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mejores buscadores de internet

Internet the miracle of the millennium! Before 2000 surfing the net was very rustic and limited, however, over the years, the Internet has grown, and with it we have used some search engines and therefore, today I want to talk about the Best Internet Search Engines.

Sometimes it’s hard not to think of Google when we think of the Web. And is that Google has positioned itself as a pioneer and king of the Internet, however, many Internet users do not trust this project, due to the privacy dangers that reign with this global search engine.

Also, that the ability to rank on Google is complex, will there be something better, that respects our right to privacy or that allows us to sell our content? Will it be as efficient in the search?

Yes! There is life outside Google and there are very powerful alternatives. Below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the different search engines on the net.

What is an Internet search engine and what is it used for? what is it used for?

Internet search engines are a group of computer programs that compile the various portals from Internet servers. They work quickly and efficiently through keywords that we enter into it. These Internet search engines are widely used to obtain quick information on any subject.

Internet is the window to the outside world, we can simply find everything thinkable and unthinkable. The search for information can be specific in terms of dates, places, and images of something we are interested in. Currently, the leading search engine is Google. These search engines are being used more and more.

The digital world has taken over today’s society, so that news, movies, libors, etc. Are held in digital format. It can be said that these search engines are like a kind of “mega archives” that store information for a very long time, so that without Internet search engines it would be almost impossible to access the wealth of information that exists today.

Each search engine filters its own search results, so each one sets the parameters for indexing its list of results according to the topic being addressed. This makes us think about the fact that results may vary according to the search engine we are using. It is important to note that regardless of whether we use the most famous search engine, it does not have in its database all the web pages that exist.

Search engines allow everyone to win, on the one hand, users get the content information they want, and on the other hand, the owners or administrators of the web pages generate income for the information they provide. Of course, this content must be of quality and have a good SEO.

How do the Internet search engines work?

The way these search engines work blows us away. We marvel at how it is possible for a series of well-synchronized technological achievements to allow us to find the information we want instantly.

All this computer synchronization starts when we put the keyword in the search box. Then, the search engine gives us a list of results, which it has sorted according to relevance.

On the results pages, known as SERPs, the keywords we have entered the search box appear. The search engines crawl the vast multitude of pages, which are connected to each other through links, producing a kind of spider web.

But the complexity of these search engines does not end there, after the search engines have located the websites, they must decipher the information and store it so that when we click on it, it is already available to us.

The search engines, classify all that information and, based on their algorithms (which are different in each one of them) they return us the results classified by their quality for that search.

These algorithms, change over time and can be “manipulated” so that, thanks to the Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO, achieve better positions and therefore, visits.

Which is the most used search engine in the world?

The most used search engine in the world is undoubtedly Google. It is the king of them all, the efficient way in which it classifies each web page through complex algorithms and parameters that constantly changes, has allowed it to constantly changing, has allowed it to position itself as the leader among them.

The incredible intelligent way in how it displays the list of search results has improved in recent times. It constantly makes penalties and algorithm changes such as Panda and Penguin in order to give a better experience to the user, who clearly wants to get information quickly and easily.

According to some estimates, it is estimated that 63% of the queries made on the Web are made through this great search engine (varying by country). These estimates do not take into consideration the search engines of this great empire which are YouTube, Google Images and Google Maps, if we consider the latter three we can say that just over 90% of users use Google.

Google was born in 1998, at a time when the Internet was not as accessible as it is now. It was up against other search engines, nevertheless, it made its way among all of them among which were AltaVista, Hotbot and the famous Yahoo!

What started as a research project of two students at Stanford University, is today a whole empire that earns more than 100 billion dollars in a year, Unbelievable!!! But don’t worry, let’s take a look at all the most used web search engines by Internet users.

Types of web search engines and their characteristics

Although Google is the most used search engine, it is not the only one, in fact, search engines can be classified by types, which depend on the way they work and we can call them: Meta-search engines, directories and hierarchical. It is interesting to know how they are classified, this way you can detect the characteristics of each search engine and choose the one of your preference.

