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When we talk about SEO, we are used to talk about positioning our websites in the organic results. However, when it comes to local businesses, we have the advantage that we can get a double result for our business, we can appear organically in the SERPs and in addition we can also appear in the Google My Business box that appears at the top of the searches.

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How can we appear in that Google My Business box

First of all, one thing is clear, if we are not in the top 3 of Google My Business for that search, we are not going to appear in that box since only three results are displayed.

Secondly, we must be aware that those 3 results of my business are going to take a large majority of customers for being the first thing that appears and above appear in a more prominent way.

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What can we do to appear in that GMB TOP 3?

One of the things we have to do and that is basic, is register in Google My Business and complete our listing and leave it well optimized, as if it were a website that we want to optimize to rank, only that in this case what we rank is our profile within Google My Business.

In addition to the good optimization of our GMB profile, we have to do a good job in all other aspects such as getting links and mentions from local business directories, the website we add in the GMB profile also optimize it well and focus it to those keywords we want to rank for to keep giving signals to Google and… Another very important thing that is not always taken into account…

Getting positive reviews for our profile!

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How do we get the reviews for GMB?

Until now, we had the problem that it was very difficult to get reviews from Google My Business, basically because people who are happy and buy don’t usually stop to leave a comment.

This generates the problem of not being able to get almost no positive comments on our profile which will not only be hurting us when it comes to ranking in GMB, but it will also hurt us when we receive a negative comment on our profile.

If you have a profile with 1 positive comment or no positive comment, and suddenly you receive a negative one, either real or by your own competition, it will look very bad in the face of any user who sees it.

However, if you can get 20 positive comments versus having 1 negative comment, it is much more “diluted” and therefore does not generate a negative image in the eyes of the users.

Therefore, it is not only positive to get those GMB opinions to position there, but it is also positive to be able to generate trust towards your users and to be able to save also possible reputation crisis of your brand.

Here is where we can introduce Titanobox as a great novelty within this sector, since Titanobox is a platform that allows us to get 100% real user reviews for our business in Google My Business.

As you can see this is something you are going to need if you have a local business.

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How does Titanobox work?

It’s very simple, so you just have to register on the platform and once registered you can add your companies to the platform.

Once you have added your companies, you will be able to start generating comments for them, which will be created by real users of the platform itself.

The texts of the comments will be chosen by yourself, as well as if you want to add an image for the users to upload along with the comment.

This last one is something super important since nobody knows your business better than you do, so being able to generate your own text and images for your comments will be perfect.

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Who are the users who make comments

Within Titanobox there are registered users who do not have companies but are looking to earn money. Therefore for each comment they make they receive an amount of money, always proportional to the level of Local Guide they have in their account, being 0.50 euros the payment for the lowest comment (local guide level 1) and 2 euros the payment for the highest comment (local guide level 10).

This way we encourage users to use their best Google accounts to make comments for the benefit of the companies that receive the comments.

How do the comments work?

Comments all go through a screening and moderation process.

First, comments from a business in city X will only be shown for the first 24 hours to users in that city, in order to try to get users from that city to make those comments.

After 24 hours, if no user from that city has booked the comment, the comment will become available to all users of the platform, thus ensuring that the comment will be made.

Similarly, on the platform we have a calendar of availability of comments, so you can schedule the release of your comments to reserve so you can schedule them all at once.

All comments go through a manual moderation process by the Titanobox team, this way we can ensure that everything is as the company has requested.

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