13 Best Free Concept Mapping Programs

hacer mapas conceptuales

The need to create concept maps arises from the fact of expressing knowledge in a clear and brief way. This type of resources are very explanatory and didactic. This aspect of creating mind maps contributes to improve your work or academic performance.

Next, I will show you the best online concept mapping software both free and paid. You can decide whether to implement them on your computer or from your mobile. I will start by defining what concept maps are.

What are concept maps

Concept or mind maps are nothing more than brief notes where ideas, concepts and drawings are expressed in order to memorize and extract research, so a mind map is a technique for schematizing and simplifying information.

I’m sure you learned mind mapping when you were in school, it was simple to summarize research visually, with lots of illustrations and few words.

But over time the need to create concept maps has increased to a more critical, professional and advanced level, for business use and even in digital marketing and SEO oriented.

The concept map consists of a graphical synopsis on a particular topic.

Importance of mind maps

Using concept maps offers a host of benefits, for example, it facilitates comprehension and memorization through the use of visual elements. They are an excellent tool for planning class material, exhibitions, papers, among others.

It allows developing or improve reading comprehension. An extra benefit is that thanks to its implementation it works both hemispheres of the brain, which contributes to organize and retain information for longer.

An interesting aspect that highlights the importance of implementing it is that whoever performs it becomes more creative, in addition to interrelate various concepts involves mastering the subject in a comprehensive and complete way.

In digital marketing, they offer the option of reading information more clearly, since visual communication is much more effective than oral communication.

Types of concept maps

There are many types of concept maps, but I’ll tell you which ones are the most effective and the most commonly used today:

  • Hierarchical or chronological: So called because it has a concept called “parent” where the information begins to be broken down according to its importance.
  • Spider: It owes its name to its structure: the central idea is located in the center and the secondary ideas branch out like spider legs.
  • Systematic: This is similar to the previous one, with the difference that it can break down branches to develop new ideas.
  • Multidimensional:You can start creating from either a two-dimensional or three-dimensional figure.
  • Organizational: It is a linear model that allows you to have a uniform idea, it must be very well-defined in order to follow it.
  • Landscape: As its name suggests, this tries to represent a landscape or figure, taking as a basis the information to be captured.
  • Hypermedial: These are based on any of the previous structures, but use much more information, either written or multimedia.

4 Best Concept Mapping Software Online free

After analyzing all the benefits of the programs to make online diagrams, I will tell you how to make concept maps the best pages to make them online, without the need for installations on the computer. These are the best pages to make concept maps.


It is a free online program that provides study tools for creating and sharing free mind maps, online notes, quizzes, among others.

In addition to enhancing learning, using mind maps makes it easier to connect ideas. This tool is used by students because of how easy it is to use.

Go to GoConqr


Creately is an award-winning, award-winning and award-winning online concept mapping program with ease of use and a wide variety of pre-designed diagrams or maps. It combines unique features, real-time collaboration, online feedback for giving and receiving information.

It has color palette to style the layout, work history to retrieve any lost files. It has a useful toolbar to reduce information clutter and speed up the process.

The paid version has a low monthly fee cost, and you can work in collaboration with others.

Go to Creately


It allows you to create conceptual maps online and in real time. Available in a free version and a paid version. As for the latter, it offers you more functionalities.

A relevant of this tool is that, by working in real time, it allows you to exchange information or work in the same exchange information or work on the same project in a collaborative way.

Go to Coggle


Even if you are not a professional graphic designer, Canva gives you the opportunity to create stunning concept maps completely free of charge. It is a very useful and complete online program.

How to create a concept map with Canva in 5 easy steps

  • Log in by creating a Canva account
  • Choose from the wide variety of professional templates the one you need to create your map
  • Upload your own image or select from over a million options
  • Edit your images by adding filters and text
  • Ready! Save and share
Go to Canva

5 Best computer installers for concept mapping

Below, you will see a list of applications to make mind maps in a simple way on your computer, some of which are your computer, some of which are compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.