Next, you will see the types of search engines and their characteristics.

Search engines

This type of search engine is interesting because. it incorporates a large number of search engines, that is, it does not manage its own database according to what users have posted in it. have published in it. The way in which they work is simple, by means of the meta-search engines information from the different search engines on the web is located.

They do their own content filtering and present the different links of the search engines, the most repeated ones remain in the first places because if they are repeated in the greatest number of them, it means that the information is of quality.

The most striking drawback of this type of search engine is that queries must be made in a general way and not precise like a search engine.


Directories are also known as catalogs or subject indexes. It requires active human resource participation and maintenance. But generally this type of technology is commonly inexpensive.

The algorithms that own this type of search engine is simpler, they don’t store the information, rather they record the title of the pages and some description of when it was mounted on the search engine.

With this type of search engines it is easier to get the information unlike the meta search engines, however, they do not order them by relevance, but by subject and date, which means that not necessarily the results they show are the answer we are looking for.

One of the search engines with this style is Open Directory Project.

Hierarchical search engines

Spiders are used to crawl through the different web pages analyzing their content. This type of search engines have their own database, which is indexed according to their relevance (visitor traffic) and algorithms which are constantly changing.

Something important worth noting is that hierarchical search engines can store not only the home page, but rather, all the pages you have within the server (the portal itself).

The search results are very efficient for the user, just enter a keyword, for example “SEO” and a multitude of pages containing that keyword will be displayed.

Google is one such efficient search engine that stores and ranks its own database. The most commonly used Internet search engines are of the hierarchical type.

Main Internet search engines alternative to Google

Google is the search engine par excellence, however, it has taken over our privacy, which has worried countless users, leading to a search for alternatives.

The truth is that there are many search engines, which work according to the classification explained above. Below, I show you the 25 search engine alternatives to Google.

Best Search Engines on the Internet


This search engine is from Microsoft, it is one of the leading search engines on the Internet, in fact,it is one of the most used after Google. It has had several names at different times such as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN.

However, the name Bing has been put relatively recently, in May 2009. It has a pleasant interface, immediate results as it incorporates features such as Best Match.

It has preview videos, which allows us to see a thumbnail preview before opening it.

One of the outstanding features of this search engine is that it presents SERP results, even providing images. It is available in many countries and in different languages. Another aspect of interest is the option to translate pages.

Bing complies with censorship imposed in some countries, however, it offers the user to change his country, so that he can search without any governmental restrictions.

Bing has the particularity to accumulate points to get gift cards, as a reward for the searches you perform. incredible! An extra reason to join Bing.

Go to Bing

Yahoo! Search

Although it was a favorite at the beginning of the Internet, it is now considered a web portal, rather than a search engine per se. It likewise has a button to locate information, although it has SERP results, many of these are derived from Bing, although Yahoo! does its own indexing. The search engine’s design is more attractive and dynamic than Google’s.

Despite the partnership that exists between Bing and Yahoo! Their SERP results may vary, in fact, they may provide different image results.

One outstanding feature is that it has the option to search for preferential information among news, Tumblr, etc. It is currently one of the most widely used, although less popular compared to its golden age. If you don’t want to stick with Google, Yahoo! Can offer you the best results.

Go to Yahoo!


It is a functional search engine thatreigns in countries like Russia and China. Google does not exist there, (your information is not available to them) so, if you want to position your web pages, you can do it with this search engine.

 You will be able to capture users that is not possible in Google. possible. Sometimes positioning in Google organically requires a lot of time and effort, while you do it, you can search for information about Baidu, maybe your website will get more traffic there. there.

Go to Baidu


This search engine is not as well known, however, it provides response according to keywords, indexes content by popularity. The only drawback is that most of the queries are in English, so it is difficult for Spanish speakers to use it.

In addition, it offers the feature of filtering information by news, images, etc.

