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Yes! we are talking about GokoOm, a software that is responsible for evaluating the position of each word in the browser, an action that subsequently allows an optimal positioning of any web portal. But that’s not all that this incredible tool offers, the Gokoom SEO course is a blast, if you want to know a little more about Gokoom, stay until the end of the post!

The number of tools to position a website using keywords and/or to carry out an analysis of the rankings of each portal, is very large. There are so many that we do not know which one to choose, we even use some that do not offer the results we expect, but among millions there is one that is reliable and with a superior performance compared to any other.

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How does the GoKoOm Rank Tracker work?

The operation of GokoOm Rank Tracker, is based on an algorithm that is responsible for finding only new information, by doing this the software is responsible for analyzing all data and selected, and choose those that allow optimal positioning of the portal.

This process is carried out almost immediately. It is a relatively simple process but one that carries with it a large number of Sub-functionss. Now, in order for the software to execute its work to the letter, it will be necessary for you as the user to:

  • Do not use a large amount of keywords, as this will saturate the system
  • Add multimedia content related to the web portal
  • Employ a appropriate meta description and use an appropriate title for the type of information to be provided
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Main functions of GoKoOM

If we were to name all the functions of Gokoom, we would never finish, so below we will detail the most important functions:

  • Display different types of statistics all referring to the positioning of the keywords, and you will have the results either from a Tablet, a computer and / or a mobile device.
  • It retrieves data from both the browser and the geographical position
  • Contributes to the evolution of Google metrics in charge of evaluating the domain of a website DA and PA
  • Shows the performance of the keywords and their position against those belonging to the competition.

Advantages of GoKoOM

Among the advantages of GokoOm are:

  1. Create a completely free account
  2. Offers over 400 search engines
  3. Features an intuitive interface
  4. Allows updating the search management as many times as needed The software goes hand in hand with the browser!
  5. Offers the best results for mobile devices Adapts perfectly to each device!
  6. Provides updated information 24 hours a day
  7. Monitors activities performed by competitors

GoKoOM plans

GokoOm has several plans, the difference between them is the amount of keywords they allow you to use. For example, the basic plan, allows at least 100 search terms, there is also the personal, the professional and the plus plan, which in turn allows around 1000 search terms.

For a slightly more detailed explanation of all that the plans belonging to the software offer:

  • They allow find 5 competitors for each keyword, analyze SEO to take the lead against more experienced rivals.
  • Gather data, analyze the tasks used and offers more tasks to improve the SEO experience.
  • They run the tools to optimize the performance of a web portal
  • Provide information on APM, while showing results on the experience with ALEXA and that of the strongest competitors, this with the aim of making “your web portal” the best among the best.
  • They analyze all the titles and data to be executed before they are used so that the website yields the best results. They take into account the amount of words used in competitor’s articles and consider the usage of the same from your website. The software in general analyzes everything.
  • The plans also consider, H2 used, not only by the user but by those of the competition. They show the number of occurrences of the keywords used by the competition, while showing the number of words in general used in the document used by the competition.
  • They allow only logical information to be used, those that do not meet the standards of SEO and positioning in Google do not pass the test and are automatically rejected. The software warns of the possible failure, and if the necessary measures are taken, the error is eliminated by the system. In addition, the same data is compared with that of other web portals belonging to the same category.

Do you still have doubts about using GokoOm?

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