Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networks

ventajas desventajas redes sociales

Many people use social networks in order to have fun and get away from the routine for a moment. However, we cannot ignore that, although the networks allow users to distract themselves, they can become the worst enemies of many people. For this reason, I will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Social Networks.

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There are a large number of them, some with different features while others, with some a bit similar, like Facebook, Twitter and many more. It is for that reason that, I have decided to show you the pros and cons of the social networks.

But, that’s not all because, in addition, I will give you all the information you need to use them not only personally but also professionally, because yes! Technology has advanced so much that social networks can help you to start a business if you want to.

What is social media

Social networks are digital platforms that offer users the opportunity to interact with people around the world. They are channels that allow communication, whether public or private, between one or several people.

They can be used through a computer, Smartphone or Tablet, since many have mobile applications. Through these digital platforms it is possible to establish connections either in real time or not.

Types of social networks

It is relevant to clarify that there are different types of social networks. Yes! Although at first glance it seems that they function “the same” since they all allow users to create their profile, form their community and share content, there are different “segments” of them, thus having:

Vertical social networks

This type of network may not sound that familiar, but these are the typical “private networks”. These are easily distinguishable because in order to achieve user interaction in a community or group, the user must enter through an invitation or link.

Although it is one of the types of networks with fewer users, this does not limit the performance and/or efficiency of the community, much less, that of the information provided through it, since only users interested in the subject are part of it.

Generally, vertical social networks are more relevant in the news world.

Horizontal social networks

These are the most used and most popular social networks. They do not have a specific theme, they are the well-known “free networks”. Users are part of it with a purpose that can change slightly, either personal, entertainment and / or business. Within these digital platforms are, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Themed social networks

These networks retain the privacy of vertical social networks and the different themes of horizontal social networks, i.e. they can be used for professional and entertainment purposes at the same time.

Uses of social networking sites

One thing is certain, social networks can be used for “almost” anything, but without a doubt, they can become users’ best ally if they decide to use them:

For a personal purpose

This is one of the main uses of social networks. More and more people are deciding to join digital platforms and use them for socializing, communicating with friends and more.

For entertainment

Social networks have a large amount of information, either about events or information about users. Some of them have become the first choice of many people to know what is happening in the “world today”, leaving aside the news media, the most affected being “the written press.”

But that’s not all that social networks can offer because, as already mentioned, they allow users to have some “fun” time. When you log on to them, you see the amount of videos and/or images that other people are sharing for the purpose of entertainment.

As a marketing tool

It is inevitable to talk about social networks and not take into account their virtues as a marketing tool. Advertising in print media has been left behind, today companies have decided to include social networks as a primary tool to reach more people and, of course, increase their revenues.

As they are seen as tools, some creators of the most popular digital platforms, have decided to make changes in its operation, creating a space for companies that want to promote their products.

Such tweaks are similarly used by celebrities to draw even more attention from the public.

Advantages of social networking for personal use

Within the benefits that social networks offer when used for personal use, they stand out as follows:

Better interaction

Social networks allow better communication between people, family and friends in different places. They allow sharing of moments whether it is travel, meals, private events, parties and more.

Also, by allowing all users to share moments of joy, they offer them the opportunity to learn about new cultures, and even go a little beyond the religious realm.

At this point it is worth highlighting “personal growth” since, networks can become the best weapon for people who want to get noticed and work on their personality.

Direct or indirect information

By being used as a means of communication, they keep users informed of what’s going on in the world as much give the opportunity to share information in real time.

At this point it is worth mentioning that, by allowing to create groups, they are used to inform other users about any eventuality, whether it is the sale of a product, the presentation of a band, the opening of a business, the use of groups for educational purposes and more.

These digital platforms are also used to increase knowledge, since there are many experts who have dedicated themselves to create spaces aimed at a specific area of study.

Lighten stress

Digital platforms are the best for stress relief, as many users have joined in to share elaborate files in order to entertain and make others laugh.

Get a partner

And of course, one of the best advantages (considered so by many users), is that of, “finding a partner”. Because yes! Some platforms are in charge of “recommending” users who have similar tastes.

While others prefer to find their better half more directly by registering on platforms created just for that purpose.

Disadvantages of social networks for personal use

But, unfortunately, not everything can be so good, and is that networks also have certain disadvantages when used for personal use, highlighting among them:

Goodbye to privacy!

Not all digital platforms have the same privacy system, in fact, in recent years there have been multiple “hacker attacks” targeting celebrity accounts with the sole purpose of damaging their reputation.

And users with smaller numbers of “followers” are not free from such inconveniences. The truth is, much of the information provided on the networks can end up in the hands of strangers.

No physical contact

There is a possibility that misunderstandings may occur because, as networks do not allow physical contact, it is normal that some comments may not be taken correctly.

Identity Usurpation

A very common and very serious downside of social networking is identity theft. Many people have come across profiles on social networks that display their personal information without their authorization.

In the face of this type of situation, it is usually children and teenagers and celebrities who are the most harmed.

Increased number of accidents

The number of car accidents has doubled since platforms have decided to partner with mobile companies. Because the networks are so entertaining, many users often use them even when they are behind the wheel, leading to traffic accidents.

More misspellings!!!

Another disadvantage to note is the uncontrolled growth of misspellings, because, although some platforms have already added the “dictionary” tool, others have ignored the level of writing of users. Even some, in view of the tiny space they offer to share experiences, have generated that people abbreviate words thus increasing spelling errors.  


And, last but not least, is its addictiveness. There are people who can’t even get to sleep because they are “on the lookout” for social networks. In fact, many have been fired for being caught surfing the net during working hours.

Advantages of social networking for professional use

Just as there are advantages of social networking for personal use, there are of course the advantages and/or benefits for professional uses.

More job opportunities

The growth of job opportunities has increased considerably. Even, many platforms have been created with the purpose for people to post their work experience and find a job according to their skills. The best example is LinkedIn.

Means of attention

Companies often use these platforms as a “means of customer service” because, in this way, they can interact in a more direct way with the public, since they allow sending audiovisual information in just seconds.

Such a tool can also be used to get customers, since by sending information through e-mails and/or posting ads on the most popular social networks, they can contribute to increase the number of customers in a very short time.

Disadvantages of social networks for professional use

Social networks if not used responsibly can generate big problems for a company or business. Among the disadvantages of social networks for professional use are:  

Erronious choice of personnel

A point that we could not miss, because, although it is true that these platforms are used to get jobs, there are many applications and / or recommendations that come to companies and a bad choice of staff could generate large economic losses. There are many applications and/or recommendations that come to the companies and a bad choice of personnel could generate great economic losses.

To this is added the method of personnel selection, since many companies usually test their employees in a period of time no longer than two months, but through social networks this test mode is reduced in just hours.

Personal use

It becomes a serious mistake for company managers to decide to use the official brand page for a personal purpose, as this diminishes the prominence of the company.

This leads to a distortion of the message that you want to convey in the first place. Credibility and professionalism are completely abandoned.

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