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Every day in the world hundreds of websites are created that seek to offer products and services in an innovative way.

Complete Review on Woorank, the Online Marketing Analysis Tool

However, many of them eventually close down due to some mismanagement or poor business management. Therefore, it is clear that there is a need to learn how to efficiently manage our website. That is why entrepreneurial companies have emerged in this sector, where this website stands out.

Basically what these companies are looking for is, to teach developers to make successful websites. So, if you want to know how they do it, continue reading this information.

What is Woorank? Complete Guide

We start with the Woorank guide. Basically Woorank is a small company that has its offices in Belgium, but its team is distributed all over the world. Specifically, their team consists of about 23 workers that are located in 8 countries.

This team has created this SEO tool that is in charge of analyzing and auditing websites.

Now, you may be wondering what is an SEO tool, as this is not a very well known concept.

Such tools focus on performing studies that tell websites all the details about their visibility in search engines.

This data is very important, as it tells you how valued and attractive your website is for search engines, which will directly influence the traffic of visitors you may have on average.

In addition, it shows you the positioning of your page with respect to other sites on the web.

Woorank prices

This study process that is done with SEO tools or pages is usually quite expensive, so few do it. However, with Woorank it is totally the opposite, since its prices are quite low, and it offers several options.

First, we have Woorank free, it is the most eye-catching option and used by many customers. Because you can employ for free all the tools to be able to perform the diagnosis of your page.

However, you can only use the tools for free, only once a week from the same IP address.

Now, the paid version has all the tools of the free version. However, they differ in that the paid version performs periodic reviews and sends reports in the same way.

So, Woorank pricing ranges from $50 for the simple version, $150 for a business version, and $250 for agencies.

How Woorank works

The operation of this tool is extremely simple and focuses on various aspects of the page, which will be studied and qualified so that you can know its status considering some standards.

Once the page has been able to study each aspect, it generates a series of results, which you should take into account. First, it shows you a rating ranging from 0 to 100 and gives you an overview of the status of your page.

Secondly, it will show you a series of tips that will make your site much more attractive.

Finally, it will generate reports focused on each of the points studied for you to review them carefully. Since, it will show you the weaknesses that may be occurring and that affect the visibility of your page.

Obviously, Woorank test results are super important and must be applied correctly.

SEO reports

The web SEO analysis could be the most valuable and important information of the whole study that Woorank will perform. Because it takes into consideration many technical aspects of your website. One of those aspects will be the domain, and it will tell you if you made the right choice when setting it up.

Another aspect focuses on the Robots.txt and sitemap files, which must be placed on your page correctly. Otherwise, search engines cannot verify the content of your site.

It will also check that you don’t have duplicate content, the status of your images, the keywords in your posts and more. In addition, it will tell you if your URLs are clean, so they can get along with the search engines.

Finally, it will inform you if there are any broken links on your website so that you can proceed to replace or repair them.

Usability Reports

Many times it has happened to us that we enter a random website, and it shows us error 404. Well, this type of errors occur for various causes and this tool can identify them. That is to say, it will inform you if your page has suffered from this problem and the specific root cause.

On the other hand, it informs you if a favicon is installed on your website, it will also show you if your domain length is ideal.

The loading speed of a page must be excellent in order to offer an efficient and quality service. Therefore, this is another aspect that will be notified to you in this part of the study.

Finally, this report will tell you if your web page is on a list of Spam sites. Which, it would be ideal to correct it, as spam is something unwanted by all internet users.

Visitors Reports

An important thing for any page is the number of visitors, as you can then know the reach of the page. Obviously, the intention will always be to increase the number of visitors to consolidate your page, brand and content. The report on visitors is subdivided into several aspects, which happens because of the different estimation methods used.

Importantly, the results are an estimate and may change considerably in reality.

Traffic Estimation

To give you an estimate of the flow of visitors to your site, this tool is based on Google Trends and Alexa numbers. These pages, which are indicators that usually yield pretty accurate data.

Traffic ranking

In this ranking you have the possibility to see, where your page is positioned with respect to pages from all over the world. In addition, you can even observe the position in your own country and the location of your visitors.

Adwords traffic

In this part, they show you how the visitor flow performance is thanks to Google Ads.

Social Media Reports

Social networks are very important in today’s society, their field of action is so wide that it would be unreasonable not to take advantage of them. Obviously, you have to do it in a wise way in order to reap good results with its implementation.

Generally the use they are given is to inform, sell or promote a product or service.

Now, when you use for example the Woorank free seo report, your social networks will be studied since, it is necessary to know the social impact that your site is generating in the social networks market.

It should be noted, that many times the data is quite disparate with reality, however, it provides a base idea which is generated from the number of likes on Instagram, the number of retweets on Twitter and so on.

Mobile Reports

In this section the tool will present you with a view of how your page looks on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. This way you can verify if the design used is ideal and complies with the basic requirements for this type of devices.

We will also take the trouble to study the loading time of your site on these devices to verify its performance.

At first, this whole process is intended to study the optimization of your site on these portable devices. Therefore, it is important to maintain a constant update of our site in order to offer a quality service.

Since, that is the main objective of this whole process, which evidently responds to several elements. To name a few we have the fonts, device compatibility, graphical windows and much more.

Technology Reports

Here we come across the most in-depth version of this entire study, and it will be the one that determines the most important technical aspects. These include server information, web development information, bugs with some tools or languages and much more.

Server data

The server is a fundamental piece of equipment for the development of any digital and computer system. Therefore, its information is of utmost importance to be able to control or manage any circumstance. Now, here the tool will show you the IP that identifies your server and its geographical location.

It is important that the server is located in the same country where you reside and in which you have your most important market.

Technical Tips

Setting up the cache of any site is extremely important and here you will be notified of its status, operation and structure.

Local Report

This report is delivered when you have a physical establishment and use Woorank. Evidently, this tool will inquire and verify if you are registered in any directory such as Foursquare or Yelp.

Since, these are mediums that will help promote your website more. In addition, they allow for feedback or comments to be provided that can highlight the best of your establishment.

As we have noticed, all the aspects studied by this tool are of great importance. Because in one way or another they will indicate all those errors that prevent you from having a successful site.

So, if you want to get great help you should use this tool on your site. Don’t worry about the cost, as you have the Woorank free trial, which gives you 14 days trial of the system.

After that time, you can study Woorank pricing to see if you want the paid version or continue with the free one. Regardless, you will enjoy excellent services that will bring great benefits to your website.

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