What is Link Building?

link building

Link Building is a method focused on online marketing that allows search engine optimization, improve search engine optimization or SEO. For a website to be successful, you should consider applying this very effective practice.

Although link building is one of the most widely used methods, that doesn’t mean you should forget factors such as, website structure or loading speed. Even so, link building will always be seen as an important piece to obtain a considerable volume of visits to your website.

Importance of Link Building

Link Building allows getting external links from other web pages, which have a great popularity for Google and for users and that at the same time are related to the topic you handle, this in order to increase the quality of your website allowing it to be among the best. This practice belongs to the SEO Off Page group.

Using it correctly shows web or brand authority, social media presence and much more. The more quality links we get, the higher the popularity of the website to Google.

To improve the quantity and quality of links, you can always buy quality links on Enlazator and thus help your website to have better Link Building in less time. Keep in mind that, the sooner you get your website popular, the sooner you will get visitors and get to improve your profits with it.

For all this to be successful, you must make sure that the links you receive on your website must have authority and quality, and for this you need to take into account elements such as:


Naturalness emphasizes the theme of the link, making sure that the link meets the needs of the users and that it has “quality” information. In order to be natural, the link must be related to the subject used, and not follow an automatic linking system or pattern.

Anchor text

Links are nothing more than mentions, at this point we must talk about anchor text, which must be consistent with the content used and of course with the target page and have the naturalness we talked about in the first point. The goal is to keep the user, not distract them.

Ideally, these links should use a title to optimize the user’s search and tell the user where the link is going. In images it is also possible to use anchor text but in this case the link must have the text alt. Undoubtedly, all must be precise, must count with the keyword, and be very natural.

Create your Link building campaign

Using link building correctly is not that simple, but don’t worry! I’ll show you a series of steps you can follow if you want to position your website:

Link authority

This is one of the most important steps when you do link building, is the review of the authority with which the website has. For this you can use some chrome extension which will allow you to know the data DA and PA, being the first, the authority of the domain in general, and the second, the internal pages located in the portal.

This review will even allow you to outperform your competitors. You will be able to know what keywords you can use to increase the popularity of the website and much more.

Something to consider, is that, usually, when Google updates its algorithm, the authority of the web portal can change, but that doesn’t mean a major problem, you just have to run a new revision.

Evaluation of links

Although we already talked about this for link building, it is relevant to mention that the quality of the links used is very important. You should know that, there are two main types of links, the nofollow and the dofollow links.

The former does not allow the transmission of full authority of the linked website, while the latter works the other way around. and transfers authority. Recently Google has come out with two new attributes, the rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc”.

Many see nofollow links as unnecessary, but not everything is so bad, because this type of link is able to offer naturalness to the theme, being this the same objective of the dofollow links.

The ideal is to use the benefits that both give us, an easy example would be to get at least 70% dofollow and 30% nofollow, this way your website will have the naturalness necessary to position itself.

NOTE: The percentages, may change depending on the sector in which we are in.


To know your competition and of course, stay on top of it, it is necessary to conduct a study of the keywords used.

Before using any keyword as a link in your Link Building campaign, it is necessary to take into account the degree of competition with which it counts. A thorough search and a good organization can help you to overtake the authority of more popular web portals for Google.


The next and final step is to analyze how backlinks are used, and for this you should take a look at SEO tools. Although some of them are paid, you can also use the free ones.

To do this you should only look for links for your website and that at the same time are used by the competition, the ideal is to position yourself above them, so the theme used is a factor that you should not forget.

Now, in case of opting for paid tools, it is worth mentioning the one that for me is the benchmark in the sector. This tool is Ahref, which aims to track the links that are related to your website, taking into account, of course, those used by the competition.

And the best thing is that, for a faster response, you can filter them either using “NoFollow”, in case they contain it of course, considering the linked content and many more.

These are the most effective link building techniques

If you thought this was over, well, you’re wrong. We still have a lot of work to do!

This positioning strategy has a series of techniques that you should not ignore if you want your website to be one of the best.

Use only quality content

At this point we refer to Google which considers that, the quality of the information provided must be the best. Google shows you the amount of actions performed by users, their time on the web, and much more. Keep in mind that, Google can play against you if you don’t use the right parameters.

Place your links in contents that are natural in addition to being of quality. Remember that, users must feel connected not only with the information, but also with the way of writing, and for this sometimes a quality text is not enough, do not forget to also add images and videos.

The best recommendation according to SEO consultant Miguel Cidre is, use a writing style that you enjoy reading, generates a little doubt and, you want to continue on the web to clarify each one of them.

Links with get clicks

Of course this technique could not be missed. For your website to rank make sure you get links that get clicks from the linked sites. Google gives value to links but, if in addition to getting links, these give you traffic, Google will take them more into account when it comes to giving them a value.

To achieve this, I recommend that you get links in forums in your industry with many users and in blogs or media that publish articles containing your links on their home or main page, as they will get more traffic, and it will be easier to receive visits through them.

Request collaboration

Many websites have achieved positioning thanks to this technique, which consists of soliciting the support of professionals to talk about your website. If you think of applying it, remember to address them always respectfully, and remember that both the page and its creator must have a professional image

But this also needs a study, although of course, it is not as exhaustive as the previous ones. In this case you must analyze factors such as popularity, subject matter and naturalness used by the professionals you want to contact.

Acquire sponsored links

This technique is as effective as it is dangerous, since Google usually considers it Spam and tries to penalize it more and more. To use this technique, I advise you not to make any mistakes and naturalness and quality content is your main weapon to place your website above your competitors.

Although you can acquire links from newspapers, blogs and forums, press releases are also one of the most powerful link building methods, especially because they contribute to increasing the reputation of the website. Those I always recommend putting them as no follow, but it depends on the sector. Remember that patterns are negative in link building.

Newspapers, on the other hand, are media that allow not only traffic but also contribute in the creation of content oriented to your topic with a lot of importance among search engines, which can give you popularity among the readers of the media.

Each of these techniques can contribute to the growth and positioning of your website as long as you use them correctly. We know that applying link building is not easy, but nothing that a little bit of study can’t fix.

Perform the relevant searches and ask for help from experts if you consider it necessary, remember that the goal is to position and not to be one of the pile.

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