Go to Ask

Aol Search

This search engine has a user-friendly interface, is fast, and gives quality answers. It is used in different countries, especially in the United States. Therefore, it increases the number of users who can access information through this search engine.

On the inio page, you can filter the answers into the classification of news, images, etc. The results take a while to appear, but it’s still a good alternative to Google.

Go to Aol Search


This search engine works in much the same way as the web mogul, Google. However, it brings great advantages, our visits are not recorded in order to profit from it, so it is a search engine that much respects our privacy.

The anti-tracking system is sensational, so we can rest assured that they are not finding out what pages we are entering and then harassing us with content.

The downside of Duck Duck Go is that its responses are more general than Google’s. Also, their ability to index information is not as efficient, so in their results they don’t have as relevant information. We will see what happens in a few years

Go to DuckDuckDuckGo

Archive Wayback Machine

This search engine is very interesting, because it has a copy of the different addresses of web pages. Has it ever happened to you that, when you want to enter a page, the information is not available, it is possible that you can find that content in Archive Wayback Machine.

It has a search button, now, to locate the content only we must write the URL and this search engine will show us the last saved information of the portal. We can also visualize the changes of a portal by typing a specific date.

Go to Wayback Machine

Wolfram Alpha

Belongs to Wolfram Research, and provides answers efficiently. It does not provide a list of SERPS results like other search engines such as Google, Bing and others do. Rather it provides the answer in a straightforward way.

It relies on a basic set of information to synthesize its knowledge. With respect to the great Google it is limited, nevertheless, it has been including some improvements in these years, which are accessible in exchange for a monthly fee. It is a search engine that is worth exploring because it has a lot of potential for the future.

Go to Wolfram Alpha


Yandex is one of the preferred search engines by Russians, it is estimated that 85% of the population uses it. Despite this it is known worldwide, ranking number 24 in popularity worldwide. Countries such as Kazakhstan, Turkey, Belarus use it consistently.

In some of these countries, Google has no relevance, so it can be said that it is an open field to publish information from our web pages and gain positioning in this search engine.

Go to Yandex


Webcrawler is a meta-search engine that indexes information from other search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo! Etc. Webcrawler was a forerunner on the web, born in 1994 and incredibly was the first to give full-text search. Previously it had its own content base, however, in recent years it began to link the results of the most used search engines in the world. It is well known in the U.S.

Go to WebCrawlerb .


It is a meta search engine similar to Webcrawler, in fact, it links to the results of the other search engines in order to provide immediate response. It has a long history, its birthdate is November 1996. It provides results in videos and audios. It is easy to search for information on weather, yellow pages, white pages, etc.

Go to Dogpile .


It is a search engine for different web pages, which is based on offering the most security and privacy for Internet users. We all know that Google, for example, takes note of every page we see in order to provide advertising, manages spontaneous results that make it clear how monitored they have us.

However, there are search engines that respect this issue, such is the case of Star page. Even, for 2017 I launch a new personal mail called StartMail, more secure than the others, but it is paid. This is why it is one of the most secure Internet search engines.

Go to Starpage


It is an efficient web search engine with with respect to the response search it offers, allowing access even to censored results. censored results. It allows incognito mode browsing, thus giving great importance to gives great importance to privacy. You can use it with the famous Mozilla browser Firefox.

Go to Gibiru


Ecosia is a search engine widely used by the environmental community. Ecosia donates part of its revenue to the effort to care for the environment by planting trees. The technology for imparting the results of queries is the same as Yahoo! However, that search engine does not provide environmental benefits.

It is important to note that this server runs on renewable energy. Therefore, if you are an advocate of caring for the planet, Ecosia is the ideal search engine. It will allow you to do your bit with every query you make on this server. On the other hand, a large number of people join this initiative, therefore, if you have any portal or web page, we invite you to think about the idea of positioning yourself here, the environmentalist population grows every year.

Go to Ecosia


This web search engine is a great organizational asset because it allows you to enhance your Big Data, in a structured or unstructured way, so that users receive it in the way they are requesting it. The multiple sources presents them in a peculiarly meaningful way, it can be very useful in very specific cases.

