Top 20 free anti-plagiarism software


Looking for a quality anti-plagiarism program that will detect plagiarism and improve your content very effectively? Let’s start at the beginning to continue with this list of The 20 Best Free Anti-Plagiarism Programs.

Plagiarizing basically means reproducing other people’s works, making them look as if they were our own. We can fall into this way of working by copying and pasting information from some document on the Internet to pass it off as original but a good plagiarism detector will set off the alarms.

It can also happen to us by misusing quotations (remember to always use quotations very well to get the best result), by not using paraphrases correctly and other times by not checking our files well before submission.

Looking for a Free Plagiarism Detector?

Are you looking for a Free Plagiarism Detector? Have you thought about the great advantages a plagiarism detector can offer? You may already have an idea of what these programs are, even so, I will explain in detail each of their features and what are the best alternatives you can opt for.

What is an anti-plagiarism software?

A plagiarism checker is an online tool that gives you the possibility to check a text in order to inspect the originality of the text and to check the plagiarism of the texts. To do this it makes a comparison in a few seconds, of millions of text fragments that have been published on other websites.

It is important to note that this type of plagiarism detectors thoroughly check the percentage of originality, i.e., even though the that is, even if the document is not completely a copy, if you have fragments of words from a third party, you will also be of words from a third party, plagiarism will also be indicated to you.

Why do you need to use online anti-plagiarism software?

The importance of using a free anti-plagiarism software is that it saves us many ethical, legal and seo positioning problems of our website. Let’s see in detail how important it is to avoid plagiarism.

Plagiarism and ethics

Many people resort to plagiarism due to lack of time to do their own work, inexperience or simply out of habit. The truth is that, however, plagiarizing is morally wrong, because it is the work and effort dedicated by another person.

So if you are a teacher or own a website, it is best to always resort to some anti-plagiarism tool to check the authenticity of the content received before publishing it.

Plagiarizing causes us a reputation that must be improved

This is a common problem in educational institutions and even publishers, where some have had the audacity to plagiarize entire contents. It should be noted that it has not been easy for them to recover their credibility.

In the event that you publish plagiarized content on the Internet, you will certainly also earn a bad reputation and what you want is to be a reference in your field and be the best in it. Your readers come to your site because they think they are reading material from an expert who knows what he is talking about and is the best in his field and, by plagiarizing, the feeling you get is different.

Another consequence you will have to face in this sense, is the closing of your site or search engines like Google looking at you very closely. This happens shortly after the original author of the content makes the plagiarism report.

Plagiarizing leads to SEO penalties

If you don’t want to spend the time to check your content with a plagiarism detector, Google and its Panda algorithm will, which will be terrible for your website.

The main point is that it will be impossible for you to achieve a position in the first places, it is also possible that you will be asked to remove the plagiarized content or that the search engine itself will do it, affecting the keywords for your website.

Plagiarizing is very unprofitable

For a website to be truly successful, it is necessary that it is unique and that its content stands out for its relevance. In this way Google will consider it useful for users and therefore will give it a good position. This is precisely what is desired to obtain greater profitability.

When you plagiarize content you are not creating something that distinguishes you and therefore you will waste your time, as Google will not find anything in your content that makes it stand out from others.

Your domain can be banned in Google AdSense

In case you use Google AdSense for monetization, it is extremely important that you avoid plagiarism, because not only will you earn a bad reputation, but this will cause your domain to be blocked.

This may also happen if you use copyrighted images, so it is important to be careful with the images you upload and use a plagiarism detector.

These are the top 20 free and paid online plagiarism detectors available today

As we have seen, uploading content to a website or delivering information copied in whole or in part from some content on the Internet, could get us into big trouble:

  • The total cancellation of a university work
  • Legal problems
  • Problems of SEO positioning of our website


Copyscape is the best free online anti-plagiarism to help you find plagiarism efficiently in any content, it is also useful for detecting pages that are identical to yours. For me, Copyscape has become the best plagiarism detector for years now

To use it, you just enter the URL of your website and the program will take care of the rest.

It has a very efficient and easy-to-use interface and it has a free version.

Check plagiarism in Copyscape .

Plagiarism Checker

Indoubtedly this is one of the best of the best plagiarism detectors of all. It is widely used by businessmen and bloggers.

