much information or with the same information shared too many times in a short space of time.

You always post the same type of content

It’s clear that you’ll post content about a particular topic, but if you’re always talking about the same thing or posting the same content to make it viral, your followers will get tired of it

You should provide new content that interests your community and, if you want to publish the same content several times, either because it is corporate or because you have a blog, space it over time or update it.

You don’t interact with your followers

Your followers need to know that they are heard and that their opinion and questions are important to you. Try to reply to them in a short period of time and thank them for reading and writing to you.

You only share your own content

If you only talk about your company or your personal brand, you’ll come off as boring. Share content from other people or companies that you consider interesting for your followers and that corresponds to the theme of your profile. You can also give your opinion on other people’s content.

You constantly ask people to share your content or give you likes

If your followers like your content, you don’t need to ask them to share it, they will share and interact with it themselves. On the other hand, if they don’t like it, no matter how much you ask them to share it, they won’t share it and you will create a feeling that you are forcing them to do something.

You make spelling mistakes

Spelling is very important in social networks. You must take care of your image and making too many spelling mistakes makes your followers have a bad image of your profile. Check your content well and, when in doubt, look up in online dictionaries how to properly spell that word.

You use too many hashtags or don’t use the right ones

The hashtags serve to position your content and make it easier to find for people who are looking for information on a particular topic. If you use too many to position yourself, but they have nothing to do with the subject of your content, your followers are not going to read you.

You must select those hashtags that correspond to your subject faithfully and not overdo it with them.

You do not provide original content or differentiate yourself

Social networks are full of information. If you share what everyone else shares and add nothing of value to the content, your followers will leave. Try to create content that stands out from everyone else’s and be original in your posts.

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