Go to Exalead


Factbites is a search engine that puts its efforts on content or information analysis rather than link popularity. Its operation is based on textual phrases, focusing on computational linguistics, data warehousing, and artificial intelligence. It is a good alternative to Google, so you would do well to look further into this search engine.

Go to Factbites


This search engine is quite eye-catching and interesting, it is focused on the child audience, it has a picturesque design, in its search direction you can select between web results, images, videos, kpedia among others. On the results page it shows each URL with images, the most interesting thing is that it compiles the content in children’s language (blog explaining the query in simple language so that children can easily understand it).

It is a safe search engine because it does not show results unsuitable for children. Isn’t it a risk everything that children can get on the net, with this search engine, the whole family can be sure that their little ones will not see unsuitable content.

Go to Kiddle


It is a search engine that works by questions, its operation is based on understanding of topics and not on keywords as with Google, it is semantic. Although it is in different languages, it offers better results in English, so, if you master this language, this search engine will be very useful, and a good alternative to Google.

Go to Blippex


It is a search engine with a long history. born in 1995, by those times at the beginning of the millennium was relevant and widely used, however, its performance dropped, therefore, it has not however, its performance declined, therefore, has not made great improvements over time. the passage of time. In some countries it is known, so it is known that thousands of people use it, although not at the same level as other more popular search engines. the same level as other more popular search engines.

Go to Lycos


It is a search engine that shows the results in a very peculiar way, it makes a preview of each page, therefore, before clicking on a result, we can look if we can really get the answer we are looking for.

To enter just click on the URL of the page in question. A feature of Peekier is that it does not track our visits on each page, so it is a search engine that holds the user’s privacy in high esteem.

Go to Peekier


This search engine collates content from other search engines, but displays it differently from the others. It classifies its results into divisions between news, social networks, etc. This makes it easier for the user to find the type of information he/she is looking for.

For example, if you want to find out about something from a social network, you will go directly to it and quickly skip the rest. For a user who really knows what they’re looking for, it’s a useful search engine.

Go to Qwant .


It’s a search engine that brings together results from other popular search engines. It makes a simple distinction between search engines that provide the answer to the query we make, and those that are less precise, but show a complete listing of likely answers to queries.

Go to Yippy

MetaCrawler UK

MetaCrawler UK displays results from Yahoo! and Google search engines. It has a nice, simple interface, in which we can browse according to our preferences, results in images, videos, web etc.

Generally the results offered by this web search engine come from Google, however, the ones for images come from Yahoo!

Go to MetaCrawler


It is a very effective search engine with the contribution of direct answers it gives. But it is in English, it is similar in operation to ASK. Very different from the search engines of great relevance that exist today such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! It can offer you data in images, it is used in the United States.

Go to Wolframalpha


It is a meta-search engine dating back to 1996, so it practically lived through the beginning of the web. It is relatively efficient with the answers to the queries it offers, it is headquartered in Germany, so that is where the largest number of users who use it are concentrated.

Collaborate with the environment. This mode has become very popular in large companies. MetaGer uses green electricity that is renewable, for those who are defenders of the planet is an excellent search engine that gives them the opportunity to contribute to the care of the planet.

Go to MetaGer .


To conclude we can say that there is a lot of variety of options outside of the unstoppable Google. Each search engine offers some interesting features that according to our needs can become the best search engine for us personally. We know that the most used internet search engines are Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

However, these are not the only ones, there are more secure, dynamic search engines that provide immediate search results.

Now, on the other hand, having knowledge of the diversity of options in search engines, allows us to make our way to them to offer quality content. Positioning in Google requires the implementation of various marketing techniques as we will see in the blog.

In addition, every day there are new pages with the same objective, while the other search engines have less competition, and there is a considerable number of users who will be happy to benefit from new content, (potential customers).

For all these reasons, it is a wise decision to have a presence in several search engines, thus increasing our earning capacity.

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