DMOZ D.E.P. The Open Directory closes its doors


DMOZ – Open Directory Project, characterized by using ordinary people as editors to organize websites is closing. 2017 marks the end of an era when humans, rather than machines, tried to organize websites.

The announcement has been made via a notice currently displayed on the home page of the DMOZ site, stating that it will be shut down as of the date, March 14, 2017:

DMOZ D.E.P. The Open Directory closes its doors 12

DMOZ was born in June 1998 as “GnuHoo”, later changed to “NewHoo”, a direct rival to Yahoo Directory at the time. Yahoo, at the time, had faced harsh criticism for being too difficult a directory when it came to cataloging sites.

NewHoo was soon acquired by Netscape in November 1998 and renamed Netscape Open Directory. Later that same month, AOL acquired Netscape, controlling AOL and of course The Open Directory.

Google was also born that year, and it was the beginning of the end of human curation of web sites.

Yahoo was forced to change and give preference to machine-generated results over human power, giving less and less importance to its directory until eventually closing in September 2014, although the actual closure came in December 2014.

Yet DMOZ soldiered on, even though for marketers and SEO consultants it had long been forgotten as a resource.

Open Directory
DMOZ D.E.P. The Open Directory closes its doors 13


DMOZ will live only one way, through the NOODP meta tag. This tag was the way publishers told Google and other search engines not to describe their pages using Open Directory descriptions.

When DMOZ closes on March 14, it will still be possible to visit other online directories where we can go to your listing of Websites.

One of them is Best of the Web. Here it is very simple to submit a web page, just fill in the site details, and the editors will do the rest. The directory will review each submission to make sure the site’s content is of quality. From there, they will place the site in the most meaningful category.

Another one to try is GoGuides. This is a paid lifetime listing, it costs in dollars $69.95 and we do not assure that the website is processed within 24 hours. In this directory it is also very easy to add our website by searching for the appropriate category and clicking on the Add URL button.

Listing in an online directory, does not mean that we will appear in the top search results, however, directories can be a great source of referral traffic, since, if it is a good directory, the links can offer SEO benefits.

The main objective here is to land at the top of the Google search results for a keyword that is relevant to our business, something that can be costly these days.  Online directories remain one of the SEO tactics that offer some impact and listing our business could increase the chances of our website being discovered by users.

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