What is Majestic, and what can we use it for?


Majestic is a tool used for link building that inspects and maps the Internet, thus obtaining a large commercial database of links. This tool is online and we can use it from its web address (https://es.majestic.com/).

What is Majestic? a must-have online marketing tool

This tool can be used without registration, but the data it will give us will be limited, as will the number of web pages we can query. If we want to make several queries or go deeper into the data obtained, it is best to register (it’s free).

What is it used for?

With this tool we can obtain the quality of the inbound links of a web, helping us find out the domains that best position our website and that, therefore, produce more interest to us that we link to us.

How to use it

The interface is simple enough that there is no problem interacting with it. What we must do is copy the url of the web address we want to examine in the text box that appears at the top of the tool’s page and hit search. Immediately we will begin to appear the results.

majestic seo 2

What information can we get

The information we will get from this tool is going to be classified in 3 metrics, mainly:

  1. Trust Flow (Link Quality): Indicates the score it receives based on trust and assigns a score ranging from 0 to 100. This metric focuses on the quality of the link, based on the quality and reliability of all links that reach it. Thus webs linked to sites of reliable provenance will score higher than webs linked to sites of questionable provenance.
  2. Citation Flow (Number of Links): is an indicator that assigns a score, also between 0 and 100, according to the number of links leading to the web, thus predicting the degree of influence of a web page based on the number of websites linking to it.
  3. Topical Trust Flow (Quality with respect to a given topic): This is a tool mark that serves to categorize websites, so that users can visualize in which sector a web is most influential (there are about 1000 different categories).

This metric is also based on a scoring system from 0 to 100 that indicates the influence of a web in a given topic, category or sector.

In addition to these metrics it also gives us information on different fields such as the amount of external backlinks (plus a list of them), the amount of referring domains (plus a list of them), the amount of URLs indexed or the position it occupies in Majestic Million, among others.

Why use Majestic?

With this tool you can monitor your SEO results, get information on what you should improve and what you should remove, and see which linking domains are improving your rankings

Also, Majestic has a very interesting option that allows you to compare your website with those of your competitors.

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