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Today I bring a post with a tool that will make your website can rise more easily in Google searches, today with PrensaRank we will buy sponsored posts in newspapers and blogs!

Note: All the tools seen in the blog have value on their own but to make your website rise to the top of Google, they must go together.

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Links from online newspapers with PrensaRank

PrensaRank, is a platform to acquire sponsored posts in newspapers and media from 6€.

Unlike other tools of this type, in PrensaRank , the websites where you can acquire this type of post, are only newspapers and / or media, which makes both the Page Authority and Domain Authority you improve more easily, which undoubtedly will give us more strength to the web when Google takes us more into account as a benchmark in the sector.

How does PrensaRank differ from other platforms?

  1. Posts created in Newspapers
  2. You can share post

Posts created in Newspapers and digital media

The importance of being on the net is already known by everyone, but by itself, it does not have much value. The important thing on the Internet is to have visibility. How do you get it? links are the key to visibility on the Internet. In addition to providing authority to your website and raise you in rankings and Google searches, it is a real direct daily traffic.

If we add to this that they are newspapers and media with authority, the relevance of your website can increase and visits can multiply overnight. To this, add the relevance of appearing in the media…

Share post and save costs

Sharing costs is undoubtedly a great attraction when it comes to SEO. Investing in SEO in many occasions becomes a hard struggle of doubt and decision. Knowing this, the post sharing option becomes a great attraction for the most indecisive and can make you share many posts for the same price.

You can share with up to 4 people and the cost starts at 6 €. In addition, they have occasional offers and from time to time they put newspapers on offer, which makes the acquisition of links in these media more attractive.

Another SEO factor that less people know is that your link loses value, the more links per page, the less authority and value they will have.

It is certainly a negative thing but you should know that it always adds up, less, but it adds up. Any link that your website receives, will be welcome as long as it has a minimum of quality, something that newspapers and media included in PrensaRank meet.

The key factor for me of post sharing is not cost savings. Another SEO factor that puts a premium on these types of tools is a more amazing one.

Sharing page for links, makes us put our website at the height and in the category of those who share page. It means that, if our website is newly created, Google has not yet recognized it and share links with websites in your industry, it will do it by a faster way and will put you at the height of other websites in the sector.

But it’s not the only reason, maybe you just want to give a boost to some keywords and you want to get authority.

Whatever the case, sharing links will also help you do that. Also, links are the lifeblood of SEO and you can get links naturally if you work at it a little.

Register for free at PrensaRank and get 5€ GIFT

We already know what PrensaRank is for, is it worth it?

If you want to improve your visits and have more and better quality linkbuilding, yes, it’s worth it.

Buying sponsored posts is good for:

  1. Improve your reputation
  2. Branding
  3. Linkbuilding
  4. Linkbaiting
  5. SEO of page

PressRank opinion

5 positive points in one, in SEO it is difficult to obtain so many factors with a single tool and at the moment, webs like PrensaRank make it easy and within reach. Being very easy to use, you can interact quickly and intuitively on the web.

Not only is it worth it, you should from time to time use this tool, moreover, on their website they now give away 5€ for each new registration.

Register for free at PrensaRank and get €5 GIFT

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