What are meta tags?

meta tags seo

Getting a good place within millions of web portals is the constant concern of the developers of new web pages and SEO experts.

We spend a great deal of time researching all Google search engine optimization techniques. Meta tags were of vital importance in this objective, but what are meta tags? Next, I’ll tell you.

What are meta tags and what are they for

They are HTML tags which are invisible to the user, however, they head the portals with coded information for Google, this fact allows the search engine to decipher the content of a web page, and therefore to offer it as one of the first results of a query.

How to create meta tags?

Through hundreds of lines of code, meta tags tell Google that indexes the page the terms or keywords by which it should be found.

Some years ago, meta tags were of utmost importance to achieve a good place in Google SERP, but, their use has decreased because the search engine has other tools and new algorithms to decipher the information of the portals.

Is it bad not to include meta tags on your website?

We can say, that if your web page has HTML language i.e. meta tags, you are providing relevant information to the search engine, however, if you do not include them, it will not have a dramatically negative effect if you apply the other tools that Google establishes to position the web page.

The truth is that the search engines, even those that are alternatives to Google, are constantly improving their search services smart, so you need to make an effort to keep up with them, so that you can rank with the current tools.

Otherwise, we could be applying outdated positioning techniques that will not allow us to achieve the desired objective. In summary, we can say that meta tags were of great importance a few years ago, nowadays their use has diminished.

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