What is content curation? 8 perfect tools

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Every person linked to social media must perform as a basic task, which is content curation, as this is a fundamental technique to achieve success in the world of Digital Marketing.

The term “content curation” is little known, so it is normal that these questions arise: What is content curation, what are the benefits and how is it done? From now on you will know everything about this wonderful Marketing strategy.

Also, you will learn about the best web tools that can help you to do it.

What is content curation?

Content curation, also known as “Content Curation”, is a technique that consists in the selection of certain information from the Internet that is then filtered and organized in a coherent manner. An additional value is added to the result to give it a touch of originality and finally the information is disseminated to the public.

Although content curation is a little known strategy it has been around for many years. On a daily basis many people have to process the information they receive from different sources, especially those who run blogs.

Something important to keep in mind is that content curation is not about copying information published on the Internet and disseminating it as if it were your own, this is called plagiarism and is a prohibited action that can be punished.

It is also not Retweeting (RT). You should just make a critical evaluation of a piece of content, fit it into the desired context and enrich it with creative additional data.

What are the benefits of content curation

Many people doubt that they can apply content curation, as they consider it to be a very difficult task. Others have a busy schedule and therefore consider it unnecessary to employ this type of strategy. But in reality, content curation isa basic element for the dissemination of information. Employing it can bring you great benefits, among them:

  • You collaborate with the dissemination of quality content.
  • It improves your knowledge because you are always learning new things.
  • It gives you ideas for the creation of new content.
  • You have the opportunity to make dense and incomprehensible topics understandable.
  • Thanks to the fact that you handle a large amount of information you can improve your lexicon and learn to use different writing styles.
  • It improves your Marketing strategy, which results in an increase in the number of followers.
  • You can recommend yourself as an expert in the field.
  • It brings greater visibility to your brand.

In view of all the advantages you can get with content curation, you should not hesitate to do it. Much more if you have a company. It will bring your brand the best reputation and will allow you to connect with a large audience quickly and without costs.

You may have to invest a little more time in this process, but the excellent results will tell you that it’s worth the effort. Now how can you perform content curation? Below, you will find out.

How to perform content curation

In the world of information, content curation has become essential. In addition to filtering the content to be transmitted, it also makes the receiver see the importance of the message they are receiving. But with so much information on the web, how can you make yours stand out from the rest? To achieve this you must follow these 6 fundamental steps:

Identify the audience’s tastes

Each of the people who follow your work have different tastes and needs. That’s why you should make a brief inquiry about what most of them like. This will make it possible for them to be attracted to your content and give excellent recommendations of your work.

Select eye-catching information

To disseminate quality content, you should avoid choosing any information you find on the web. What is really important is to select that which is of interest and usefulness to your audience.

Example: to make an article on “Dog food” it is irrelevant whether you talk about cats, lions or other animals. That is why it is essential that you know the needs of the users you are going to address.

In the past, making this type of selection was a tedious and cumbersome process, as the work was completely manual, but today that has changed. Web sites are the most widely used form of information gathering.

Infographics, news, articles and videos are excellent sources of information that can be very useful in your work. You just have to select the most reliable and the ones that best suit your subject.

Review and decide what information you will take

Something important to keep in mind is that you will not be able to use all the information collected, because it is usually very high. That’s why you must have your objective well-defined to make a detailed selection of the content. This way you will be able to know what really fits with what you are going to disseminate.

This step requires a lot of investment of time and effort, since it is necessary to read and investigate thoroughly the information obtained. Properly filtering the information will determine the success or failure of your publication.

Organize and outline the information

Order always facilitates any work and this is no less important in the case of content curation, because if you organize what you have researched, you will not waste time. To do this you must store the relevant information according to its order of importance, adapt the content to the dialect of the audience.

You should also take into account that the information is not too long and if necessary you can adjust the style or format of your publication.

Add information that is valuable and relevant

This step is the fundamental key to this strategy. It is essential that digital content be fresh and original, so you must give it a particular touch, creating a different structure, making new titles and combining the information collected with what is already known.

This step could be compared to adding a secret ingredient to a delicious meal. In the case of content curation you can add illustrations, experiences, curious notes, examples, among others. All with the objective of attracting and keeping the audience’s attention.

