Beware of hidden text, Google penalizes it

cuidado con el texto oculto google lo penaliza

Hidden text penalized in SEO

There are certain moments when creating a website that put us between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, we need to force the design for responsive design, user experience, etc… and on the other hand, we doubt whether the information we are going to remove will be negative for the SEO of our website.

Careful when hiding text, this says Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the director of the department against web spam of Google and everything he says, has great repercussion because of its interest for SEO. He is one of the great referents of Google when it comes to follow SEO parameters (We have to listen to him).

The hidden text will penalize you

Yes, it penalizes, but all is not lost, thanks to Google’s advances, it is able to differentiate the reason and motives of our web code.

What we can use and what we can’t use

Google has been telling us for years, actively and passively, that it wants a high-quality user experience and hidden text influences it. The text, is one (for me the main) of the safest SEO techniques and that make us to be in one place or another of the results and by hiding it, we can influence the quality of the web.

Luckily, there are different ways to have hidden text on your blog or website and not be penalized by the internet giant, that yes, we will have to do them in a correct and not fraudulent way to emerge victorious from the battle.

What can you use to hide text

Something that is allowed by “the big G” are tabs or tabs that display information or, for example,  accordions can be used, since they improve the experience of many pages and show in an orderly way the information of the web page.

What you CANNOT use to hide text

You should never use micro buttons in inconspicuous areas or use it as a key term container, by doing so, Google will understand that you are trying to misrepresent the information and you will get a “fabulous penalty” that will be hard to shake off.

Another negative factor in SEO in 2021

  • Use “display:none” on your website, if it penalizes. One of the most used techniques in responsive if it penalizes. Of course, the penalty of Display:none is subject to the improper use of it, a priori, in responsive the penalty would not be applicable.
  • The use of CSS to put the color of the text in the same color of the background will be penalized. It is not new, this technique is one of the first to be used and one of the first to be caught by Google. I know you don’t use it but, it never hurts to remember.

We must give Google wants a complete and satisfactory user experience and their boots are responsible day by day and thoroughly to check that the text shown to the user on your website or web positioning blog  and to them is exactly the same.

If they find considerable differences and understand that it does not improve the user experience (If they find them but believe that it improves the user experience, we are saved), they will consider it fraudulent and penalize your website immediately.

To pass the time in a fun way, what better way to see our friend or Matt Cutts in these fantastic videos where he talks about Cloacking and text hiding and the Google quality guidelines on text and hidden links.

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