How to get visitors doing SEO in Yandex?

como conseguir visitas haciendo seo en

SEO positioning guide for Yandex

Hello, I’m Daniel Blanco, author of the blog MuyBlogger, a blog to make money from home, SEO and miscellaneous tricks of the Internet, I am delighted to be a guest author on this great blog and nothing I hope you like this article.

Today I want to talk about the great search engine Yandex or in Russian (Яндекс), this search engine leads the Russian market over, the platform has earned to be leading the country, now you will know the pro what and how we can do seo in Yandex.

But what is Yandex and why do you choose this search engine?

Yandex is not just a search engine, like other services such as Google or Yahoo, it has parallel services such as Yandex.mail mail for Russia, the cloud of this search engine or the PPC platform for businesses, among other services.

In Russia the thing is very different when it comes to choosing the most efficient search engine, Yandex and Google appeared in the same year, however, Google was left behind for not offering a correct adaptation of the Russian language, this problem made Yandex to be placed leader of this market.

yandex lider en rusia

Yandex is not a simple search engine that we should ignore, on the contrary, it can be a very powerful weapon for our seo strategy.

How to do seo on Yandex

Now that you know this search engine, let’s take a look at how to do seo on Yandex and why you should do it.

It turns out that the SERP of this search engine are very unstable, one day you can be in position 2 and the next not appear, this is due to the change they made in the same providing it with a technology called MatrixNet.

This technology is not 100% developed, so we can take advantage of this shortcoming to do SEO.

The adaptation of the Spanish language is not at all established, so if we have a domain as blog SEO it will show it in the first position in the same way as other search engines.

The technology coupled with the adaptation to Spanish are a visible lack with which make it a great opportunity to do SEO and attract visitors from Yandex.

Another plus point for us to start using Yandex in our projects is that it will partner with companies like Facebook or schema to display rich cards in their search engine thus showing the most relevant data.

Why should we do SEO on Yandex?

Because the search engine is evolving in every way, this can be a great advantage over our competitors. In addition, we can receive free and organic traffic from this search engine.

Believe it or not it has a significant amount of Spanish language users, this is because it is the ninth most populated country in the world, among them many Spanish and Latin American people.

And because it is relatively easy to rank in this search engine, when I say relatively easy I mean webpages optimized for SEO, likewise you can learn SEO and SEM from blog seo.

Tips for doing seo on Yandex

Yandex as well as other search engines are based on technologies, but likewise all aim to offer the most qualified lists of SEO optimized websites.

If this is the case you only have to think about one thing what do you do to rank in Google?, you will have to do the same to rank in Yandex, anyway, we count on the advantage of their technology.

  1. Use a perfect grammar: Yandex gives a very important value to grammar, much more than other search engines, if you have it perfect you will be positioning yourself better than your competitors.
  2. Geolocation in the results: this other factor is of vital importance if you want to position yourself in this search engine, but not only that, but it is very important for other search engines like Google.
  3. Images rank: the search engine is giving a lot of importance to the quality of the images that show their results, images. yandex uses the same technology as Google to show the most relevant results.
  4. Reviews rank: for those who own e-commerce or online stores, this is an advantage over other competitors, the platform has a market. yandex, a site where consumers can leave reviews, if you have a good reputation the search engine will position you better.
  5. Use meta keywords: metatags are small codes that help to understand your content, Yandex values a lot of the meta keywords in their results, if you use this meta you will be gaining positions in their search engine.

So this has been all, I hope you liked this article and nothing see you again if and when you want Santos Muñoz.

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