FandangoSEO: Full Tutorial, Reviews, Pricing, and Features

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FandangoSEO to improve your web page results

Every day new tools are known to help improve results in Google SERPs. Since SEO has become fashionable, more and more companies and startups are getting involved and creating useful SEO tools for day-to-day use. This is the case of the new one I’ve discovered and that I’m going to talk about today, FandangoSEO.

FandangoSEO is able to provide you with the necessary information with which to view all the search rankings and also achieve a balanced website in terms of links. Maximizing the performance of a website becomes easier thanks to them and their FandangoSEO Crawler

What the FandangoSEO tool offers us

I have to say that it offers more things, but these are the ones that caught my attention the most because of how they work or because I didn’t expect them.

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Architecture information
  3. Internal links
  4. Content optimization
  5. Sitemaps
  6. Mobile SEO

Fix errors

With this tool we will be able to see the code errors in an easy and simple way in order to solve them.

In addition, we can export the pages to make troubleshooting even easier. If that’s not enough for you, you can do a trace so you can compare errors on each crawl.

Gain time in your SEO strategy by effectively solving these types of problems:

  1. Find broken links
  2. Fix 404 errors
  3. Detect 301 and 302 redirects to avoid erroneous redirects that block the website

Internal links

We can analyze the links we have on the web to adjust the interlinking and make the most of internal links. You know that the authority of each page is based on the links and the way of linking internally the web has a lot of weight for Google.

Now it is easy to locate the pages that are receiving the most authority thanks to this data:

  1. Analyze Anchor Text
  2. Interlinking
  3. External Links

Content optimization

Content is the King of Google or at least most SEOs believe. That’s why having content optimized in keywords, density, quantity, etc…. is very important to gain those top Google positions.

Observe if your content is relevant and qualitative for search engines with this tool from FandangoSEO and detect, fix and improve these points.

  1. Words per page
  2. Meta tags (page title, meta description)
  3. Titles
  4. Rich Snippets
  5. Sitemaps

Sitemaps is one of the great forgotten of SEO and through it we give vital information to Google. Not only do we tell it all the pages we have, but we also tell it how often they are updated or how important they are in relation to the other pages.

Now you can easily create a file to upload with just a few steps.

  1. Generate XML sitemaps
  2. Create HTML sitemaps

SEO Mobile

The future is this, the present too. Who doesn’t have good mobile SEO doesn’t have SEO.

We must create and optimize images for mobile, that’s what Google says and with FandangoSEO we have the optimization just a few clicks away.

It allows all the desktop functions that I told you before and also helps you to create your AMP, a web version that Google wants to impose to be in first positions

What can you do

  1. Mobile architecture information
  2. AMP analysis

And this is the new SEO tool that is sure to be on everyone’s lips in no time. If you use it too, feel free to comment and tell me your experience what it is so that I can help new readers.

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