SEO trends for 2021: This is what Google ranking will look like

claves para optimizar el seo con la ayuda de una agencia profesional

Did you know? Just 5 years ago it was so easy to rank a website on the first page of Google and get visitors to a website. Those old days are long gone due to increased competition. Now we are close to 2021 and ranking a website in Google is not so easy. Google’s algorithm keeps changing to give its users the best possible results.

So, if you’re trying to rank your website, here I am to give you some SEO 2021 tips that will work wonders for your website.

SEO 2021 tips for your website

  • Go for featured snippets or Featured Snippet
  • Secure websites with https
  • High quality relevant content throughout the website
  • SEO On Page
  • Page speed on mobile optimized 100%
  • SEO OFF Page

Go for Featured Snippet

Featured Snippet
SEO trends for 2021: This is what Google ranking will look like 12

Today featured snippets are getting more clicks on the Google results page. Yes, nowadays SEO is not just about securing the top spot in Google search, it has evolved further. Google, now to improve the user experience has created this feature where the user can read a snippet of the content on the search page itself.

This is what we currently call “0” position. Optimizing your website content for Google’s featured snippets provides it with better traffic than your website, securing the first search position.

Secured websites with https

Although secure websites are not a major factor that affects you in SEO, but it does indirectly. When a new user notices the warning sign in the browser, there is a higher probability that they will leave your website immediately, which affects your bounce rate and that in turn affects your search ranking.

An HTTPS protocol uses encrypted data for secure communication, unlike the HTTP protocol. Using HTTPS will ensure a trust factor about your website to your audience.

Relevant, high quality content throughout the web

As the saying goes, content is king in search engine optimization. Focus more on making quality content that creates customer satisfaction which will obviously make Google rank your site better.

Yes, Google’s algorithm looks for the most relevant content that matches the customer’s search query. Do not do keyword stuffing while creating the content, use the keyword where it is really needed.

Professional SEO Tips:Do you know, now you can target keywords and related keyword phrase, which gives the same meaning as targeted keywords. Google is smart enough to understand the synonyms of keywords.

SEO On-Page

On-Page SEO is the most effective and least costly engine and without this part, you’re going nowhere. So, here are a few must-haves for On Page SEO.

Title: Take the time to make the title of your page, make it attractive so that it makes the user give the link in the Google result. The keyword of the page should be added to the title.

Description:Describe the content of your web page neatly in the meta description with a call to action format that will make the user curious to click on the page.

URL: Always use an SEO-friendly URL structure. The URL should contain the keywords and should be short and should not exceed 4 to 5 words. Use categories in the URL structure if necessary.

Header tags:Optimize the page content perfectly for headings with H1, H2, H3 tags where necessary. Heading tags provide structure to your page and make it easier for Google robots to crawl.

Image ALT: Use images, infographics to make the user experience impressive. Whenever you use an image don’t forget to add alt tag for images with keywords.

NAP Optimization:NAP stands for name, address and phone number. NAP plays a very important role in local optimization. We need to optimize our website with NAP information in the header or footer of each page that helps the website to rank in local searches.

Page speed on mobile optimized 100%

Now, it’s all about speed. No one wants a slow loading website; people just click the back button and go for the next result. These bounces will severely affect website rankings in Google. Optimize website speed according to Google’s page speed information.

As we know, Google is using mobile-first indexing. Websites should be optimized for mobile users. Use the Google mobile testing tool to check if your website is optimized for mobile users. If it isn’t, do it right away!


After the Google EAT update, Google is looking for experience, authority, trustworthiness of websites. Having a good number of referral links from relevant websites denotes to Google about the trustworthiness and authority of our website. Start building your links today, do guest posting, write blogs, be active on social platforms, share content, etc.

As SEO factors keep changing every year, your website also needs to be updated for those changes. If it is not updated, your website will be removed from Google search results just like that.

Therefore, it is very important to be constantly active and updated with the SEO factors and Google algorithm changes.

Voice Search

In 2020, more than 25% of all searches performed on Google were voice searches. So what does this mean for your website and your SEO? It means that you need to integrate log tail searches.

For example, instead of optimizing for the words “garbage collection Madrid”, you should look for a more conversational and relaxed approach to search queries like, “Who are the best garbage collection companies in Madrid?”. Which brings us back to the importance of local search.

For SEO purposes, what you need to do is address all of these types of search questions in your content. Specific answers are for every conceivable element is impossible, but you should think about what consumers would ask for and write copy for this.

As Google and mobile technology becomes more sophisticated, we predict that voice search will become a prerequisite by 2021.

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