WeTransfer, what is it and how to use it?


Sending documents by e-mail is a very simple task to perform, however, sometimes the file is so large that it cannot be sent by that means, in these cases WeTransfer is the ideal solution.

It is an application that has gained popularity in recent times. An interesting fact is that you don’t need to register to make use of it. Now, what exactly is WeTransfer, what are its advantages, and of course how to use it?

Well, through this post I will answer these questions, in addition, I will analyze some features of it so that you can take advantage of the options offered by this large file transfer server.

What is WeTransfer?

It is a cloud-based platform which makes it possible for you can send large files up to 2 GB for free. It has gained a lot of ground in popularity due to its simple interface and that it works flawlessly.

It also allows sending to one or more recipients if required. An interesting aspect is that it stores information for two weeks in order to provide a margin for the file to be downloaded.

Actually with WeTransfer you are not sending the document directly, but, rather, the file is routed to the cloud and your friend or client will have to access it to download it. However, there is no need for you or the recipients to register.

Interesting facts about WeTransfer:

Advantages of WeTransfer

With so many servers working similarly to WeTransfer similar to WeTransfer it’s only natural to wonder why use WeTransfer instead of Dropbox, for example. Well, this platform provides some advantages that I want to break down for you below.

No need to register or create an account on the server

This aspect is very interesting, because in the case of Dropbox for example, it forces you to create an account, and this process can be cumbersome especially if you are in a hurry. On the other hand, this platform does not require it as a requirement either to send the documents or to receive them.

Of course, the server gives you the option to register, so you can do so if you wish, but it’s not essential for do so, but it is not essential to make use of it.

Wide range of options

Although its free version is very efficient and useful, you can also enjoy a variety of advanced options with its planner. Advanced options with its paid plan, for example, it offers you the ability to send files up to 20 GB. send files up to 20 GB.

Personal cloud

This advantage you can enjoy if you decide for the Pro version, that is, with it you can store in the cloud 100 GB, plus you can protect it by placing passwords in order to restrict who will have access to your personal documents.

You can enjoy a better visual experience, as you can actually modify the look and feel of WeTransfer. One highlight is that its fee really isn’t very high, it only costs 12 euros per month.

Easy to use

Its interface is very intuitive, so that it is extremely easy to use. In addition, the fact that no registration is not necessary makes it even easier to use, as no previous steps that might even step that might even annoy the recipient.

As you have noticed, this platform has several advantages that show the reasons for its great boom in recent times. So, if you don’t know it yet, I invite you to give it a try, its versatility is very marked, it is expected that in a short time it will surpass large cloud servers. Large cloud servers.

How to get the most out of WeTransfer

The free version of this platform makes it possible to send only 2 GB, this has led some users to measure the weight of their files. However, this process is very cumbersome.

To get the most out of the platform I suggest creating 2 GB packages. This way, you will only have to select the folder already measured, thus speeding up the sending process.

A highlight, is that you can use an extra trick to send more files. This way you would send well-substantiated files. That is, you can use a file compression program with the aim of compressing your 2 GB documents, thus reducing the size and allowing you to store more information up to the size limit.

 In practice, it will be like sending more than the size limit with the free version. Of course, for this to work optimally, it’s vital that the recipient also has a recipient also has a program to decompress.

How to use WeTransfer

After the data already presented, the logical question that arises is how you can use it to send large files. Well, as I have explained, you don’t need to register, at least not in the free version. To do this you just go to the browser and enter the address of the web page.

Next, I’ll detail everything you’ll get once you access it.

  • On the home page you will see a window indicating the two options of use, that is the Free or Plus version (free or paid). If it is the first time you access you must choose one of the two options.
  • Then a notification will appear with the terms and conditions, you will accept them so that you can continue to progress.
  • After this, the page will change to indicate the shipping options. That is, you will have to write the data to send the files, in addition, you will see a little gray box with a “plus” symbol that says: + add files.
  • At this point you have access to your documents, remember that the free version only has a capacity of 2 GB so if you select more than that limit you will not be able to send it. That’s why I told you earlier in the subtitle: How to take advantage of WeTransfer? That you previously chose the documents and place them in a folder, so there will be no margin for error.
  • After indicating the number of file you will send. You must place the Email name of the recipient, and then yours. Now, if you also want to receive the files, you can also place your own Email in the one that says: Your friend’s Email. And repeat it where it says: Your Email.
  • In the same box where you are managing the sending, there is a space that says “message” there then write the subject of your email. This way you can explain the context or the reason for your email.
  • Finally, press the blue button that says “transfer” and wait a moment for the transfer to be done. An indication of the transfer process will appear. If you hastily close the page, it is possible that your message has not been sent.

Send large files via WhatsApp using WeTransfer

The steps to send the large files Online are very easy to do. However, it’s important to note, that at the the moment you have to decide how to send the files, you have two options available to you. You have two options available, in fact, at the bottom there are three little dots appear at the bottom. That is, it can be by Email or even by WhatsApp. As for the first one you must follow the steps already explained.

Now, if you want to send it by WhatsApp or any social network you must choose the option generate “link”, then you can take that link copy and paste it wherever you want. Remember that this platform is a cloud server, so he serves as intermediary to send documents, ie, the files are never sent, simply stored in your cloud for two weeks.

So, if you click on the link option, you will just copy that address which will take your recipient to the WeTransfer cloud to access the files. Very easy! Now, with the paid version you can increase the options.

You can implement passwords to increase the time the files will be available in the cloud. These options usually appear in the submit box itself.

When is the WeTransfer App useful

WeTransfer has an app that you may not think is useful, because as I have explained you don’t even need to register to use it.

Well, if you commonly need to share your files and email has become too small for your large documents, and you usually use your mobile more than your computer, then you can install the application on your device.

Although on the computer it is much more convenient to use the browser, the truth is, if you constantly have your mobile device with you, then you may want to use the mobile device with you, then the application will be faster, plus its presentation is very nice. Now, as far as the options and the way of use is very similar to what is explained in this post.

How do you receive or open the files sent from WeTransfer?

Receiving the documents is very simple, well, you don’t actually receive them there. You will get a message in the mail that indicates that they have a document in the cloud. It indicates the name of the file and the time you have to access it. They can also see the message you placed in “subject.”

There will appear a button that says “download”. you should press it and it will immediately direct you to the place where the documents are really the documents (in the WeTransfer cloud) there you hit “download” and of course you will get the files shortly.


Really sending and receiving large files by WeTransfer is very easy. Its free version is more than enough. However, if you want to save your personal files such as family photos, videos, years’ worth of accounting files, and even large movies, you’ll be better served by the paid option because its personal cloud and password protection options provide you with great privacy.

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