Plagiarism Checker in each analysis takes a maximum of 1000 words, highlights in red color the sentences that contain plagiarism and in contain plagiarism and in green color the phrases that are totally original. In addition, if we need to verify we just click on the phrases in red color and this will direct us to the websites where the copied phrases are published.

Many plagiarism plagiarism detectors have a margin of error, but with Plagiarism Checker you can be in fact, it has been highly recommended by many users due to its excellent service. its excellent service.

Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism Checker


Viper is one of the most recognized anti-plagiarism application worldwide, because its interface is quite nice and easy to use. to handle. It is also known as Scan My Essay.

This application checks your documents in over 10 billion sources (including books, newspapers and web pages) and highlights for you by lines the portions of text that were plagiarized. When scanning it also shows you the link to the copied source.

Although the process of creating your Viper account is free, you should be aware that all revisions will be charged for credits. Viper also has a free version that reviews up to 30,000 words per week and is also available in Spanish.

Check for plagiarism on Viper


DupliChecker has turned out to be for many the easiest free anti-plagiarism tool of all. This is because it has one of the largest databases in the world, which allows us to analyze documents without complications.

With this tool you can review texts and Docx documents for free, with a capacity of up to 1,000 words, which is quite up to 1000 words, which is quite attractive for many marketing professionals and university marketing professionals and university professors.

Check for plagiarism in DupliChecker

One of the highlights of Plag is the ease of access through its simple interface, also its incredible free scanning system that is able to check billions of articles, books and web documents for possible plagiarism.

Another feature that makes Plag stand out is that it scans documents from different languages and even multilingual ones. And it helps us to proofread and edit the documents to perfect them.

It also offers an excellent plagiarism report that shows the similarities between your document and others already published.

But if you want to get a detailed report that includes plagiarism rates, misquotations, and sources, you should and sources of information, you will have to pay some credit. These credits can be acquired through purchase or by promoting their App in social networks and email. social networks and email.

Check plagiarism on


The service of this anti-plagiarism tool is primarily focused mainly in the academic area. EduBirdie has a fairly extensive database, which allows us to review and database, which allows us to comfortably review and compare any text to find existing plagiarism. text to find the existing plagiarism.

You can also use the free version of this tool, but you need to know that there are some limitations in this regard. there are some limitations in this regard.

Check plagiarism in EduBirdie


Plagscan is a wonderful anti-plagiarism program, which is noted for its great speed. When you sign up it will provide you with 20 trial credits totally free and gives you the option to configure it to many languages, including Spanish.

All these advantages make Plagscan, the preferred anti-plagiarism software of many university professors in Europe.

Check Plagscan for plagiarism


Currently Quetex is one of the most appealing and easy to use plagiarism detectors.

Its wonderful essay checker will allow us to find plagiarism in research papers for free. free of charge.

Your free version has limited capacity, as you can only scan a maximum of 500 words per scan. 500 words per scan. When you create your account you will be able to do 3 scans for free.

But the great advantage of the free version of Quetext is that we can use it from the home page. In addition, it clearly points you to the plagiarized sentences, as well as the links where the original document is possibly located.

Check plagiarism in Quetext .


If we talk about the best plagiarism detectors, Turnitin cannot be left behind. It is widely used by educational institutions to detect plagiarism in submitted work. And its service promotes primarily the authenticity of academic papers.

It has a fairly large, accurate and fast database, in charge of comparing texts efficiently so that they come to stand out for their originality.

Check for plagiarism in Turnitin


Copyleaks provides a great text review service with the goal of finding possible plagiarism. Their system allows you to perform up to 10 scans completely free on a trial basis, but you can also subscribe to one of their subscribe to one of their affordable plans, which are quite practical for teachers and businessmen. Practical for teachers and business people.

It offers you the possibility to upload your texts and protect their content, even granting you your copyright.

Although it is a paid tool, it offers you a free trial period that will allow you to verify the quality of its service. A small drawback is that their service is not available in Spanish, even so, you can work with texts in Spanish.

Copyleaks in addition to its free online anti-plagiarism version, also offers its Apps for iOS and Android.

Check plagiarism on Copyleaks .


