16 Best FREE Cloud Storage & Online Drives (2021 Update)

almacenamiento en la nube gratis

The free cloud storage service is nothing more than a hard drive on the web. This gives us large storage capacity and also allows us to access our files easily from wherever we are.

Cloud storage services have become the best tool to save important documents and files, in fact, I can say that it has become a necessity. And much more so when those files belong to a company.

This service provides you with countless advantages of advantages, among them not having to buy more hard disks, nor being forced to carry physical to carry physical documents from the office to any other place. On the other hand, on the other hand, it also offers efficiency and security without having to invest anything.

Today there are a lot of free cloud storage services, with different features and capabilities. Here you will learn which are the best services, their advantages, disadvantages and the important aspects you should consider before using them.

Advantages of free cloud storage

  • The free cloud storage system, besides helping you to save all your files brings you other benefits, such as being able to share photos, videos, documents and important things with family and friends in a quick and easy way.
  • It provides a greater backup to your documents.
  • With this service you can save files in the cloud to give them greater protection, only you through your username and password you can access your documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Some of these platforms come to have unlimited capacity. This prevents many from being forced to buy numerous hard drives or expand the services they offer, also prevents them from having to open multiple accounts and have forgotten the details to access them.

Disadvantages of free cloud storage

Storing in the cloud will always bring you more advantages than disadvantages. Some drawbacks you may face lie more in the different systems than in the service itself.

  • Some may offer too little storage capacity. may offer too little storage capacity.
  • Some servers may not support all servers may not be compatible with all devices.
  • You may also find that if you do not use your service, your account may be automatically deleted (this would be an easily avoidable disadvantage)
  • It is possible that some servers may not support all devices. a disadvantage that is very easy to avoid)

To avoid the two possible disadvantages, I have prepared for you a ranking of the best systems to store files in the cloud.

The best free cloud storage systems

Nowadays almost all of us depend on storage in one way or another, if we get that service free, we will feel satisfied and fulfilled.

If you work with a large number of important documents and projects, you must have a system that, in addition to storage capacity, offers good security.

So I will describe what are the different free cloud storage services that exist, from the most secure and known to the lesser known but also safe. You will also get to know each of their features, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Google Drive

Without a doubt this is the giant of all storage platforms gives us a perfect free cloud storage service. If you are a fan of the Google world this will be your ideal ally, as you will be able to take full advantage of Google’s servers.

The wonderful thing about this service is that it offers you 15 GB of free storage, which will allow you to save documents, photos, music, videos and drawings, and you can upload files of different sizes without any complication.

It’s effective, fast, secure and compatible with many other services and electronic devices. It saves your jobs automatically automatically, which is very reassuring in case of system and power failures. power failures. In addition, every time you share a file, it will generate a link will be generated every time you share a file.

On the other hand, Google Drive creates a Windows folder that synchronizes with your mirrored version in the cloud. One of the highlights is that it allows all your files to be organized in a very convenient way for easy searching.

Its security system offers user verification in a few simple steps. It also encrypts important data for added security.

Using Google Drive


This system comes with everything to become the best free cloud storage, at the beginning it gave its users 50 GB of free storage, but then they lowered this amount to 20 GB; only if you install some specific applications you can increase the storage capacity (these apps are very useful)

Mega is compatible with many devices, computers and stores folders. Zip folders, plus it gives you very ample bandwidth. For many users it is attractive to many users is its extra storage service of 180 days duration.

A highlight of this storage system is that it encrypts storage system is that it encrypts at all times any movement and document and documents you store, providing a very advanced security service with which you will only be able to access your information.

On the other hand, I would like to emphasize that it works similar to google drive; sharing files easily and at great speed. speed.

Mega also offers a wonderful communication system of communication through video chat, messaging and voice calls, which give you a lot of security.

Using Mega

One Drive

This system is one of the most popular. This storage service is from Microsoft, hence, it is very advantageous for Windows users. Below, I will detail some interesting features for you:

  • It offers 5 GB free, which is enough for many to store everything they want. But in case you need much more space, you will be glad to know that you can expand this service to unlimited free cloud storage capacity through paid plans.
  • One Drive offers its users a very attractive, modern design and its system is very easy to operate. It gives an excellent linkage with the most recognized social networks.
  • Thanks to the fact that this system of Microsoft, One Drive has a guarantee of maximum security. This makes it one of the best storage services.
Using One Drive


This cloud storage alternative is one of the least known, but its mode of operation is wonderful. Initially it will give you 10 GB for free cloud storage that you can then expand up to 20 GB by simply recommending the service and sharing links.

Something impressive about this service is that it has no bandwidth, which gives you an amazingly fast and very efficient service. With pCloud you can store files in the cloud and share them no matter what size they are.

It is compatible with various computers and mobile devices. And also with other free cloud storage systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox. In case you want to create a cloud photo album, it will bring its excellent advanced search engine for you to find your photos easily.

With pCloud you can expand the storage capacity as much as you want by paying a monthly fee. This service secures our files very well by encrypting them perfectly. No one except for you will be able to access your files, not even the staff working for this storage system.

Your folder called Crypto allows you to save any confidential files, prevents your documents from being hacked and is very functional if you just want to add extra security to your files. want to bring more security to your files. But they will not be saved in that folder automatically, but you will have to indicate that you want to save a certain file there. a certain file there.

Using pCloud


Mediafire is a well-known storage service. Which gives you 10 GB of free storage which you can expand up to 50 GB on the condition that you always share their files and links on social networks.

With this server you can upload files and documents up to 25 GB. documents up to 25 GB. And since they have no limit on bandwidth, it is a very fast service. You can have it on your mobile device, thanks to their excellent application.