Decide the distribution channel

It’s time to let everyone know about your work. So you must select the distribution channels to share your content. The most prominent are social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also upload your work to a news aggregator or a blog.

This is undoubtedly the step we all long to achieve and also the one that fills us with the most anxiety. But you should not worry about it by thinking negatively about your job acceptance.

If you have applied each of the steps in the content curation process, the success of your article is guaranteed.

Analyze the results

One way to know the success achieved after employing content curation is by analyzing the results. To do this you must be attentive to the comments of your audience, with them you will know if your work has been liked and if you should improve on some point.

All of this with the intention of optimizing your work and offering excellent quality content.

It is evident that achieving success in this field of so much competition can be an arduous task, however, it is within your reach, in fact, you can count on tools in order to be successful in this strategy.

Basic tools for content curation

Handling an excessive volume of information has always been overwhelming. That’s why when implementing this marketing strategy you must keep calm, if you don’t you can become saturated and that will only manage to block your mind.

This stressful situation may make many people think that content curation is an impossible task, but in reality it is not. Fortunately there are web tools that can help you in the process.

These will make it easier to find reliable web articles, and they are very diverse. Of all these tools the most prominent are:


This wonderful information reader is free and useful for collecting topics that you can read later. Pocket is capable of saving videos, audios, images, social network posts, among others, in read mode. If you have a smart device, and you don’t feel like reading the information, you have the option to listen to it. These are some of its features:

  • Classifies the various information by categories for easy searching.
  • Tags all existing content.
  • Stores content from various sources, including social networks.
  • Works with Smartphone, Tablet and computers.


Feedly is your best option if you are new to using this type of tool. The popularity of this RSS reader is due to its speed and ease of use. It works intuitively, categorizing all the content immediately so that you can then read it in magazine format. It also provides these advantages:

  • Detects inactive blogs in your research.
  • Allows you to share content.
  • Organizes by folders according to date.
  • Shows you updates to saved pages.
  • It’s free.
  • Buffer

This tool is one of the best known in the world of Digital Marketing. The most appealing thing about it is that it allows you to measure the result of the shared content, showing you a clear statistic of the reach of your work. It also allows you to save, curate and share information.


One of the indispensable tools for content curation is BuzzSumo, as it performs an immediate content analysis and filtering, providing relevant information. It provides data on the most shared content according to language, country, content type and social network. It even shows information about the authors.

BuzzSumo calculates the impact of a given content and selects the relevant keywords or phrases of the topics of interest. This tool has a very efficient free version, but if you want to enjoy more benefits you can opt for its paid version.

Sign up for free on BuzzSumo

Linkedin Pulse

This excellent content curator allows you to find and read any web content. The format of this tool is attractive, as it organizes each information by topic in the form of a mosaic and once you have read it it will change to a different color from the rest.

LinkedIn is ideal for accessing the best news. It allows you to create and share your own content and tells you how successful your content is. It also adapts very well to a variety of social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.


Flipboard stands out for its efficiency and simplicity. It has a very interesting and fun format, presenting the information obtained in the form of a magazine. With this tool you can store the topics you want to read by categories and share the curated content on your social networks.

Sign up for free on Flipboard

Content Gems

Content Gems, the content curator, was specially designed for Digital Marketing professionals. With this tool you can perform a detailed search of various topics and organize them by categories and subcategories

This allows you to curate and share all types of content, and performs an analysis of your likes and dislikes to recommend topics that may be of interest to you.


If you love publishing content, but lead a busy life, Curata is the ideal choice for you. This tool stores, organizes, analyzes and filters content of interest to bring you relevant information. Giving you the opportunity to access it at the time you consider most opportune.

Curata gives you the advantage of publishing content in Newsletters and social networks easily and immediately. You can also operate this tool from your mobile phone or computer.


Storify works differently than the tools mentioned above. This one works directly with social networks, gathering information and creating stories from the various content, including videos, images and messages.

It also allows you to track content of interest by showing you real-time analytics.


You already know the best tools to perform the content curation process. Although they all have the same goal, each one has features that make them unique.

It’s up to you to choose the one you like the most or the one that best suits your requirements. Remembering that the best curator of content will always be you.

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