How to increase the CTR (Click Trough Rate) of your blog?

como aumentar ctr mejorar seo

Lately there has been a lot of talk that improving the CTR of our website in Google searches helps to rank better and after many tests and experiments performed by both myself and other SEO experts I can affirm that this is true.

No doubt, being in the top positions of Google is very important for users to visit our website, but being at the top of the SERPS is not everything, if the user is not attracted to our title and our description will not click and will go to another website.

In this article we are going to talk about how to improve our CTR naturally and also about some tools to manipulate it that work very well.

How to improve CTR naturally

The key to have a good CTR is to call attention, if we manage to stand out among all the results is very likely to receive most of the clicks, for this there are a number of things that can be optimized to achieve it.

Make titles and descriptions that encourage clicks

This is something very obvious, but we often don’t take it into account because we try to include the keyword in the descriptions more than we should, and we write them with the Google robot in mind instead of thinking about getting the user’s attention.

Doing clickbait is a very good way to get a higher CTR and get more visits.

Use emojis in your titles and descriptions

Using emojis is a very good way to stand out and get attention, people are becoming more and more used to using them in communication apps like WhatsApp or Facebook so if they see it in the SERPS you will get noticed.

blog seo ctr 2

I recommend the GetEmoji website where we can copy our favorite emojis to use them  in our titles and descriptions.

Data markup and rich cards

Thanks to the data markup, we can display some elements in the SERP very eye-catching and that will help the user to end up visiting our website, such as an image, the rating of the article with stars or the repair time.

This data can be included from Search Console, below we can see a screenshot of how it would look:

blog seo ctr 3

The downside is that these elements do not always appear, but if we do it correctly there are many options that if they do.

Manipulating the CTR (BlackHat)

Optimizing our titles and descriptions is very good to get natural results, but there are times when we want to get results faster, so we have to resort to darker techniques of Black Hat and that in the eyes of Google are frowned upon, although today there is no risk of penalty for applying them.

Manually raising the CTR

This is the safest way to manipulate the CTR, the only thing we have to do is to use proxies or ask our friends to perform in Google the search for which we want to position, click on our website and keep it open for a while (about one minute).

This technique works very well and the risk of penalty is practically nil. The problem is that we have to bother our friends to do it and make use of many proxies, so we spend quite a lot of time.

Sending artificial traffic

First of all I have to say that I do not recommend using this for serious projects , it is something that almost always works well but can end up turning against us if we make the slightest mistake or if Google detects something weird.

There are many ways to send fake traffic, the most known are Hitleap and PandaBot, in this type of tools, we have to send traffic to the URL that appears in the SERPS , this URL is obtained by right clicking on our result and giving it copy link address.

In the following image we see what we would have to do to get the URL to send traffic to, if for example, we would like to send organic visits for the keyword “Blog Seo” to this blog :

blog seo ctr
How to increase the CTR (Click Trough Rate) of your blog? 12

Once we have this URL, we have to put it in the tool to send traffic that we want to use, put a time of stay on the page suitable for similar a good user experience (At least 30 seconds) and ready, with this we will be increasing our CTR.

There is also the option of using CTRBox from SEOBox which allows us many more options and usually is higher quality traffic , since most is from Spain and LATAM countries, while in the other tools most of the traffic is usually Russian.

One of the great advantages of CTRBox is that it allows us to simulate the navigation of the web, ie make the visits that come from Google then move around the web, this makes the bounce rate is very low and generally demonstrate to Google that users are interested in our website and stay long time browsing it.

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