Something you should keep in mind is that you should frequently use this service, in case you spend a year without accessing your files will be automatically deleted. files will be automatically deleted.

In case you are looking for a free and unlimited cloud storage service Mediafire will be your best option.

Use Mediafire .


Dropbox is one of the most secure and globally recognized free cloud storage options, it is one of the first to exist. It is very useful for users who want to store and find their documents easily.

With Dropbox, you can get 2 GB of free cloud storage, which will be enough if you just want to store small files. But you have the advantage of expand this capacity up to 18 GB with just a few simple steps, such as inviting friends to join the service.

Their application is available for many mobile devices like Android, iOs, macOS, Windows, and is one of the few services that is compatible with BlackBerry and Linux devices.

A highlight is that it makes a copy of each of your documents in case you delete one by mistake. It has a very good security system, including one of the best user authentication procedures and encrypts every single saved file.

Using Dropbox

Amazon Drive

It seems incredible to know that the renowned sales platform Amazon also has a free cloud storage system, but it does. Their service started out storing and backing up their users’ photos and videos, but due to the amazing success they’ve had today it allows us to store all kinds of files.

Amazon offers us 5 GB of storage totally free. On the other hand, Prime Photos is Amazon’s special application, which will allow you to store all the photos you want.

With this app you can quickly locate the image of the person you want to search thanks to its face recognition. And also it gives a special music storage service called Cloud player.

Amazon Drive has a very easy-to-use system that you can system, with which you can automatically save files to the cloud.

If you want more storage capacity you will need to subscribe to their paid service, which will allow you to achieve unlimited cloud storage.

Although Amazon Drive currently offers countless services, every day its system is being revamped with the intention of becoming the best storage service of all.

Your application is available for Android, Mac, Windows devices, among others.

Using Amazon Drive


The Box storage service is aimed specifically at businesses, however, there is no impediment for an ordinary person to use this platform to store what they want. platform to store whatever he/she wants.

Box offers you free storage of up to 10 GB, which you can increase by subscribing to their paid system.

The Box system is perfect in case you want to store important documents you want to store important documents, spreadsheets and high resolution photos. Offering you an excellent search service, so you have everything at your fingertips. At your fingertips. In addition, it offers you a well-designed, practical and easy-to-use system.

If you subscribe to Box’s payment system Box, you will be able to get a lot out of their amazing plans and services. At If you have companies, you will have a wider variety of options. It has an excellent security system, which encrypts and encodes each of your files very well.

This platform is available for multiple mobile and desktop mobile and desktop devices, such as Windows, Mac, Android, BlackBerry, among others.

One “drawback” of this service is the inability to upload files that exceed the 250 GB limit.

Use Box


This amazing free cloud storage tool allows you to store any file you want. It will give you 5 GB of free storage, but in case you need to have more storage capacity you will have to pay a fee. Next, I will mention you some interesting features:

  • It has a very efficient operation, with a wonderful design and excellent applications.
  • The iCloud service comes from Apple, so there are limits in case your device is not iPad or iPhone.
  • You can share your files on your different Apple devices, so if you are working on one, you can continue on the other device right where you left off. All a great advantage in terms of convenience of use!!!

One thing you should be aware of is that Apple takes the right to scan all of your documents through its system of recognition system for harmful and illegal files.

Using iCloud


Tresorit’s cloud storage system is excellent. It gives you a very efficient and secure service. It encrypts every single file, thanks to this only you will be able to access the documents, not even government departments will be able to access your personal information, this also prevents you from being a victim of cyberattacks.

When you sign up for Tresorit you get 3 GB of free cloud storage. And just like other storage services you must pay fees to get unlimited cloud storage capacity. With Tresorit you also have the option to choose a trial package.

If your device is Android, Mac, Windows, iOS or BlackBerry you will be able to install their app.

A disadvantage is that it is sometimes very cumbersome to access the account because of the different user verification steps, but if what you want is a storage method that excels in security, Tresorit is the best of the bunch.

Use Tresorit .


This service is one of the most popular services in the world of storage, it gives you provides you with 10 GB of free storage, so you can save files in the cloud.

With Flipdrive you will have the advantage of share your files with people who have a different storage service. The only disadvantage of this service is that it does not have any applications, so you will only be able to access your account online.

Using Flipdrive

Yandex disk

This storage service stands out for its efficiency for its efficiency, ease of use and incredible appearance.

Yandex.disk offers you a free cloud storage capacity of 10 GB. And it is available for all types of mobile or desktop devices.

Using Yandex disk


If you’re looking for a storage system where you can share where you can share data and information anonymously, Hidrive will be ideal for you.

It is a very interesting option, because they give you 10 GB of free storage, it has no limitations as to the type of file you want to save or the size of these.

Using Hidrive

Tips for storing files in the cloud

Some users have unfortunately had bad experiences when using a free cloud storage service, so you may want to consider some important aspects before opting for some of these services.

The first aspect is that the service you choose has a good security system. The most recommendable ones in this case are those that encrypt and encode all your files. This will prevent your personal information from getting into the hands of third parties.

The second aspect, but not less important, is to verify that your important is to verify that your service is compatible with your device. Well as you have already seen some storage services do not sync with all devices. The second but less important aspect is to check that your service is compatible with your device.

You should avoid uploading pirated files to the cloud, because at any time the service will take action to remove it, such as blocking your account or deleting it.

Another recommendation that I personally tell you are to analyze and compare the features of each of the services, among them:

  • The tools it has
  • The storage capacity
  • The bandwidth it offers
  • Analyze if that service suits your taste and need

Only this way, you will be satisfied and avoid feeling frustrated with this technological advance.

If you apply these simple steps you will be more than ready to start a new experience in the world of free cloud storage.

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