This interesting plagiarism detector originating from France, allows you to easily scan your documents only after creating your account on their platform.

Compilatio has the ability to parse texts in many formats, such as Word, Open Office and LaTeX. In addition, it allows you to save and organize all your reviewed documents using folders which is very useful to avoid self-plagiarism.

Check plagiarism on Compilatio


This incredible online anti-plagiarism service allows you to efficiently analyze any text, avoiding the most common problem in writing, plagiarism, and will reduce spelling and grammatical errors.

You can use Grammarly via online and you can also install it in your browser. It is only available in English.

Check plagiarism on Compilatio


Among the best free online anti-plagiarism alternatives of plagiarism detectors, Plagius cannot be missed. Its wonderful software will allow you to analyze any text quickly and efficiently, as long as you have an Internet connection.

Its most incredible feature is its wide database, where you will be able to review any content without missing any existing sentence on the Internet, whether it is from articles, books, forums or blog posts.

Installation of the program is required, because we cannot use it directly from its page.

Check plagiarism in Plagius .


If you want to effectively compare your documents to make sure it doesn’t contain duplicate phrases on the Internet, Plagiarisma will be your ideal tool.

With its free version you will be able to review texts up to 2000 words, with a maximum of 3 scans per day, informing you quickly about the percentage of coincidence with other texts already published.

With this tool you can detect copyright infringement of research papers and web articles. research papers and web articles. It is compatible with Windows and Android devices.

Check plagiarism in Plagiarisma .


This efficient plagiarism detector program is practical for many users, as it is available in Spanish. Its Premium version allows us to make scans by simply pasting the text created.

It possesses a database with more than 14,000 web pages that clearly show all the similarities between our work and that of others between our work and that of others, even giving us the URL address to better verify the plagiarized text. Plagiarized text.

Check plagiarism in PlagTracker .


Unicheck has become one of the best alternatives for detecting plagiarism in both research papers and content to publish on your website.

Its main feature is its great ability to find suspicious similarities between different files, it also compares complete works to verify that there is any similar content with another and to ensure that our work is completely original.

Unicheck clearly marks the portion of text clearly the portion of text that was plagiarized, even showing the source. Although this platform is not free, does offer a 14-day trial to its users so they can check if it is to their liking. to their liking.

Check for plagiarism in Unicheck


At Plagium, the first surprising thing about this plagiarism detector is that, just by accessing its home page, a window pops up where we can paste the text we want to analyze.

But if you want to enjoy of its most interesting functions, it will be necessary to create a free account. And in case we need to perform more in-depth analysis, it is vital to purchase credits.

Check Plagium for plagiarism


This efficient plagiarized text search program was created in Chile. This has been very helpful for users who speak Spanish neutrally. Even so, it allows to check documents in English without any inconvenience.

With the free online anti-plagiarism website Docode you can compare your previous files with your new file to avoid the risk of self-plagiarism. If the document you want to analyze is too long, you can leave the review in progress and at the end the program will send a notification to your email with the report URL.

Only by registering you will grant you two free scans of 3500 words. In order to enjoy more revisions and all of its advantages you will need to pay some credits.

Check for plagiarism in Docode


This online platform detects plagiarism for free and in real time. It also shows you in detail any existing spelling or grammatical errors. existing spelling or grammatical errors.

With its free version you have the option to perform 10 monthly analyses, and of course you can also benefit from its paid version. The only negative aspect of this platform is that it only analyzes documents in English and at the moment it has not offered support for other languages.

Check plagiarism in PaperRater .


This free online anti-plagiarism tool in documents is fully Windows-based. Its system analyzes and compares two different texts very efficiently so that there are no overlaps between them.

Once the evaluation, it will be necessary for us to make the required corrections.

Check plagiarism in WCopyfind


It is difficult to address a topic that has not been explained on the Internet, however, you should strive to plaster your knowledge or personal experience in your articles. That way you provide substantive and unique content.

The truth is that nowadays writing authentic content is a challenge. Not only in an academic sense, but also when you have a digital platform, because when more than one person writes, you need to know for sure if the information received to publish is truly unique.

Fortunately you have at your disposal many alternatives for you to detect plagiarism in any document, these will save you a lot of time and will also free you from the consequences of this practice.

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