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Nowadays, those of us who are dedicated to the Internet world and especially to SEO, have seen how the demand for our services has grown.

To help us in our SEO projects, tools are emerging to help us in link building, and today I want to talk about Linkapress so you can use it to help your clients.

What is Linkapress

Linkapress is a linkbuilding service website through which you can generate a certain amount of links of certain content that will help your website to rank in Google so that you can undertake in a faster and more efficient way.

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How Linkapress works

On Linkapress you can buy packs of free links and press releases at different prices, depending on the amount of links you need. This is a service you should do on a monthly basis, but you can buy it on an ad hoc basis.

Linkapress also offers a press release service, which is interesting for any project. These press releases have two features, one positive and one negative:

  1. Press releases are different (Good)
  2. You share the press release with other sites. (Bad)

In other words, Linkapress takes care of generating the necessary links for Google to find your site without you having to spend the time it takes to create and search for them on your own.

How many links does Linkapress offer

At linkapress,  you are offered the possibility to pay in packages for a number of links to improve the position that your page can have in Google. For example, you can pay for the service of “Mr Linkapress” a price of about 220 Euros and you will generate 30 links and 10 in press releases with links to your project.

On the other hand, there is also the option to buy for 150 Euros the Link Adult package, which gives you 70 links to distribute in 4 urls, with no limit of Keywords and with a final report of work.

The cheapest service you can find on this website is the so-called “Baby Pack”, in which you are offered 35 links for a price of 80 Euros. You can distribute it in 2 urls, with no limit of Keywords, and it also includes a final work report.

In the Twitter account of Linkapress you can ask for different packs, they can give you all the necessary information.

Buy them or make them on your own?

In case you don’t yet have the financial capacity or simply don’t want to invest some money in link packages for the moment, you can create them on your own, however, keep in mind that this will take you a considerable amount of time, which you will probably need to complete other projects or simply have some rest.

Please note: These types of links are free, except for press releases, but they must follow certain rules in order not to fall into bad practices in the eyes of Google, so you will have to have some knowledge of link building to generate them on your own.

Linking periodicity, a decisive factor for Google

One of the things that most attracts the attention of users who use this tool is that, when you buy one of the link packages, these are managed in the best way throughout the month so that the increase in visits to your page is constant.

It is also important to generate links continuously over time and not to use these tools to get a lot of links in a very short period of time.

Are they quality links?

Quality in this type of links should not be measured by the strength of those links, it should be measured by naturalness and contextualization.

These links are never added to any page, but add some minimal text that relates to the theme that this, and your page, entail. In addition, they are generated on thematic websites, which gives a necessary value to this type of links and to the general link profile of your project.

That the theme of the pages that have your link is similar to yours, is one of the objectives that brings more complications to someone who is starting to spread some of these links to grow your website, because not all pages will keep the same relationship and more taking into account the fact that there are some dedicated to unusual topics.

However, the service offered to you, in addition, gives you the peace of mind to find the most appropriate pages where you can attach the links according to the theme of your project to avoid any inconvenience such as, for example, spam.

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