How to create a PBN (Private Blog Network) and do SEO


PBN, what is it, how to create it

A blog network is the union of different web domains that point mainly to the money site that you want to position.

How to create a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

SEO is constantly changing and adapting to it is the only way to survive in an uncertain and crazy world. SEO techniques are not always the same but if done right, they will never fail to bring SEO to your website but if, for example, you are buying links for your website, you will be killing the present and the future of your online site.

Mounting a private blog network (PBN) is currently the best and most effective way to position a website but the complicated thing is not to create it, the complicated thing is to make it in such a way that it is undetectable to Google and is oriented to position a main website.

In all the forums and websites about SEO, there is talk about the PBN which gives us a small idea of the importance of this method of positioning SEO and some websites offer us among their web products this type of work.

But the truth is that for optimal creation must be very above the PBN, so our advice is that if you hire this service, leave the technical part to SEO professionals but never fail to participate in the creation of it.

What you should know about setting up a PBN

In our guide to setting up a PBN we will give you some simple steps so that you understand how it works and set it up in the most optimal way. It is a risky technique, and it will be good for you to know that, in case of being penalized by Google, getting that or those domains out of the hole will be an almost impossible task.

A private blog network (PBN) is about positioning a main website, all efforts are focused to link to our reference website, the one that makes us money.

Benefits of SEO in a PBN

Interesting fact: Links can bring us joy, but they can also bring us a lot of sorrow. A well placed link will give us positioning, visits and authority but a badly placed one will take away what we took time to get. For this reason, every link that is generated must be done without risk of penalization. If you are thinking of generating external links to your PBN, be sure of their origin and never buy links.

The benefits of creating our own private blog network:

  1. Position as many Blogs as you want.
  2. Full control of links and anchor text.
  3. Own content creation.
  4. Theme of Blogs and websites chosen by us.
  5. Own domains.
  6. Domain names chosen by us.
  7. Long-term savings in time (AND money if you buy links, which you should never do).
  8. More efficient than using a PBN from an external company.
  9. Reachable niches.

Place links with common sense in your Private Blog Network

Remember those days when quantity was better than quality? What a time those were….

Welcome to the 2017 of SEO, power is useless without control, we must be exquisite in the quantity of links but above all we must know how to choose the site to give quality.

To place a quality backlink:

  1. Link location: A quality backlink should be located in the hot area of the website. Forget Place the links in the article, forget areas such as footer or banner. Within the article place the keyword with the link as soon as possible remember to put the tittle, do not leave anything to chance.
  2. Choose the theme: The theme is important in SEO and we should not create links on websites that are not the subject of our product or service. If you sell photography, link to websites in the sector, stores, forums and related websites. Google does not like and does not give credibility to websites that link to you that have nothing to do with you. It will take you more time to search but the results will be optimal.
  3. Importance of outbound links (OBL): Let’s say as an example that a link is 100% authority, if we put 5, each one will have 20%. That is why quality is better than quantity.
  4. Look for websites with PA of the highest level and put only one link before 500.
  5. Nofollow links: It may seem strange, but the over optimization of links can be negative, so it is good to have nofollow links pointing to our website, so we will compensate and seem more real.
  6. Domains . edu: What nice domains these, from experience, here there is freedom of theme and each link achieved is an extra motivation for Google.Look for them, find them and hunt them as if they were Pokemon.
  7. Expired domains for our PBN, adding PA
  8. Since the pagerank died, PA and DA are the real successors. That a domain with great PA or DA makes us a link, it will be worth more and they will be of more  quality. Searching for expired domains with good features is a great SEO resource because it saves us months or years of work.

The present of SEO is the PBN, the future is the voice.

How to choose the expired domain

Perhaps this is one of the moments that will give us the most work, but I assure you it will be well worth it.

  1. Domain Authority (PA/DA): Since Google’s Pagerank is no longer with us, thanks to its disciple Moz we have an important metric to measure the authority of a site and thus its quality in links. When you decide to choose a domain, keep in mind that it must meet the minimum with a Page Authority of 20 and Domain Authority of 20. One tells us the authority of the pages and the other the domain. they can be different.
  2. Look who links that domain: An expired domain that you want to consider quality must have a minimum of 60 incoming links and coming from different domains and different IPs. When checking a domain we must check the IPs so that they do not come from penalized websites that can ruin our PBN. If we do this step wrong, we can throw our website and get penalized.
  3. How does Google see it: Make a “” and if it shows you results, you can continue thinking about buying it.
  4. Analyze with SEO tools its past, not everything is worth.

If you want to join the SEO of today, make your web life a PBN. Succeed in Google with every SEO Blog tip.

I attach my Webinar: What is a PBN for and how to create a PBN step by step


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