This program is specially designed for making mind maps, diagrams and presentations. Perfect designs that you can store and share in your applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and you can even transport it to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF. It has an affordable monthly paid version, and you can try it out on a limited basis.

This application is compatible with all operating systems, contains a variety of easy to use easy to use templates, and allows making simple and complex mind maps adapting to the user’s and complex mind maps according to the user’s needs.

One aspect of is that, although this program can be installed on your computer, it can also be installed on your computer, it can also be used online.

Go to Smartdraw .


Xmind is a concept mapping program that will help you annotate ideas, organize graphics and share them. It is free software, can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It stands out in the fact that it has a mobile application, Android or iOS. Easy to use, versatile and complete!

It has the option so that after you have done it you can share it with your team. You can export your maps in different formats, ideal to be used for project be used for project planning in the work area. Its finish is completely professional.

Go to Xmind


MindGenius will make your projects simpler and more complete, improve your productivity and performance. It will allow you to try the application free for 14 days, is easy to use, and integrates nicely with all Office products. And finally, the program will brainstorm ideas about your project. Annually the subscription costs about 168€.

Go to MindGenius


This program allows you to create, navigate and share the map without any inconvenience. It is available to be used both on the computer, as well as on Tablet, which makes it very versatile. An interesting aspect is that it is possible to download it to be used on your iPad.

It allows you to send them to web pages, besides edit them in real time from the same program through a built-in server. server. It is very useful in the business field due to its multimedia resources.

Go to CmapTools


It is a powerful, complete and professional project manager for making mind maps, graphical diagrams and much more. It is very easy and simple to use, the first step is to choose the template, then you start developing the topics and subtopics of your map or project.

After doing this, you will synchronize with the Office tool and finally you will save your work and you can share it if you wish.

Go to MindManager

4 Best apps for creating concept maps

With these 4 apps for making outlines you will be able to create wonderful concept maps from your mobile you won’t need to be sitting at your PC anymore!


This application will allow you to make mind maps whenever and wherever you want. It has multiple layouts, horizontal, vertical, top-down, among others. The page size is practically unlimited. In this application a picture is worth a thousand words, you can add images or photos, recordings and also videos.

Available in both free and paid version, you can have it on mobile devices iOS but also on Android on Google Play.

Download Simplemind+


This amazing application will help you create the best mind maps quickly in a matter of a few seconds. You can use it to collect your ideas, planning a project, preparing a speech, writing a quick summary, structure your thoughts, etc. This application is available for IOs mobile devices.

Download Mindly


It is a simple application to elaborate and build mind maps, from any device with Internet access. In a few steps you will be an expert in this tool, just access the MindMeister – Mind Maps website, after clicking on the “try a demo” button, you will be able to test your mind maps.

You can use this application for free but only for 30 days. This fantastic application is original, fun and motivating.

Among the positive aspects of MindMeister – Mind Maps is that it facilitates group work, working simultaneously from different locations, you can also embed links and documents, export as RTF and draw connections. It is available on IOS and Android.

Download MindMeister

Xmind: Mind Map

Last and not least Xmind: Mind Map gives you an extraordinary journey into the world of mind mapping and brainstorming as inspiration is fleeting.

Having clear thoughts and high creativity will inspire you to do excellent work anytime, anywhere. One of the features is that it combines different structures which always give you a hand. You can export and share your mind maps.

Download Xmind

How to make concept maps

Making a concept map is very simple, in the past you had to take a pencil and paper, however, nowadays you can However, nowadays you can turn to your computer or mobile device and with the help of the the help of the above applications or programs, make a concept map online. online. In both cases you must follow these three rules:

  • Define a main topic
  • Define subtopics
  • Classify subtopics according to their importance

Something you can take into account before making a concept map is brainstorming, where you establish the topics to be addressed and thus have as a result an orderly concept map with the correct information.

Remember that mind mapping tools are useful if you have a clear understanding of what you want to capture. To do this, it is vital to understand the topic at hand in order to master the main concepts.

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