How to optimize a press release for SEO

optimizar nota prensa seo

For many years the main objective of press releases has been to get a brand to appear in the press and be talked about in articles, interviews, reports, in short, to get a content to be replicated without actually buying advertising space in the media.

Thanks to the shift in content strategies towards digital, press releases are now also used as a resource to reinforce a company’s positioning in the main search engines.

It is very important to emphasize that it is not about making press releases without any discretion, with the intention of invading the media with our contents (much less if they are press releases with a very advertising tinge).

The key is to choose content that is a real novelty or relevant news about the brand and why not, that is a topic of public interest.

If you do not have very clear how to combine the strategy press releases + SEO optimization, I can recommend a tool where you can meet both requirements in minutes, achieving impact in the media and ease for content optimization.

Press releases, improving our brand on the Internet

The tool is called Comunicae and is for one-time use (so you can use it only when you need to send a press release) and it is also very easy to use.

If you have decided to use a platform of this type to send your press releases to digital media, you have to consider these recommendations for SEO optimization of your news:

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In Comunicae it is possible to add follow or nofollow links in the press release, and it is possible to configure each link separately in the advanced options. It is advisable not to abuse the rel follow, so one or two links are enough to take advantage of press releases as a positioning strategy.

If you are not too confident with using follow links in optimized anchor text, you can opt to include the link to your website in parentheses when you make any brand mentions.

Content extension

Google increasingly rewards long content, so very short press releases with little relevant information will not be of much use. At 500 words or more it can be considered a suitable content, but ideally it should be around 800 words minimum.


It is very important to consider the keywords both in the headline and in the headline (the subtitle of the press release). On the other hand, it is recommended that the headline does not exceed 70 characters, to facilitate its positioning in the search engine. If you are not very clear, you can use tools such as Google Keyword Planner.

Word density

Although we know that the use of keywords is basic, it is important not to overuse keyword density in the press release. The writing should be fluid, without  trying to force it with the purpose of inserting the keywords in the writing.


It is important not to miss the benefit of renaming the images  with keywords (both the file and the description within the same platform).

Another great advantage of Comunicae as a tool for note distribution is the price. It is quite economical compared to the cost of communication agencies.

This is thanks to the massive but segmented mailing, which you can modify and customize on the platform itself and choose from more than 127 categories. In Spain it has more than 50,000 recipients.

If you want to try sending press releases through this platform, I leave you a discount code for a first use.

The service includes guaranteed publication in, El Mundo Financiero, Estrella Digital, Diario Siglo XXI and own website. In addition, a complete report with tracking of mentions, clipping and estimated audience:

Publish press release now

10% off code: D8M4LW8X

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